El Presidente Patrick Lee-lo wants censorship


Whoah better hold the horses.

Looks like the BSC and El Presidente is all in a lather and has its knickers in a right twist about comments Crest Clean made before the select committee hearing Simon Bridges Employment Relations Amendment Bill.

See Paddy has copped it regularly in the chook for being the front man of a union supporting trade association that fleeces its members out of $20,000 pa. That and lavishing it up on junkets, and abusing NZ’s $20 billion franchise industry.

And while Labour and Green Taliban MPs exploit Parliament’s workers – who just happen to be Spotless Cleaning Service workers who are also members of the BSC and the dodgy SFWU, the cleaning industry’s so-called representative Patrick Lee-Lo has been as silent as a church mouse.

Or has he?   

Paddy has now taken great exception to comments made by a successful, growing commercial cleaning franchise business that, low and behold, are not members of his BSC cartel.

No can’t have another voice speaking out can we Paddy?

Paddy has become so incensed that someone has dared speak out about the incompetence of the BSC that he’s trying to invoke Parliament’s Standing Order 235 and wants to be reheard before the committee. Paddy even wants any negative reference to the BSC made by Crest in their verbal submission “expunged” in total. What a cry baby.

Here’s a Chopper tip for Paddy – time to HTFU


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  • Chancey

    Sage advise for the Mayor of Auckland too

    • Dr Wang

      Chancey: Len doesn’t need to HTFU – he just needs to work on his sustainability (2 minutes is pitiful).

      • Chancey

        i think he does, he teared up when he invoked the almighty one, I agree about sustainabilty but he does keep saying how hard it is, also a bit concerned about those lumps he was talking about too. Anyways he told Marcus Lush he is seeing his doc today, hopefully the doc will give him some good advice about how stress isnt good for the heart

  • Dick Brown

    From the linked BSC letter:

    “BSC is very disappointed and disturbed that, instead of taking the opportunity provided to make a verbal submission to the Select Committee on the proposed changes to the ER Act, Crest apparently chose instead to use this time to make an attack on the Property Council, the SFWU, BSC and the judiciary. BSC considers that its doing so serves no purpose in moving the discussion on ER changes forward.

    BSC believes the allegations made are both unsubstantiated and damaging to our
    reputation. We formally request that under standing order 233 any reference to BSC that is contained in the verbal submission made by Crest Cleaning is expunged in total from their verbal submission.”

    A few things:

    1. First paragraph is crybabying pure and simple; Patrick seems to have forgotten that debate over new legislation requires several points of view in order for the powers that be to make a fair, balanced decision.

    2. Second paragraph is also as smelly as a bag of cat sick; Patrick seems to be unaware that there are already rock solid defamation laws in existence if someone is telling fibs about him and his ‘reputation’ (LOL). Either way, the process of enacting new legislation is hardly the appropriate place for someone to censor democratic proceedings because some harsh home truths come to light.

  • Rodger T

    Triple soy cement latte` for Patrick.

  • LionKing

    Paddy is whistling dixie if he thinks the Committee will rehear the discredited BSC again. For Standing Order 233 and 255 to come into play, the BSC would have to have a reputation in the first place. They’ll get laughed all the way out of Parliament thanks to WO. And it’s all as a result of the dodgy useless BSC themselves! Own goal.