Front? For what?

Attention seeking doris Bevan Chuang is now traipsing along behind Herald reporter Lincoln Tan attempting to door step John Palino so he can “front up and answer”. The day after this story broke she posted on Facebook that she wouldn’t be speaking to media anymore, demanding privacy, and then since then has pimped herself out to any media who would listen.

Now she wants answers from John Palino? Answers to what? She stands there in the video telling a story about a meeting that occurred the day AFTER the election had finished and John Palino had lost.

The media really are clutching at straws demanding John Palino tell everyone what he knew AFTER the election was over. Only a complete fool or a Herald journalist would believe that there was a conspiracy to oust Len Brown AFTER the election when there was ZERO benefit from such an action for John Palino.

Lincoln Tan, Bernard Orsman and all the other gutless flunkies at the NZ Herald should be demanding answers from the Mayor, especially after the revelation of the weekend when Mayor Len Brown gave his reference and assisted her to obtain a job.

John Palino hasn’t done anything remotely like that…and yet the media are pursuing him to front?

It is shameful that a ratbag and serial rooter like Len Brown hasn’t fronted even once…you can’t call the reach around he got from John Campbell fronting.?

I know one thing Bevan Chuang is not being honest with her explanations. As I have repeatedly said over and over and over again, she never once mentioned an affair with Len Brown until she sat down on the Monday before the story broke and spilled her guts with Stephen Cook. Her mis-speaking is becoming outrageous, perhaps we should release the full audio interviews? Then people could judge for themselves what Bevan Chuang is saying now compared to what she said then.

Even up until that moment both Stephen Cook and myself only ever thought we were dealing with untoward texting and creepy behaviour not a full-blown two-year affair involving sex, jobs, references, free hotels, influence, Council premises and staff.

Even if there was a ‘conspiracy’ to get Len Brown so what?…

I am starting to think that Len Brown sent his mistress into the Palino camp to gather information, I mean why else would the mayors mistress hook into a campaign worker and then when it all breaks loose run around trying to conjure up a conspiracy.

I am trying very hard to not believe that may be the case but honestly her behaviour since the story broke and the made up stories about a conspiracy when there was none are now leading me to believe this was a put up from the get go.

It is a shame that the media won’t hold the winner of the election to account in the same way they are trying to hold the loser of the election to account.

Only in the topsy-turvy world of NZ media could the loser of an election be held to account for the actions of a rooting ratbag mayor and his floozie who obtained favours, jobs and power as a result of her two-year affair with the “attentive” Len Brown.