It isn’t worth worth it

Finally some politicians call the fat Kraut and his supposed gift to Team New Zealand for what he is...a shameless PR stunt to retain residence in New Zealand.

The Government has snubbed internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom’s offer to help fund Team New Zealand’s next America’s Cup challenge, describing the million-dollar offer as “a PR campaign to stay in New Zealand“.

But Team NZ appears to be taking Dotcom’s offer seriously. It even sought approval from Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce to meet Dotcom after his offers of seven-figure donations and technological backing for another America’s Cup campaign – to take on American software billionaire Larry Ellison and his reigning Oracle team.

Krim DotCon has no ability to “innovate” in Americas Cup…he talks shit. His puppets run a company that is as far from innovation as you can get.?

Joyce said last night he had told Team NZ they were welcome to meet with Dotcom – but the scale of his offer was “insignificant”.

“I am not taking Mr Dotcom’s proposal seriously. It’s pretty transparent that this is all part of his ongoing PR campaign to stay in New Zealand,” Joyce told the Star-Times.

“In any event, he’s talking about less than two per cent of the likely cost of a campaign.”

He doesn’t even own the servers his company uses…he simply rents, borrows or obtains through other methods any innovation.

It is farcical to suggest a couple of million from a fat Kraut is worth the hassle.

In any case hasn’t he been telling anyone who would listen that his money is gone, his business destroyed and all because of the government…yet he manages to live in luxury, with access to funds that a tame judge has given to him. He has stated the business can;t be resurrected and yet there he is doing what he did before…the man is a proven liar and charlatan and should be ignored.

In any case he will be wearing stainless steel bracelets and an orange jump suit in due course.