Greenpeace Ratbags and Hippy-crites protesting progress


I was just having a look through the photos of the hippy protestors. There are loads of plastics, which are made with oil, plenty of metals, obtained via mining, not to mention their native timber boats and petrol driven engines.

In Video Blog 10, by the skipper?s admission at about?50s, it would seem they managed to get to the protest location through the use of an internal combustion engine, fuelled with diesel.

Check this out.

One of the boats is called SV Ratbag…which is hilarious and appropriate.

SV?Ratbag?is 43-foot gaff-rigged topsail schooner, a traditional wooden classic. Built in the traditional manner by the late Curtis Ashford.

That would be the traditional manner of cutting down trees and sawing them into planks?

SV?Tiama?is a 15.15 metre steel cutter, designed???by Alan Mummery, built by Henk Haazen.?

Hmmm…steel…would that require mining, massive amounts of carbon and heat to make?

SV?Friendship?is a 45 foot Herreshoff Mobjack Ketch and was launched in 1988.?Friendship?s story began in 1976 when three New Zealanders, the late John Simpson, Anna Horne, and Rex Le Grice began a quest to build their vision of a perfect sailing yacht. She consists of 17 different woods, among them Tasmanian Blackwood, New Guinea Kwila, Macrocarpa, Rewa, Totara, heart Kauri, and Oregon Pine.

Hmmm,?it’s okay to harvest NZ Native timber for boat building? Ok to take rainforest timber too?

SV Baltazar is a Meta 52 designed, ?Damien II? ?Built in 1983, Construction Steel, Rig, Cutter Sloop.

Another boat built from mined minerals.

SV?Vega?is an 11.5 metre ketch launched in 1949 near Whangarei. Built on a Northland beach without the aid of power tools, she was planked from a single kauri log.

More native timbers used.


These guys are bunch of hippy-crites and ratbags.

Then there are the protestors at Raglan…look at all the SUVs and non-electric cars…not a Prius to be seen. More Hippy-crites.