The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams show, The Huddle,last night, with Josie Pagani.

Our topics were:

  • The Labour Party conference – now there’s a new man ban. Can’t see that changing things in the polls in a hurry.
  • Then there’s these horrid little oiks going online boasting about their exploits with underage and drunk girls. The cops say they can’t prosecute them because there’s no evidence other than the online bragging. This is  a difficult one, because the cops need hard evidence – but surely these kids should have been dealt with as soon as this whole thing started.
  • The government lowering the drink driving limit.  


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  • conwaycaptain

    Labour’s own newspaper the Herald has come out against the insurance co idea!!!

  • Rae

    Weeelll, how odd you should mention the “man ban” and those little toe rags in the same breath. Maybe more women in control is just what we do need

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      I’m not sure the sexism argument is the right one in this case? Did the silly young women who got themselves in that predicament not have any responsibility for their actions? when they get a little older, they are likely to be the next Bevan Cheungs,,,

      For clarification, I am in no way supporting the actions of the ‘toe rags’!

      • Rae

        At thirteen?????????????????
        You would do well to remember that it should not so much be “You should do what you can to NOT get raped” but “You should not rape” Rape would about the only violent crime where it is commonly deemed to be the victims fault

        • Bunswalla

          And what were the “women in control” of these 13 year old girls i.e. their mothers, thinking when they allowed these girls out late at night drinking?

          • tspoon

            The unfortunate unmentioned aspect is that parents are legally unable to control their sons or daughters in any meaningful fashion, should they wish to. Legions of government and non-government organisations line up to show your children how to be sexually active whilst rigidly suppressing any discussion whatsoever of the advisability of any particular course of action. They act as procurers for anything up to an abortion whilst reserving the right to not notify parents of any of it, let alone seek their consent.
            Those from the left who have been largely at the forefront of such efforts, (that’s you Pagani) then do a very convincing show of handwringing when teenagers do exactly what you’d expect if they were given free rein to their impulses without so much as a single restraint in place.
            Once those young females have put their lives in the trashcan, none of those procurers will be anywhere to be seen. They’ll have moved on to new (younger) pastures.

        • Euan Ross-Taylor

          Yes at 13! When my daughter was 13, she knew not to let herself get into such a situation, She was able to be responsible for her actions. These girls as far as I am aware were not abducted off the street and raped. Having said that I again want to be sure you understand that I do consider the boys actions in these cases to be rape. My point is that the girls, even though they were young, made very poor choices.
          My feeling is that they know they made foolish choices and that is why police are finding it difficult to get any of them to make a complaint.

  • Dick Brown

    I didn’t like Pagani’s policy on Labour but I did like her policy on horrid little oiks.

  • Lion_ess

    One party is responsible for their criminality, the other party for stupidity. Don’t tell me these girls were not aware of what has been played out on social media for two years.

  • Blue Water Coastie

    A classic case of crap parenting on both sides. No idea of what their children are up to and not caring. Parents, Caregivers or Guardians are responsible for their children up until they are 18 and ideally a little beyond that. The coppers are doing what they can within the law, but the adults responsible for this lot can do a lot more at this point.

  • Max

    Rae these spotty creeps with metal bits stuck into their faces aren’t men.
    These pathetic verminous scum don’t have the ability or intelligence to attract females their own age so apart from mutual group masturbation the only females they are able to impress are little girls in training bras.
    Maybe their bragging on line is just fantasy to further stimulate their sick weak weasel minds as they get together with Mrs Palm and her five daughters.