The Huddle


I was on the Huddle last night with Larry Williams and Josie Pagani

We covered  the Ewan MacDonald parole denial. Sounds like a good decision. I’m sure had he not been tried for the murder of his brother-in-law he might have had a chance of getting out this early into his sentence. The most bizarre part of this though was his lawyer after the decision was released, he made this speech to the media (while almost in tears) asking for the privacy of McDonald’s children to be respected and to just report on the day’s proceedings and not do anything else. Doesn’t sound like he has a great lawyer – I mean using the Brown Defence is a bit demeaning.

Then we’ve got some odd group from Christchurch taking the South Taranaki district council to court over putting fluoride in the water…as a test case. They say it’s unlawful for the council to do this, and that the legislation allowing them to is outdated and based on old bad science. They are an outfit from Christchurch obviously with too much time on their hands trying to stop fluoridation all around the country. I’d say they need to find something better to do. But hey, who knows what will happen in the outcome.  

Then we’ve got the oil drilling protests around the traps. More people would have enjoyed the day at the beach if the smelly hippies hadn’t been there.


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  • Chancey

    without debating the merits of fluoridation (because I know what will happen here), last year I tried to find the line of authority for Watercare to fluoridate Auckland’s water (except Onehunga because those people obviously don’t merit bureaucracy run health care).

    So Watercare’s website told me that fluoride was added at the request of Auckland Council. I wrote to Auckland Council and asked who at Council had the authority to instruct Watercare to add fluoride to the water, and what was the process that had been followed. Auckland Council sent my request to Watercare as a LGOIMA . Watercare’s response was that it is very good for us. No attempt was made to answer the question which dealt with the delegation of authority. (I didn’t bother sending onto the ombudsman because I know the answer)

    Watercare has since changed their website to read fluoride is added to Auckland’s water at the request of Auckland’s Legacy Councils.

    So there is no authority to add fluoride to Auckland’s water.

    This is a shameless example of how they do business – without authority.

    • peterwn

      But decisions made by the legacy councils remain valid until such time the Auckland Council chooses to revisit and overturn them. otherwise the New Auckland Council would have been operating in a vacuum on day one.

      • Chancey

        they have until October 2015, Council (elected reps) have told me they have no plans to revisit it

        • Evan


  • Meep Meep MEEEEP!!!

    Josie calls those embarking on legal processes about a topic they dissagree on (fluorodation) “ridiculous, and they should find something better to do” and then in the next subject, defends oil protesters saying they have “legitimate concerns”

    I spose only poeple who agree with her thinking are capable of “legitimate concerns”