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via TV One

via TV One

Bevan Chuang was on TV One Sunday last night pursuing her wish for privacy.

Ms Chuang told Sunday that she “clicked” with the 57-year-old and he remembered everything such as what perfume she wore.

“It’s a lot of attention, a very good lover,” she said.

2 minute Len?   

Ms Chuang said she was in a relationship with the father of three when he wrote her a reference to help her get a job at the council-run Auckland Art Gallery in July 2011.

“He was a referee…I got the job and of course the referees are important…yeah that could be the advantage,” she said.

You think?

Ms Chaung [SIC] also told Sunday about details of her relationship with Mr Wewege.

… She says she was attracted to the South African because he was charming and even went “out of his way to learn a little Chinese just to talk to me”.

She says she hopes other women can learn from the mistakes she made.

Oh, I’d love readers, especially women, to share what they think we have all learned from this.


Source:  TV One Sunday


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  • Rodger T

    I suspect Bev may just end up having a personality disorder named after her.

    • Col

      Bevanlennymayoral disorder

  • snakebit

    She said it was messy. Would suggest relationships only get messy once the pants come off. She came accross badly but in saying that the men she had after her with their bits out were no gents. Women who cant say no attract a certain type.

    • Chancey

      it was messy all over the town hall

      • williamabong

        And Lens’s desk.

    • Dumrse

      I thort Len cum across quite badly as well.

  • john Doe

    I think that she is thicker than Len.

    • Bunswalla

      That’s not saying much though – Len’s the smartest guy in the room, don’t you know.

      • Chancey

        yeah and he has stature too

        • Phill

          Ahem….that’s “your worship” to us common folk…

  • Chancey

    what if anything was the point of any of that?

    oh yeah she was gang raped by 5 men and she is just a likkle girl

    but Lens is a good (if not efficient) root

  • Hayden

    wait till lens other lovers come out

    • Tiberius


  • Lion_ess

    Pretty girl, can’t say no to a fuck. Put a dollar sign on it Bevan, your problems are not about “putting out”, they’re about getting paid.

  • JC

    I thought she did a hell of a good job for herself and probably for Len too. If no one else comes forward the impression is likely to be that Len’s got a good eye for looks, presentation, and there might be a respectable brain there too.


    • john Doe

      Only proved that snakes like her and Brown have scales.

    • Ronnie Chow

      The problem with that is Chuang isn’t pretty .

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        I’ve wondered why so many seem to think she is a hottie. She isn’t – kind of ironic for someone who seems to be parlaying her looks for fame and fortune.

        • Cowgirl

          Less about looks and more about sexual availability I think. Even the ugliest women can get laid if they advertise it.

          • williamabong

            Just look at the liquor industry slogan “Alcohol – Helping ugly women get laid for centuries”

          • andrew carrot

            Mayors too

          • 4077th

            That is why god invented beer after all…Right?

        • Jman

          If you got the yellow fever, she’s worth a squirt.

          • OhopeBeachBugger

            I don’t got the yellow fever…

  • Azeraph

    Stupid Girl, should’ve just had an article instead of going on TV. Polished, buffed and choreographed right down the middle for who ever is behind her. Now of course one would want to clear ones conscience if one was hasty with ones words but it now recenters everything back on her.

    • andrew carrot

      These powder pieces are usually released as part of a deal between the broadcaster and the weekly trash mags.

  • GazzW

    There’s been more than a bit of media training gone in over the last couple of weeks. Who paid?

    • captainnotsosensible

      Agreed. Even the still shot above is the face of someone who has been coached.

    • JC

      That was my impression too. It was well choreographed, her minders and TVNZ had coached her well and she presented well.

      Its still risky for Len though, that performance might encourage other people to come out of the woodwork.


    • paddles83

      Michele Boag comes to mind

  • Cadwallader

    Forget Bevan, Brown should resign for the sole reason that he is an ugly goofy dork! If this is the best approximation for a human which Auckland can belch up then the City’s stuffed!

  • Notrotsky

    Bit of a nothing interview I thought.

    • Chancey

      then it is up to us to shame him at every opportunity we get; attend his appearances attend council meetings; lobby local boards. generally make his life a misery

    • Cowgirl

      Agree -nothing new to see here

  • williamabong

    She’s as thick as a bucket of hammers, this girl seems to have the mental age of about 10, when she eventually wakes up she will realize shes been used, first as a sperm receptacle for an egoist, then by the media to boost ratings.
    You ca just imagine them being colour coordinated, shame they are both coloured stupid.

    • Lion_ess

      Stupid’s a colour – dontchaknow?

  • Time For Accountability

    What a bland interview – there was no skill in the interviewer and the interviewee said nothing of substance. It looked more like a photo shoot.

    • Bunswalla

      I was nearly sick at one point half way through when the fluffer (look it up, it’s what he was) listed all the people involved, along the lines of

      “So there’s Luigi Wewege, and there’s John Palino, and there’s Stephen Cook, and then there’s you”.

      I think you were missing out one very important person, fluffer-boy, and no I’m not talking about Cam. Brown seems to have been allowed to escape the spotlight very quickly in this sordid saga, I wonder why that is?

  • unitedtribes

    So she didn’t expect her story to be printed. It was only to protect WO against being sued. Bad bad boy Cam. Seems everyone wants to be a victim and the bad ones are those who did nothing

  • Pissedoffyouth

    He’ll forever be known as the “2 minute mayor”

    • williamabong

      And she will be known as “Margarine Legs”,because they spread so easy.

      • Ronnie Chow

        She could still be a spy .

  • tarkwin

    Just another reason not to watch Sunday.

  • Chancey

    I am comforted that Auckland benefits from the advice of Ethnic people through the advisory panel – imagine where we would be without them

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Classic. Thanks for the perfect perspective where that’s concerned.

  • Col

    Oh well that puts me up there but I have only had 100 plus woman in my life time so I really can’t comment on a good or bad lover?

  • Elliot Flowers

    She lost women.

  • Col

    Mrs Brown is sing that song NOT THE MAN I USE TO KNOW.

    • Bunswalla

      He’s exactly the man she’s always known.

  • Lion_ess

    “Both name start with “L”, both have same day birthday, both know what to do with me.” Someone should pay this dopey cow to shut up.

  • Chancey

    wedgiewedgie has emailed frontline to say he was never in a relationship with Bevan, and that he never sent the nekkid pics

    it is time for Len to front the questions – this complicit media is just generating a side show out from under which Len will slither on – he must be held to account

    • Cowgirl

      I don’t believe it was any more than a casual fling with Luigi if that. What I’ve heard about her is that she tries to turn conversations with men towards sex all the time. So you can hardly blame men for responding in kind – then whammo she has some incriminating looking texts and she’s away laughing.

  • sheppy

    So a good lover only lasts 2 minutes and pulls out at the end?
    Thanks for clarifying that!
    Tui anyone?

  • Cowgirl

    Didn’t think she came across as especially bright and I’m not buying that “hopeless romantic” bullshit. She’s not above using her sexuality to get ahead and I’ve heard she maintains quite a flirty, sexually loaded demeanour when conversing with men. So if she lets men know she’s up for it all the time, who can blame some of them for taking advantage of that on occasion? Also she’s 32, not some ingenue. She was just pissed off she didn’t get elected, went nuclear when she realised she’d been had and didn’t have anything to show for it, and is now back-pedalling to try and garner sympathy and save what’s left of her career. Alleging someone tried to force her into coming forward is just a clumsy attempt to make herself look better and less like a spiteful bitch. Funny thing is, by not shutting up she keeps doing herself and Len more harm. She contradicts herself over Len’s prowess, and then seems to expect that to improve the Mayor’s image. I much prefer my Mayor to be having satisfying sex with his mistress in the town hall on the job, than not I suppose.
    Also did anyone else notice she claimed to be in love with Luigi and in a relationship, but didn’t even know how to say his last name? I would think that would be a necessary part of being in a ‘relationship’. Also has anyone in the media considered speaking to a South African to find out how it might be pronounced as I would have thought that might constitute even the most basic research??

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      It’s pronounced ‘Veeya-vigh-ha’.

      • Cowgirl

        Congratulations – you’re officially better informed than every journalist in the country.

        • OhopeBeachBugger

          And so are the good people of WO.

          • Bunswalla

            Oh come on, that’s nowhere near as comical as Loo-ee-gee Wee-wee-gee

        • Dave

          Now CG, Brilliant post above, but you cannot use the words informed and Journalist in the same sentence. Those Journalists that are informed, seem to leave out the Journalism in favor of their personal bias.

  • metalnwood

    “It’s a lot of attention, a very good lover,” she said.

    If she wasnt paid off to not out the story she has since been paid off to kill the 2 minute noodle story.

    • Chancey

      absolutely – that was the message they were selling

      roll on the women’s weekly spread

      meanwhile the mayor is still hiding

    • Cowgirl

      Such a lot of attention to detail he didn’t even know her bra size.

      • 4077th

        He certainly has not idea of a woman’s needs if his noodle was boiled after 2 minutes! Way to go with the attention to detail Lennie!

  • Ururoa

    She thought she could release this kind of info and not end up having her personal history plastered all over the media??? She is “sorry for the hurt she caused Len’s family because she comes from a family with a womanising father…”???? Her “world came apart” because she lost a local body election? Pfft….

    Plain old fashioned snout-in-trough scrubber. Her and Luigi deserve each other.

  • BJ

    Some things we might have all learned from this:

    Speaking 3 languages doesn’t translate to common sense.
    Having a relationship with an adulterer is a career choice.
    Use and be used.
    Emotional maturity is sadly lacking.
    She took the wrong ‘councel’ on her sexuality.
    She played a dangerous game of thrones but then wanted the dark knights to come and rescue her.
    Her mother was not qualified to tell her what to expect as a mistress.
    She is desperate for her father’s love.

    • dyannt

      “She is desperate for her father’s love.” Fat chance of that with her message to the world that he’s a womaniser.
      What’s that going to do for his reputation in Hong Kong

      (where the family is very powerful. According to Bevan)

      Mind you, I don’t know anything about Hong Kong society.
      That womaniser label might enhance his reputation.

      And I might be somewhat harsh, but “feeling sorry for Mrs Brown?”
      Perhaps she is now fully comprehening the situation when she was Len’s mistress in his first marriage. Chickens coming home to roost?

  • Huia

    She is enjoying every minute of the publicity and (pardon me) milking it for everything its worth. She is not the brightest bulb, but the easiest one to be screwed. No innocent there, just putting it out there to better herself which brings her into the ranks of the oldest profession in the world. Of course she was attracted to the south African…he had a dick. Stupid, giggly troll, puts women in business back several years by using sex to get what she wants instead of having respect for herself and working hard to rise through the ranks. Old Len thinks with his dick but she is equally amoral as he is. Sick of seeing both of them in te news and if she was sorry she has hurt Lens wife then she shouldn’t have gone pubic (yes) with it.

  • Joanne Wilson

    She’s a narcissist. Just see how she soaked up the comment from the interviewer that she was beautiful. She genuinely loved it, she loved the attention and still does. I don’t think last nights interview really clarified anything nor did her any justice. She should just lay low because every time she makes a revelation she gets covered in her own crap. I honestly don’t believe she was sorry. There was no remorse from her. I know Len’s no angel but it takes two to tango, she was the other half of the equation and she had the power for the affair to never happen in the first place. Just say no and mean it. So reminds me of the Clinton/Lewinsky affair in fact she’s still being haunted by it years later with all this new stuff coming to light. People never know how far reaching the impact of their actions are and the repercussions of them. Lewinsky at 40 is still trying to live it down. Welcome to your future Bevan.

  • Chancey
    • Just a note – of course Whaleoil readers will also join in on the discussions elsewhere, but if it looks like it is an organised mob it will do more harm than good.

      Please don’t call for commenters here to go elsewhere for the purpose of causing trouble. The backlash won’t benefit anyone except those who have the spotlight taken off them.

      • Chancey

        stand corrected

  • tarkwin

    I reckon she’s done more milage than my old Landcruiser. And it sounds like Len was the equivalent of backing down the drive.

  • timemagazine

    What we have learned-she is a cheap, attention seeking, air headed woman and ready to jump into bed/ couch/ floor with anyone she can benefit from.

  • Lesley Young

    Appalling interview. Where were the questions about the threatening texts and why she came out with the revelations after the election is over, free hotel rooms etc?. Was Sinclair paid not to ask these things? He did get the concession that they were having an affair when Lenny wrote the reference. Is that not a conflict of interest? Sackable offence?

  • thinkinoutloud

    Cringing – listening and watching the China Virgina sheer dumbness on the Sunday Programme. She just doesn’t know how to say ‘no’ . And sending photos of oneself naked is just what people do when they are in an intimate relationship! Didn’t you know that Mr Interviewer? Blatant transparent ambition to get whatever it is that she wants. Oh for goodness sake ( and for Aucklands’ sake ) send her back to her very powerful Hong Kong family. Please!

    • 4077th

      Yes that’s right, Len had nothing to do with all this it was her and her Vagina that started it all. No woman has ever tried to sleep her way to the top right?

  • Tamaki

    Young Luigi, formerly from Auckland,

    Said to his girl, “You’re a tight one.”

    She replied, “Bless my soul,

    You’re in the wrong hole;

    There’s room with Len in the right one.”