Crack smoking Mayor refuses to comment, won’t resign… familiar game plan

You have to laugh, otherwise you’d cry.

Instead of hounding Len Brown, the NZ Herald are incredulous that Toronta mayor Rob Ford won’t resign after a video of him smoking crack has surfaced

Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, has refused once more to resign, even after the Canadian city’s police chief revealed that investigators have a video reportedly showing him smoking crack.

“The mayor does appear in that video,” Chief Bill Blair told a news conference yesterday, months after Ford first denied illicit drug use. “As a citizen of Toronto I am disappointed.”

Ford refused to address the allegations in detail, but declared: “I have no reason to resign.”

Familiar eh? ?

Ford’s longtime friend and occasional driver Alexander Sandro Lisi, who already faces drug charges, was again arrested and charged with extortion in the case. It was not made clear who was the target of the alleged extortion.

In a statement, police accused Lisi of making “extortive efforts to retrieve a recording”. The Star has reported that Lisi was involved in attempts to recover the video.

Blair said Ford had not been interviewed by police. He added that criminal charges against Ford were not warranted based on the video

Here we go again.

Extortion, blackmail… the focus is not on the Mayor.

Nooooooo, ?Mayor is still fit to do his job.

It appears to me that being a Mayor comes with some kind of special set of privileges that aren’t available to you and I.

But yes, I’m sorry – why do I go on about it… after all… it’s only a private matter

The Brown Defence seems to be a viable approach to get away with breaking the law.


Source:?AFP via the Herald