Corrupt ratbag now on bludge for legal expenses

Eddie Obeid really does have an entitlement mentality that is as astonishing for its cheek as for its greed.

He has picked the pockets of the government, unions and ALP and now wants to pick even more pockets.

Fresh from corruptly making millions of dollars by rigging a tender for a valuable coal exploration licence, Eddie Obeid has asked taxpayers to cover his legal fees ”in the public interest”.

In July the Independent Commission Against Corruption found Mr Obeid and his family made $30 million by rigging a tender for the licence at Mount Penny in the Bylong Valley with the help of then mining minister Ian Macdonald.

As Mr Obeid faces another turn in the witness box on Wednesday at the new ICAC inquiry into his interests in commercial leases at Circular Quay, his lawyers have written to NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith requesting financial assistance.  

Oh Really? Where did the millions go then?

Financial support is available to ICAC witnesses who meet the criteria at a rate of up to $4000 a day for senior counsel, up to $1800 a day for junior counsel and $240 an hour for solicitors for up to 10 hours a day.

Mr Obeid is being represented by Stuart Littlemore, QC, in the inquiry, which is scheduled to run for three weeks.

The Attorney-General’s Department responded by requesting details of Mr Obeid’s financial circumstances. Under the legal assistance guidelines, the Attorney-General takes into account the public interest and the ”prospect of hardship to the witness if assistance is declined”.

Mr Obeid’s lawyers argued the ICAC hearings would cause their client ”significant burden” and ”hardship” and it was in the public interest to grant him the funding.

A government source confirmed Mr Smith has rejected the application. Last week the department wrote back saying the request was being declined unless Mr Obeid provided further details of his financial situation.


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  • OhopeBeachBugger


    • Dave

      yup, and he is the chief clown in the circus, his offspring have been good students, as were his Terrigal faction.

  • Dick Brown

    If he qualifies for legal aid under the current system then sure, not a problem.

    But if he isn’t, as is patently the case here, then let him take whoever to court for a vexatious, useless attempt at case law.

    But at the end of it present him with a invoice for the proceedings. Thank you very much.

  • Toryboy

    Why doesn’t he pack up and bugger off back to where he came from?

    In 2035 we will have a similar inquiry in New Zealand and it won’t be a ’10 pound Pom’ on trial will it?

  • Mr_V4

    Time to sell the Mercedes.