The dog dies

I don’t understand the hand wringing when it comes to dog attacks.

Dogs that attack people die.  Immediately.


unrelated to this story - from an attack in the UK

unrelated to this story – from an attack in the UK

Chris Gardner at Stuff writes

The Temple View community is worried about a large rottweiler which mauled a young woman so badly that she required more than 100 stitches and a four-night stay in Waikato Hospital.

Shimmal Ngawaka, 20, was hospitalised after the dog savaged her in Temple View Reserve last Thursday afternoon.

The Waikato University accounting student from Dinsdale was walking with friend Raquel Murray when she saw a small, white dog, know as Lulu, come under attack by the large uncollared rottweiler. Both dogs were loose without owners.

Murray went to Lulu’s aid while Ngawaka went after the rottweiler.

“She grabbed the big dog and it grabbed her on the face,” said mutual friend Lauren McCarthy. “It bit her on the left side of the face, all her top lip was missing, and some of her right cheek was missing. She could not speak because she was so shaken.”

The dog dies, and the owner is instantly fined a substantial amount.  I’m thinking, $10,000.    

Hamilton City Council city safe unit manager Elton Parata said the attack had not been reported to the Animal Education and Control team.

“We urge any witnesses or the victim to report the incident as soon as possible and to give us as much information as they can, so we can investigate.”

Council staff would not say whether any rottweilers were registered in Temple View.

ACC Senior Media Advisor Stephanie Melville said most dog-related injuries were minor and required a visit to the GP.

“The three most common injuries being laceration, soft tissue injury and dental injury. Given we’re a country of animal lovers with a doggy population of approximately 700,000, and around 29 per cent of us are dog-owning homes, it can be a case of the minority [of dogs and dog owners] giving majority a bad wrap.”

Dogs are great.

Bad dogs should be dead.

And bad owners should face immediate fines.  No need for the Courts to get involved.


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  • Elizabeth

    I believe bad dogs come from bad owners. The owners should definatly be held accountable.

  • thor42

    I agree.

    I’m fed up with lousy dog-owners who take no responsibility for their dogs (and pathetic *councils* that don’t take action against the owners).

    I’m not criticising all dog-owners – just the bad ones who don’t train and discipline their dogs.

  • OrphanIsland

    Well said Cameron, many Dog owners live in la la land when it comes to their own dogs, you hear stories of infants being bitten, and the owners themselves being mauled by their own dogs, people that let their dogs roam the streets need a kick in the head.

    • johcar

      And these same dog owners will most likely swear that their dog is a ‘pussycat’ and would NEVER attack or hurt anyone.

  • Dave

    Make the laws simple, you want a dog/cat/budgie, these are the rules. Break the rules in a minor sense, these are the consequences. In a major way, or anything causing damage to any person or property, this is the consequence and the ANIMAL is PUT DOWN without question. Boo bloody hoo. Me, I am an animal person, but its time to make OWNERS totally responsible.

    Cam, I agree. If a dog seriously injures a person, its an on the spot fine of $10K. If a person dies as a result of a dog attack (unless the dog is protecting its owners property lawfully) its manslaughter, possibly murder if a motive is there as well.

    Have a mate who has a guard dog protecting his place just out of town here in Nth Qld, its so placid until they are out. Its professionally trained, well behaved and the property has LARGE warning signs placed on all fences. I suspect anyone trying to get in unlawfully will become dog food, that is the exception.

    • FredFrog

      And if the person does not die, it’s ABH or GBH. And screw ACC, all proceeds from the fine go to the VICTIM!

  • cows4me

    The trusty semi auto with 00 buckshot does marvelous work when it comes to pot lickers ( dogs, for you townies)

  • steve and monique

    Wont be hard to find it in Temple view area, as only small community. Hamilton City council pound run well, and if dog found will be sorted out real quick,and the right way.

  • Bad__Cat

    The dog is the weapon.
    The owner should be charged under the Crimes Act with “Assault with a weapon”
    End of story.

  • surfisup

    How do you tell a bad dog? I bet many dogs in the vicious breed subset have been described by owners as wouldn’t hurt a fly and have gone on to maul people.

    I say ban the most obvious breeds first.

  • FredFrog

    Had a tradie round for a couple of weeks at the start of the year, doing some work on the house. He brought his pit-bull with him.

    This dog was the biggest sook I have ever come across. It even shat itself when my cats came wandering out to say hello.

    The problem is those wankers who get this kind of dog because they think they’re “hard”. They’re not, they’re just twats with no clue about dog ownership.

  • Chris

    I bet it was chipped.!