Dodgy wop ratbag Joe gets hammered

Joe Tripodi, the ratbag ALP fixer is going down for corruption.

Former Labor minister Joe Tripodi has spent a torrid day testifying at the Independent Commission Against Corruption after the head of the investigation announced he is also a target.

In a sensational development, assistant commissioner Anthony Whealy, QC, announced on Friday he had “formally enlarged the scope and purpose” of an inquiry into corrupt former minister Eddie Obeid to include Mr Tripodi.

The former ports minister faces a potential finding of corruption over his involvement in renewing lucrative cafe leases owned by the Obeid family at Circular Quay.

The ICAC may recommend criminal charges be considered by the Director of Public Prosecutions if he is found corrupt.

The decision comes a day after Mr Tripodi’s former deputy chief of staff, Lynne Ashpole, gave explosive evidence that Mr Tripodi knew Mr Obeid had “an interest” in “one or two” cafes at Circular Quay as early as 2006.

In 2009, Mr Tripodi’s department controversially renewed leases for the lucrative waterfront businesses without going to public tender.

The inquiry has heard the 10-year extensions to the tenancies were worth at least $1 million per lease.

Mr Tripodi has previously claimed he was unaware of the Obeids’ interest in the leases at the time.

These ratbags have ensured that the ALP will remain out of power for a considrable amount of time not only in NSW but also out of Federal government.



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  • blokeintakapuna

    Birds of a feather…
    NZ needs it’s own ICAC…

    Can The Owl answer… How goes the Unions with their financial reporting? Has the MWU found the millions yet that suddenly appeared and then Disappeared from their accounting?

  • Col

    Hope they get found out, dirty lying buggers.

  • Dave

    NSW most corrupt politicians,

    1) Eddie Obeid

    2) Joe Tripodi

    Many many more, but insignificant puppets of these two mainly….

    Strange both are of “other ethnic” backgrounds, but all are labour politicians.