Germany has become one massive brothel

While the Act candidate is wanting more “choice” for the community regarding prostitutes, the Germans are spoiled for choice as liberalisation of prostitution has turned the country into a massive brothel.

Oktoberfest may soon be renamed Root-fest.

Germany thus embarked on an experiment in liberalisation just as Sweden, a country culturally similar in many ways, was going in the opposite direction. In 1999 the Swedes had made it criminal to pay for sex (pimping was already a crime). By stigmatising not the prostitutes but the men who paid them, even putting them in jail, the Swedes hoped to come close to eliminating prostitution. 

Prostitution seems to have declined in Sweden (unless it has merely gone deep underground), whereas Germany has turned into a giant brothel and even a destination for European sex tourism. The best guess is that Germany has about 400,000 prostitutes catering to 1m men a day. Mocking the spirit of the 2001 law, exactly 44 of them, including four men, have registered for welfare benefits.

The details vary regionally, because the federal states and municipalities decide where and how brothels may operate. (Berlin is the only city without zoning restrictions.) In some places, streetwalkers line up along motorways with open-air booths nearby for quickies. In others, such as Saarbrücken, near the border with a stricter country like France, entrepreneurs are investing in mega-brothels that cater to cross-border demand.

If all these sex workers were in the business of their own free will, that would still be within the spirit of the 2001 law. Prostitutes’ associations insist that this is largely the case. But nobody denies that many women become sex workers involuntarily. Of particular concern are girls from poor villages in Romania and Bulgaria who may have been forced, tricked or seduced to come to Germany. Once there, they are trapped as Frischfleisch (fresh meat) in brothels, perhaps because they owe money to their traffickers or fear reprisals against their families at home.


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  • Dick Brown

    Economics in action; supply and demand

  • Justsayn

    Coal based electricity generation, rampant rooting, what’s next? A month dedicated to drinking beer? No speed limit on the motorways?

    Where is this “Germany” you speak of Mr Whale?

    • JeffDaRef

      circa 1918 – “cease fire and down arms gents, this could go ok….”

    • Mr_Blobby

      Coal based generation was increased when the Green Taliban got into Parliament and closed the nuclear power stations. Something about saving the planet form itself.

    • Col

      The Auckland Town Hall.

  • Orange

    ‘I will not punish your daughters
    when they turn to prostitution,
    nor your daughters-in-law
    when they commit adultery,
    because the men themselves consort with harlots
    and sacrifice with shrine-prostitutes –
    a people without understanding will come to ruin!

    • Justsayn

      Blackadder, series 3, episode 4.

  • James

    I like Tim Worstall’s take on this report from a simple economics background:

  • rockape

    Hollland is just as bad. On country roads you would find brothels and it was the norm to go for a quick shag on the way home from work,more Germans and dutch did that than went for a beer. Dont know what the dutch women did though but a bit like pacific islanders looked georgous until thirty then blew up like ballons.If you want to see a serious shagfest you need to go to Carnivall on the German dutch border. On of the days in the fortnight they have old frau’s night. After the walloon wars so many men died this day was marked as a day when there was no such thing as adultery and women could demand sex, aim to repopulate.

  • Toryboy

    400,000 tarts; the mind boggles!

  • Ururoa

    Try Japan, brothels are illegal, but they are everywhere, using euphemistic names such as “Fashion Health Spa”. Friend of mine who used to work in the reception for one of the bigger places told me that lunch time weekdays were their busiest times.

    Could this be the real reason for falling birth rates? Is there a correlation between higher levels of prostitution and lower birth rates?

    • GazzW

      Len could go in his morning tea break and still have plenty of time for a coffee.

      • TomTom

        But Berliners will pay for his trip.

      • Alfred12

        He could possibly get a discount based on period of hire?

        • Col

          Yes but he would have to pay the cleaning bill.

          • Alfred12

            Len will charge it to the Auckland city council as a legitimate expense!

    • DLNZ

      There used to be a Health Spa place on Airedale Street in Auckland with a sign outside advertising a “$30 pants massage lunch special”. Sounds like the kind of thing that dodgy cop in Chch was looking for.

  • conwaycaptain

    Read you history about the inter war Germany especially in the 20’s.
    Hamburg as a sea port has always been renowned for “any thing goes” Far more than the red light areas of HK and Spore.

  • conwaycaptain

    Japan you could pick up girls in any of the bars. If they left before closing you had to pay mama san a buy out fee. They to the local Love Hotel and that was it.
    In Japan the Yakusa control many of these bars and also the Pachinko Parlours. These are like big electronic game parlours and they make a fortune. The Yakusa are into everything in Japan. Far more than the Mafia in Italy and the US.

    • Justsayn

      Len says HK is still lots of fun.

  • conwaycaptain

    At least Len has disproved the slant ways myth.

    • Time For Accountability

      Not quite according to the cleaners the desk stain is on the left side rather than the middle.