Dud Judge caves to dirty pedo’s river of tears

Oh please….. all dirty paedo’s have to do now is say they will hurt themselves and voila…Courts and dud judges will award name suppression!

If only they would self harm…it would save taxpayers a lot of money.

A High Court judge has granted a sex offender permanent name suppression because she says naming him would increase the risk of him taking his own life.

The Auckland District Court had earlier heard that the doctor, who is in his 60s, was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after discovering the body of his son who had committed suicide.

The court was told he suffered a mental breakdown after the discovery, during which time he sexually abused two young boys. 

The doctor last month pleaded guilty to two representative charges of indecent assault and was sentenced in the Auckland District Court to 12 months home detention.

Judge Eddie Paul declined to grant him permanent name suppression, citing the principle of open justice.

However, Justice Winkelmann overturned that decision on Friday because of a psychiatrist’s evidence of the suicide risk.

The Crown had argued that naming criminals was part of the punishment and would protect the public from possible re-offending.

It is believed to be the first time permanent suppression has been granted under such circumstances and University of Auckland associate professor Bill Hodge says the decision could set a dangerous precedent.

He says the use of suicide risk as a reason for name suppression could become a standard tactic by defence lawyers.

Oh look Winkelmann J….again…justice served? Only for fat Krauts it seems.

Judge Eddie Paul had it right…this dodgy ratbag should have been named…if he offed himself I would struggle to find a reason why that was bad. The excuse making in this case is astonishing…abusing boys because of a breakdown…might kill himself if named…

Pricks like this should have a good sturdy length of strong sisal rope and an eyebolt installed in their cells.


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  • James

    There is a very, very, easy way to not get your name exposed to the public due to sex offending against young boys – don’t do it. If, however, you do it, then at the very least you should be aware that the public need to be protected from you and, in order to be protected, they need to know who you are.

  • Agent BallSack

    Hope his son committing suicide had nothing to do with being sexually abused himself.

    • opusx

      First thing I thought when reading.

  • Lion_ess

    Hmmm, his son commits suicide, so he sexually abuses two boys. You’d have to wonder why the son checked himself out, wouldn’t you?

  • Chancey

    what is 2 representative charges?

    I always have to make an extra effort not to sexually abuse children after a death in the family

    • Harroputza

      A representative charge is like “It happened so many times that we’re not going to charge you for all those times because it’s too much work, so we’ll just charge you once to cover them all.”

      • ex-JAFA

        Your definition is correct, but the concept is just wrong. Does a mass murderer only get charged with one offence? Well I suppose they may as well, seeing as the “justice” system makes sentences concurrent anyway.

  • Toryboy

    So let me get this straight – you have a nervous breakdown and the first thing that pops into your head is “oh I want to fiddle with some young boys”.

    If you believe that then there is a bridge in London I want to sell you.

    Perhaps someone should have enquired as to why his son topped himself….(if you know what I mean?)

  • Ronnie Chow

    (Too long .)

    No Child Left Behind

    Wednesday 17 Sep 2003
    Deborah Coddington
    Speeches — Crime & Justice
    (view HTML version at: http://www.act.org.nz/item.jsp?id=24686 )

    The Launch of Deborah Coddington’s 2004 New Zealand Paedophile & Sex
    Offender Index.

    In 1996 I published the first Paedophile & Sex Offender Index. It was
    described by Metro magazine as the most controversial book ever
    published in New Zealand.

    There was an international outcry.

    I felt like the most hated woman in New Zealand.

    I received death threats. I hired a security guard to accompany my
    youngest child home from school.

    But I remained puzzled. What I had done, by listing just over 500
    offenders in a book, was nothing compared with what the offenders had
    done to others.

    I remained resolute. I knew this was an area of offending with a very
    high degree of recidivism. There needed to be much greater monitoring
    of these offenders in the community.

    In 1997 I published the Australian Paedophile & Sex Offender Index.
    This prompted several State Governments to introduce sex offender
    registers, albeit on an informal basis.

    That same year I spent several months in England researching a UK
    version. The House of Commons debated how I could be banned from
    publishing an Index there. Then in 1997 they passed the Sex Offender
    Registry Bill. In 2000, Ontario, Canada did the same.

    Those of you who attended the ACT press conference in June last year
    when I announced I was standing for ACT, may remember that I undertook
    to introduce a similar Bill to the New Zealand Parliament.

    Twelve months after that press conference, in July this year, that
    Bill was voted by all parties to Select Committee. Submissions close

    However, I still think an important adjunct to that Bill – and it is
    not law yet – is the work I do privately in my capacity as a
    journalist- these books.

    This Index, which goes on sale throughout the country today, contains
    the names of nearly 1,900 offenders.

    Some have reoffended since being listed in my 1996 book:

    Taffy Hotene

    Brent Stuart Alexander

    Roy David Bailey

    Dustin Arthur Barnett

    Bruce Franklin Charnley

    Glen Andrew Churches

    Peter Peeni

    Kevin Arthur Thompson

    And the list goes on. I have highlighted the repeat offences in bold.

    There are the high profile, dangerous offenders – Taffy Hotene and
    Jules Mikus.

    But there are also the sinister, low-profile but arguably equally
    dangerous “respectable” members of society who offend:

    Harland P Harland-Baker, who once owned Huka Lodge and dined with

    Derek Humphreys, a Palmerston North schoolteacher who took children on
    camps for years at Castlepoint Beach.

    Gary Prockter – an Auckland general surgeon who singled out the son of
    his best friend and abused him for years.

    More important to me than the names of offenders is the human tragedy
    left in their wake.

    I won’t get death threats this time. Publicity will be muted.
    Society has moved a long way since 1996.

    I’ve won the fight but the battle is not over yet.

    This is just one reason why I came to Parliament. The other reasons
    are not unconnected with this.

    They are concerned with how we treat children in this country, and
    especially our priorities in education.

    There is no silver bullet to stop sex offending against children, but
    we can do a lot more to educate them about telling someone when an
    adult is molesting them. Reassuring them that they will be believed.

    Children who are sexually abused have great difficulty catching up.

    For me, the battle’s over only when there is no child left behind.


    Deborah Coddington MP

    • timemagazine

      Those who hate you, rest assured, they are a minority. But we are living in a time when the minority has the loudest voice and makes most of the noise. You did well in exposing them. Parents, teachers and the wider community need to know these names, so they can protect their young.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Kudos to Deborah . The bastards use her book to contact each other , which is precisely why name suppression is dangerous .

  • asheltie

    The sad things is we don’t do anything to prevent this….we talk, we postulate, we condemn the actions, we do nothing, and then we hear about another case….

    Take up North for example….just last week the Mayor of Northland said he would go to government to ask for resources on combating the Far North’s addiction to kiddie fiddling.
    So what about the poor kiddies that got f*!ked in the previous year, are you saying you didn’t ask for resources back then, or you did and you didn’t get anything, or you did and you didn’t do enough, or….WTF do you do Mr Mayor?
    OMG it’s like the U.S citizens waiting for a fatal shooting to happen, then do nothing, then wait for the next shooting.

    Maybe in meetings all they talk about is how despicable it is, then meeting adjourned.

    Ummm, and no I don’t have a solution, I am still just thinking about it, and likely to be thinking about it by the time the next kid is fiddled with.
    And if given resources to combat it, I am likely to spend the money on more needy things like office stationery and a new councillor at school to help the kiddies re-adjust to their new life after the incident….there’s money well spent and that would show everyone how serious and caring I am about the problem. (sarcasm)

  • timemagazine

    The judge is probably a left over from the hippy era mentality, when the perpetrator is more important then the victims.

  • nudgy

    Judge Winklemann is actually a woman and as such you would expect some compassion from her for the child victims when exercising essentially what is a discretion to shield a paedo. She is a dud judge and was overruled in the Court of Appeal in respect of her judgment in favour of the fat Kraut conman. Of course fat boy has appealed to the Supreme Court and there is that other dud judge Sian Elias there who will no doubt back the bastard.

    • opusx

      Yeah it’s like the Judges are having a cat fight…what’s with that?

  • Sponge

    Frankly I would have thought that him taking is own life, after what he has done, would be a splendid result.

  • richard.b

    So if he does off himself, would that mean his father would then begin kiddie fiddling?

  • Mr Cracker

    What I can only wonder here is if this prick abused his Son, hence the committing suicide followed?!?! one has to wonder…

    • Bad__Cat

      Oh, no, surely this kiddy fiddling only started after his son committed suicide. Like, it would be a hell of a coincidence that he had ever done anything like that before. Wouldn’t it? Huh? Anyone?

  • Honki

    oh great, another pedo-doc on the loose. thanks for looking after OUR interests ‘justice system’