Greenpeace Hippy-crites are major fuel users

If corporate global protestors Greenpeace are so concerned about oil usage and drilling, maybe they should look in their own backyard first?


Rainbow Warrior III luxury super yacht, active since 2011.

Fuel Capacity: 110,000 L x 2 years @ 2 tanks of gas a year = 220,000 L DIRTY FUEL

It also carries a helicopter landing pad so presumably they extensively use dirty fuel sucking helicopters as well. though quite how a helicopter can land amidst all those back stays and booms for the masts is beyond me.

There are plenty of photos (93) of this luxury yacht, but very few of them (3) show the vessel actually under sail power.?

MY Arctic Sunrise in Greenland

Arctic Sunrise ice breaker, active since 1997.

Fuel Capacity: 508,000 L x 16 years @ 2 tanks of gas a year = 16,256,000 L DIRTY FUEL


Esperanza means “Hope”, active since 2002.

Fuel Capacity: 350,000 L x 11 years @ 2 tanks of gas a year = 7,700,000 L DIRTY FUEL

That gives us a very crude estimate (excuse the pun) of 23,978,000 L of FUEL OIL that Greenpeace Ships could have burnt in the time they have been running their “Save Our Planet” campaigns….

This is a very low estimate, a tank of fuel in these things would only last a month or so?

On top of that one of the boats in the flotilla is the SV?Friendship. Not only does it use native timbers, probabky cut down in their pime it is also owned by a trust fund baby funded by the proceeds of oil use and plastics manufacturering.

They state on their website that it?is a 45 foot Herreshoff Mobjack Ketch and was launched in 1988.?Friendship?s story began in 1976 when three New Zealanders, the late John Simpson, Anna Horne, and Rex Le Grice began a quest to build their vision of a perfect sailing yacht. She consists of 17 different woods, among them Tasmanian Blackwood, New Guinea Kwila, Macrocarpa, Rewa, Totara, heart Kauri, and Oregon Pine.?Friendship?s?Skipper, Tim Foreman, has been her guardian since late 2005 and together they have visited in excess of 30 countries around the globe.

Tim Foreman is of course Bill Foreman’s son. Bill Foreman is one of New Zealand’s premier entrepreneurs and celebrated and honoured businessmen. In a recent news article he was described thus:

Foreman is the founder of company Trigon, which started up nearly 43 years ago at Sealed Air’s Foreman Rd site with only 10 staff and a tin shed.

Foreman sold Trigon to Sealed Air in 1994. At the time of sale Trigon operated six factories and employed 750 people internationally, and was one of New Zealand’s largest private companies with an annual turnover of $130m.

Both Trigon and Sealed Air manufacture and extensively use plastics in their product lines which of course are oil based products. I have no problem at all with how these companies make and use their products, they are world leaders and at th top of their gam. Likewise with the legacy of Bill Foreman, one of New Zealand’s celebrated business men.

The problem I have is the sanctimony of Tim Foreman who is able to cruise the world saving the planet funded by the legacy of big oil and the advances that have resulted from embracing technology and utilisation of the world’s natural resources. If he was a true believrer he would give all that up and make some coin of his own from sustainable and green industries…he won;t o course because like of these types who are rent-a-mob patsies they are actually hippy-crites.