Finally a reason to turn the TV back on again: Paul Henry

I’ve been a fan of Paul Henry.  I guess I still am.  What he has done on TV and radio isn’t too far removed from what happens on my blog:  Be entertaining and be a pain in the arse by asking the questions people want to hear answers to.

Without any fear of consequences.

TV3 last night confirmed Henry would host a new programme, dubbed The Paul Henry Show, in the new year. It will replace the late-night bulletin, 3News Nightline, which has been running for more than 20 years. But the show – which will start from 10.30pm – will clash with The Late Show With David, which starts at 11pm on Prime.

Last night’s announcement comes after weeks of the former Breakfast host’s rumoured return on the rival channel.

TV3 director of news and current affairs Mark Jennings last night said Henry would bring something new to the game.

Nightline has been a great programme for us over many years and produced some of our best broadcasters,” Mr Jennings said. “But the landscape is due for change and Paul Henry will lead that change in later evening viewing.”

For those of you who can’t quite wait for Paul to re-appear on your screens, he’s got a new book out right now.  

Paul Henry’s memoir What Was I Thinking took the number one spot on the Nielsen BookScan’s bestseller list today after its first full week of sales, with almost three times the sales of the number two book.

A rep for Mr Henry’s publisher, Random House, told NBR the book had sold “more than 4000 copies” during its first seven days on sale – not bad for a market where 10,000 sales over a book’s lifetime is considered a major hit.

I was talking to Paul just the other day.

I should see if I can hit him up for some copies to give away to you lot.


Source:  That nice Vaimoana Tapaleao at the NZ Herald, with additional reporting by the NBR and comments by Cameron Slater.


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  • muffinmclay

    Paul could take that soft cocks spot at 7pm I think its called Campbell Dead?

    • Salacious T Crumb

      I agree though I refer to it as Dead Man Squawking

  • Day Day

    Should give TV3 a shot in the arm. Paul Henry might not be left wing or PC enough for TV3. They should have put him in Campbell’s slot. Then I might go back to watching TV3.

  • Toryboy

    Paul Henry is great!
    I cannot wait to see him on television again telling it like it is, getting stuck into the socialists, and getting higher ratings than Campbell Live.

  • sheppy

    Fantastic news, just wish he was on earlier to provide a refreshing change from the left wing pinko bullshit they normally class as news!

  • Dick Brown

    Can’t wait.

    My Butthurt-ometer is off the charts!

  • Andy

    I can’t wait for the lemon lipped “you can’t say that” brigade to start furiously tweeting their outrage and disgust.

    • williamabong

      Shame he isn’t here now, me thinks Len chair would be a bit warmer.

    • dyannt

      Hopefully they’ll all be in bed at that time of the night, getting an ‘appropriate’ amount of sleep.

  • rockape

    +Add to that you both have to characteristics that make for fun You are irreverant and relevant.

  • boristhefrog

    Pick me for the free book!!!

  • DLNZ

    Please let the first episode be a Paul Henry commentary on Len’s boardroom antics…. oh the anticipation.

    • Toryboy

      No, I rather hope the first episode is about the origins of NZ Governor-Generals HAHAHAHA!!!
      Paul opening the show with “Now where was I? oh yes, that fat Indian chap, now is he or isn’t he a New Zealander?”

      • Statehousekid

        He might even say right lets start with that Dikshit Len Brown.

  • Col

    Great stuff, just in time when I get home.
    That cheeky little Lenny, I hope he gets to say a few things about Lenny Dorklander.

  • sheppy

    The new book is called “Outraged” which apparently is a collection of short stories.

    The original “what was I thinking” came out in 2011, is based upon his life to date and is a good read.

    Perhaps the horrid should consider checking their facts again so they get the book name correct!


  • Statehousekid

    Here are some of his quotes from his book.
    On gay men:”Homosexuals have to understand this: you are not special just because you are gay. The world does not need to stand aside and recognise you for your ability to have sex with your own kind. It is not a skill. A party trick, perhaps, but not a skill”.

    On lesbians: “Lesbianism proper was not invented until the early 1980s. It was seen as an entertaining distraction for weary men and so was promoted as a way to launch the internet by Al Gore”

    On National Radio: “Some of the talk on National Radio is nothing short of unbridled wankery”.

    On Maori Activists: “Essentially, these ungrateful fools are sabotaging our nation”.

    I can not wait it might even get me to watch TV again. The question is will the TV3 lefties cramp his style though?

    • BJ

      I think I like him more and more

  • kiwiinAus

    I’m quite surprised by this article. As someone who is not an avid follower of yours but reads the blog when I have time, it seems that, in part, you attempt to expose newsworthy items that the mainstream media do not investigate fully due to either laziness, set agendas or pure incompetence. You seem to place yourself above mainstream media.
    On the other hand Henry is obviously very smart but his ego and his style of dissemination of the information gets in the way of a lot of people viewing him as anything more than an ego-maniac. Henry seems to place himself above any and everyone else.
    I’d rather listen to/read real news than listen to someone’s view of the world.
    He was on morning tv here in Aus for a short time. I saw 5 minutes of it and was frankly embarassed as a NZer at his style.
    The talent pool in terms of news in NZ appears (from a distance) to be very limited and the same hacks are being recycled. The fact that his appointment to tv3 is newsworthy is indicative of the definition of news.

    • Statehousekid

      I suppose it comes down to whether you like cheeky little pricks or not. If they are intelligent I tend to like them because they push the boundaries and are not scared to say what they think. Better than some boring PC lefty like John Campbell who tries o so hard to be the friend of the common man.

    • sheppy

      Given that the Horrid is the only widespread newspaper in Auckland and that it may as well be run by the Labour party press office together with the 2 TV news channels following a similar “the government thought of it so we MUST be against it regardless of its merits” stance anything that is not from this vein like Paul Henry is a very welcome change.
      Breakfast over here when he was on was worth watching, it was spontaneous and entertaining unlike now when its simply scripted tedium with a lefty bias wherever possible.
      Personally I really like his style and the fact that he actually asks real questions as well as says what he thinks. Sure its not for everyone, and it didn’t work in Aus. I don’t agree with everything he says however his show should be worth watching unlike TV3’s Communism Live which is vomit inducing most of the time.

  • Micky

    Yes, finally someone worth watching on TV. He’s a foil for all those wet, soppy, limp wristed PC types who pervade our screens at the moment. If only he was replacing that twat Campbell, then it would be perfect.

  • andrew carrot

    It’s a fact that shows that start after 9.30pm skate on very thin ice. If he makes a good go of it, his share price might rise and TV3 might consider it appropriate to start him in an earlier slot, say 7pm.

  • kehua

    I found Henry pretty shallow, he may come up with a few good lines and the odd shock screech but I wonder at his ability to hold an audience for any length of time. If anything a weekly 1 hour Show might have me viewing his Show but everey night? I don`t think so.

    • opusx

      All he needs every night is someone with an odd name and a bird with facial hair…and the resulting hilarity will ensure he’s a ratings success…at least till he gets sacked again.

      • rockape

        plenty of candidates in Labour

  • Mr_V4

    The problem for Henry will be securing good, interesting and topical people to interview. In this regard the govt. needs to help him out, by at least not refusing to go on at that time of night. I.e. if a govt Minister goes on Communisim Live, they should also do the later timeslot. This could actually be a good thing, especially if Communism Live tries to its typical beatup type stories.

    At a guess I would say Labour/Greens will stay the hell away, opting for a softball interview on Communisim Live at the earlier time slot. Maybe the show could be a bit like ABC lateline with a couple of good interviews albeit with less of a lefty host.

  • TLL

    If you put Pauls sense of humour and his own view of the world aside, whats left is very capable interviewer especially politicians. I would hope is 10.30pm slot is just a start, and he does eventually get the 7.00 pm timeslot.