How other councils disclose trips to Hong Kong

Len Brown travelled to Hong Kong on a secret trip, purportedly paid for by the Hong Kong government. No evidence exists of this trip either in press releases or in photographs of Len Brown in any official capacity for his trip. Brown also failed to disclose the gifts of airfares, accommodation and entertainment resulting from this “official” trip as required by the Auckland Council Code of Conduct for elected members. To add further insult to injury he Mayor famously has declared that the rules and the code of conduct do not apply to him.

It is a travesty that the media have given him a free ride over the lying in LGOIMA requests, keeping his trip secret, and refusing to speak of it.

So how do they do it in Wellington.



They produce a report, they seek council approval and they disclose everything…including other attendees and the involvement of NZ government resources as well as a full itinerary.


It is highly likely that similar NZ government resources would have used if LenBrown’s secret trip was indeed official as he claims. This is the same programme that he purportedly utilised to go to Hong Kong. Indeed, in a MFaT newsletter, this trip was also mentioned…along with another by Christchurch mayor Bob Parker.

Celia Wade Brown’s trip was also featured in a Hong Kong magazine. This is what Chinese do, thy make a big song and dance about important visitors…so where are the articles, press releases and MFaT newsletters discussing Len Brown’s trip to Hong Kong. ?A search of the Time Out website for “Len Brown” produces zero results.


So, where are the similar? disclosures regarding Brown?s Hong Kong trip?

Celia Wade-Brown may not be the most popular mayor of Wellington but she at least discloses her sponsored trips.

But what about Len Brown’s trip? The complete absence of any documents, photographs, reports and press releases leads one to the obvious conclusion that, despite the claims of the Mayor of Auckland that this was an official trip, this trip was far from official.

In fact one can only now assume that Len Brown has lied about this trip and the resulting council cover up for some reason that he is yet to disclose.

Th pity is our councillors lack the wherewithal and the stones to confront our lying mayor and demand answers.

The pity too is that even when caught literally pants down and now fabricating details of his trip to Hong Kong there is no mens or mechanism to remove him from office. He can stand there literally flipping the bird at the citizens of Auckland.