David Benson-Pope now abusing Dads


Some people really should stay out of public office. Disgraced former MP David Benson-Pope is back at it again (and his wowser mates in Council).

This time it’s over the Dunedin City Council’s decision to reject Elmgrove School’s efforts to have a tent at their school fair where dads can have a quiet drink with other the other dads.

Oh the horror of horrors. Thanks to the obnoxiously puritanical views of South Dunedin Medical Officer of Health Keith Reid, well known and liked Elmgrove School Principal Jenny McDonald has had to tell her pupils’ parents that they can’t be treated as sensible adults.  

Keith Reid must have been watching Once Were Warriors the night before the Council hearing, and imagined a big booze fight would erupt at the school if they were allowed to sell a couple of beers.

Hell, even the Dunedin Police didn’t object to the school having a tent where dads could enjoy a catch up. But Dunedin Councillors went and got all PC.

You would have thought having dads turn up to a school fair and actually treating them as adults would have been recognised as a positive for the school and local community.

But no. Instead they’ve opened themselves up to be a bunch of complete wowsers who believe that shoving a tennis ball into a pupil’s mouth and taping their hands to a desk is quite all right.


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  • Michael

    Local school in Lower Hutt has been doing this for years, no problems.

    Maybe Benson-Pope wouldn’t object if there was a B&D tent for the dads, complete with Tennis Balls. Or girls showers with peepholes.

    • Dr Wang

      Well you are lucky then that “Panty-Slut-Boy” (I think that’s Benson-Pope’s B&D moniker?) wasn’t elected to your local council – he’d shut that down as quick as he could say “guess how many clothes pegs I can clip on my todger”.

  • Flegin

    I might actually go to a school fair if I could get a beer and have a chat.

  • Dick Brown

    Puritanical is right.

    I tell you what fellow Oilers; at the risk of opening up a national scab; some here bang on about islamic influence in western society holding us back but in reality we only have to look inside our own supposed secular society’s walls to identify religious terrorism.

    • opusx


    • Hazards001

      Do you have 12,000 friends on f witbook too?
      cos trust me sunshine. You are NOT one of my “fellow oilers!”
      You’re a flip flop progressive and typical of all that is wrong with this place.

      The Islamic influence of hatred and anarchy is now rife in the Western World and Dudley Do Rights such as yourself are the main reason why.

      • Dick Brown

        Thank you for your fellow Oiler peer review my brother.

        • Hazards001

          fuck off

          • Dick Brown

            Once again my brethren; bound in blood; I will take your advice into consideration, and thank you.

  • Statehousekid

    Yes it is all part of the old “we know what is best for you” Labour mantra.

    • andrew carrot

      And the ODT, the DCC’s lapdog – acting not unlike the Herald in Auckland – will praise this decision and put the blame on the OU students for all evils, as it has always done. Afterall, in 1988 that august tome created the “Castle Street Riot”, when three students sitting on the pavement beside a tiny, three legged BBQ one Sunday night, all sober, cooking sausages and talking to passers-by (because despite it being a frozen hole of a city, there are always people walking around the student area) were deemed to be unsettling the peace. One fire engine, three paddy wagons and one ODT reporter (who suspiciously arrived in the first police car) later, and you’ve got, in Dunedin terms, a riot. I stood outside my flat watching events unfold, as you would do too if a fire engine, etc arrived on your street, and enjoyed the barbs directed at the police and ODT cameraman. The fire fighters were pissed off that they had been called out by the police to squirt water on a 0.5m square BBQ, but they got offers of food and booze and left happy but bewildered. Not one for missing an opportunity to rile the biggest business in town, the DCC wasted ratepayers’ money by devoting an entire meeting to denouncing all students. So the DCC and ODT turned a pitiful effort to stay warm into an act of notoriety, ensuring that future students would feel obliged to maintain the new tradition. There are some very sad people in Dunners, mostly all elected.

  • conwaycaptain

    That Dr was a Puritanical Presbyterian Scottish GHIT.

  • rightoverlabour

    As In Italian this is culturally insensitive. I will complain to the human rights commissioner. All Italians drink wine at meals with their children. The Romans knew what they were doing when they built Hadrian’s wall to keep them out….

    • Dick Brown

      Just as a totally irrelevant anecdote, we had a french couple and their 14 year old son over for a few weeks and they always drank a bottle of wine or two with their evening meal; including the boy.

      Granted, the meal lasted two hours and was as much a social exercise as anything else, but still.

      The boy was well behaved and in another shock-horror story declared the kiwi way of kids bingeing of alcopops on the streets as ‘sacre’ bleu’

      • andrew carrot

        It’s interesting that you raise RTDs here, as I have little doubt that the local retailer of RTDs would have been aware of the schools application for a special liquor licence and may have even submitted his disapproval to the DCC.

        • Dick Brown

          Quite, quite possibly.

  • Statehousekid

    I had a teacher who would stand kids in front of the class and get them to hold a basket ball out with their arms spread out on each side. If your arms fell with the weight he would whack you on the arse with his cane. Another bully like Pope. He is now trying to tell grown men when they can drink and when they can’t. Piss of Pope ya bullying tosser. Why do people elect control freaks like this man?

    • opusx

      Lack of choice. Apathy…who knows, but makes very little sense.

    • Toryboy

      Let me assure you that Benson-Pope’s behaviour (tennis ball in mouth) was actually quite mild by the standards of teacher bullying and cruelty at Dunedin schools in the 1980s’.

      Caning, slapping bare legs, clips around the ear (literally); throwing books, chalk, dusters, tennis racquets etc at the heads of pupils; strapping; banging heads down on desks – I witnessed this sort of thing on a DAILY basis and not only was it almost universal, but any parent who complained was given short shrift.

      An actual Police investigation into Otago Boys High School was buried because the Police investigating were old boys who didn’t want to bring the school into disrepute.

      Be under no illusions when I say ‘everyone’ was doing it – and everyone was ‘in on it’.

      If anything Benson-Pope was a wuss! haha!

      • andrew carrot

        Maybe so, but none of my teachers who acted this way were offered the opportunity to represent their region in Parliament and Council

        • Toryboy

          Oh yes, exactly; but the poster who asks if there is ‘something in the water in Dunedin’ has the right idea.

          The point I was making is that in Dunedin there is a large percentage of people who ‘genuinely’ do not/did not think there was anything wrong with the violence in the schools – they may, in these PC times, go through the motions of saying “how awful” but they don’t actually think so.

          It was another example of puritanism “it toughens kids up”

          Their children being battered by teachers was ok (character building) but the shock, horror, dial 111 at that BBQ you wrote about! haha!

          As you say, there are some very sad people in Dunedin; it is a city which is rotten to the core – and be under no illusions about that!

  • Sooty

    What is there something in the water in Dunedin, to elect David Benson-Pope to council. It seems as though Dunedin is still 20yrs behind the times. Maybe they need to leave town occasionally to see life beyond the city limits.

    • GazzW

      20 years? You’re being generous Sooty. This reeks of good old-fashioned Calvinism from the 1900s. Dunedin’s founding fathers would strongly approve.

      • andrew carrot

        What Dunedin needs is another gold rush. The first one ended Calvinism in the city for a wee while. Not one councillor complained at the time, because most were on the take.

    • andrew carrot

      Twenty years ago the ODT devoted scant space to world news that didn’t involve wool or carcus prices.

  • Kimbo

    The old Labour mandate of “Do as we say not do as we do”. You’d have a better chance of having a stand selling double ended dildoes.

    • Kimbo

      Hey Kimbo

      Don’t worry, the double ended dildoes are on the agenda:-


      “Changes to sex education are also in the mix, one proposal for a Labour
      government to introduce a national sex and sexuality programme to

      It would include teaching students about sexual diseases, contraception, consent, sexual orientation and gender identity”.

      • Kimbo

        Bunch of perverts – A good chance to utilise the skills of say, Dover Samuels ?

        • Statehousekid

          Len Brown could help him out

    • andrew carrot

      Maybe it’s possible to watch a couple of labour MPs use one this weekend! You’ll have to pay, mind you.

  • Macca

    Christ, I just can’t believe how thick skinned some of these bloody socialists are! You would think a man who was even accused of peeping at girls, let alone basically found guilty along with his other sinister deeds, would crawl under a rock away from the public eye – never to be seen again! Even wanking at desks doesn’t seem to have any affect on them either! The trough conquers all!

  • MarcWills

    In fact I have no problem with not allowing alcohol at a PRIMARY school fair. Or any school or Institution in fact, up to Tertiary anyway. Really, do we need it? It’s a family day with a focus on fund raising, and if Dads feel the need to have a beer or wine to be able to bond, then they need to sort out their priorities.

    There are new laws in place now which make the examples from past practices at schools just that – in the past.

    In saying all that (unpopular amongst some I know), I agree with the horror of re-electing David BP. What were you thinking?

    • Statehousekid

      What about teaching children that Dad can have a drink and socialise with other men in a family and school atmosphere in a responsible manner. Isn’t that better than saying alcohol is bad and is banned. If children do not see responsible role models controlling drinking then they are going to binge drink.

    • blokeintakapuna

      I kind of agree in some ways. Certainly if an adult believes they “need” alcohol -typically in a mornings school gala, they might have some problems. Although, there’s nothing wrong with having a few quiet beers with other dad’s/parents whilst the kids play with school mates…

      Just another example of wrapping kids in cotton wool and bubble wrap attempting to shield them from the real world. All it achieves though is to set the kid up for a very rude awakenings later in life…

  • Toryboy

    Many moons ago I attended Elmgrove School – although in those days it was called Mosgiel West School.
    Unsurprisingly most Whaleoil readers will be unaware of this, but the school is on a massive site and has a massive field.
    You could pop the tent at the farthest corner of the field and it would be a considerable distance from (and out of site of) everything else – causing no harm at all.

  • Monty

    Maybe they should proceed with a beer tent, but make it BYO. For the life of me I think the dads and mums having a beer or a wine and acting responsibility is actually the message that needs to be sent. The school ( very PC inner city star school) have regular functions where the parents sit around and support the cause and enjoy a wine or a beer). I believe the kids then learn that a glass or wine or beer is something to be enjoyed while socialising.

    Bloody wowser in Dunedin. The school needs to find a way around it.

    • andrew carrot

      And the kids learn very quickly that to knock over a glass of the precious liquor will incur the wrath of many adults, not just that of their parents. An unimpeachable opportunity to build community standards and spirit.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    What those who would ban, limit and prohibit fail to realise is that they are in no small way responsible for the binge drinking culture in New Zealand. It’s their bloody fault. Do you know why?

    For years in this country, pubs had to close at 6, and those who wanted 2 or 3 beers after work had to drink them in an orgy of accelerated consumption called the 6 o’clock swill. We were taught to drink fast and not to savour. We had mass produced beer of questionable quality and didn’t care for the taste, as long as we got it and drank it quick.

    When 6 o’clock closing ended, our pattern of consumption didn’t. It is changing now, especially as more and more craft and boutique beers are becoming more available, and we learn to socialise responsibly, rather than inhale vast quantities before the close the bar.

    Banning it only makes it worse.

  • pukakidon

    The problem with this is that the left judge everybody by their own moral compass. They may fly off the handle and abuse others when they have a couple of beers. However most of us can turn up to a School Fair have a couple of beers with other fathers while wives look around the place.

    I guess because the Left is full of girly boys they think like woman. I can go somewhere support the School and have a couple of beers while chatting to other fathers without flying off the handle.

    Good on the Headmaster, She is trying to think outside the square.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    This was probably a very pragmatic attempt by the school to get more dads to attend

  • Gordie

    David Benson-Pope as a wowser/puritan? Goodness how things have changed since I knew him.

  • Callum

    Sorry, but if you need to bribe dads with a beer tent to get them to attend a school gala there is a serious problem. I don’t even have kids and still help out at the local gala, the beers don’t come out until the day is done as it is an event targeted at kids.
    I like a beer (well quite a few to be honest) but there is just no need for it in this case.

    • pukakidon

      What the hell are yo talking about? That is how you attract people to come somewhere by offering them things they like to do and consume. Kids like sweets and fizzy drinks, women like cakes and coffee etc… Men like a beer especially the boutique type . Having a beer or two and showing kids that you don’t have to get pissed, is probably a good lesson for them to see.

      The problem in NZ, is that Alcohol is demonised. If we are going to get anywhere close to the sophistication on the continent we need alcohol to be seen as ok, and the idiots that consume too much and cause problems are the idiots.


      • Callum

        You go to a school fair as something for your kids to enjoy with you. Been to plenty and it is never about attracting single men looking for a beer, it is about parents attending with their children with activities targeted at children. How can you be enjoying time with your kids if you leave them to it and hang out in the beer tent?

        • pukakidon

          aybe your kids are like you, they have no friends and find it hard to socialise with people their own age, they have to hand out with mumma and dadda, My kids when we go to the Fair like to hang out with their mates and visit the stalls, I like them to socialise with their mates. because they are with us for quite a long part of the day. i dont need to go to a fair to interact with my kids, it is a time to socialise with others in the community. I guess you are one of these controlling parents that have to have their kids on an apron string all the time, or your kids like you have not personality and can only socialise with mumma and dada. It is probalby why you are against the beer tent because you like you kids find it hard to socialise outside your family. You might be best to stay away from the tent because I have a hunch that no other father would like to talk to a vanilla, bland, boring wowser like you. I bit like the mayor sitting with all his mates in the cafe.

          • Callum

            Wow into the personal attacks, and failing reading comprehension. I don’t have kids as said in my first post. I enjoy beer a lot, drink quite a bit of it. Don’t support big restriction on bar opening hours or bottle store locations, target the ones who can’t handle their booze rather than the ones just out enjoying themselves. I just don’t see the need for a beer tent at a family focused school event. But you just carry on with your ill informed stereotyping.

          • pukakidon

            As I said before it is about raising money for the School. If I can go and have a beer (I don’t abuse Alcohol) on a hot day I treat it like any other refreshment. If you cant have a couple of beers without flying off the handle or fighting or vomiting at a public function then you have a problem.

            Alcohol is not the problem it is the idiots who abuse it. You will be banning the Cake stall and toffee apples soon because fat bastards abuse that.

            I am just saying “Give it a rest Nanny state wowsers!!!!” Grow up like the rest of the world that can take a bottle of wine or beer to a picnic concert beach and drink responsibly.

            Dickheads that abuse alchohol in a public place should be dealt with by the Law. I think once again the wowser are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • Bob Murphy

    I believe the B-P is guilty of self-abuse, he is after all a wanker.

  • BJ

    You guys have got it all wrong.

    This not about you – being deprived of your God-given right to catch up with the blokes over a drink. It’s about your kids and you being present for them on a day that is the culmination of much preparation. A school fair is as much about the kids enjoying their dad’s in a family activity as it is showcasing their place of work to their parents and the community – the focus should be on what is usually a memorable occasion for your kids – and they will fondly remember your involvement in the day. In my experience of helping to organise and run many a school fair, the workers wind down at the end of a good days effort with a bbq and plenty of beers as a reward for the job well done. If you migrate to a beer tent at your kids school fair you will miss the important moments. Yes it might seem a drag if you are just an attendee but remember when you were a kid and what made good family memories.

  • Stephen

    Dads will just have to take their beers in their coolers, hidden in their flax baskets.
    nanny status is alive and well.