Not just Shane and Little Andy, but Goff and Mallard too

The man ban is kicking in hard…now there are suggestions that not just Shane Jones and Little Andy will be gone-burgers but there is also pressure on Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard to disappear too.

Labour’s new rule to ensure at least half of its MPs are women by 2017 is likely to lead to increased pressure on males such as Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard to quit Parliament to make way for fresh male talent.

Under the rule, passed at the annual conference in Christchurch, Labour will seek to ensure at least 45 per cent of its caucus are females after the 2014 election, rising to 50 per cent after 2017 – meaning most of the new candidates likely to get high places on the party list or selection for safe electorate seats will be women.

That will mean the only way to get a significant intake of new male MPs is either by dumping some sitting male list MPs to unwinnable places on the list or pushing electorate MPs to retire from politics to open up more seats. 

Among those likely to come under pressure to allow that to happen are Mr Mallard, the Hutt South MP, and Mr Goff, the member for Mt Roskill.

But both are digging their heels in and their local electorate committees are likely to protect them against any move from head office.

The Man Ban is looking set to be especially divisive…for Labour.

National must be sitting there laughing their tits off.

Source: NZ Herald, reporting by Claire Trevett and additional incisive commentary by Cam Slater.


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  • Dick Brown

    I have no love for Mallard but this is just social engineering fascist bullshit and bordering on sedition I shit you not.

    • Liberty

      If you are a very bright, white male. Farmer and a heterosexual.
      The odds of getting a winnable place of the labour list is nil.

      • Patrick

        If you are a moderately intelligent person of any sexual, racial flavour you would not be considering voting or standing to a fringe outfit such as Labour, packed full of misfits, haters & wreckers.

      • Whafe

        Well you wouldn’t support Liabour anyway ;)

      • RightOfGenghis

        If you are a very bright, white male, a farmer and a heterosexual I would suggest a place on Labour’s list would be beyond your worst nightmare ;)

      • Hazards001

        Good ain’t it?

  • Sponge

    Has anyone had a look to see what the substandard think of this massive vote winner?

    • Kimbo

      No thanks. I would have rather have my eye-balls sucked out and replaced by hot toffee apples that peruse that site.

      • Cowgirl

        comment of the day lol

      • IntrinsicValue

        I disagree! It would appear I am now on some kind of permanent ban from posting on TS, but I visit frequently to get a good dose of humour laughing at their sycophantic coverage of DC. It truly is hilarious, in a twisted kind of way.

        • Liberty

          A banning from the Standard is a roll of honour.

    • Dick Brown

      Yeah, I went and had a look.

      Made me realise why I post here.

      At least the depraved inhabitants of this godforsaken piece of the dark internet are prepared to be reasonable now and again.

      Oh, and Sponge; I have to be honest and say I didn’t even get to the manban stuff, I couldn’t read past the first headline without retching my vogel’s up.

  • Shoreboy57

    So lets have a look at the quality of wimmin already in Labour’s caucus (who are presumably the prick of the crop). Three at random – Jacinda Adhern, Sue Moroney and Clare Curran. FFS if those are their stars who have made it without a quota what are the ones who need a leg up going to be like?

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    If this is the case, then Labour are actually actively divorcing themselves from the center. This is not a party that is reaching out. They are looking inwards, and doing so in such a way that will take support from its coalition partners while sending support to the center.

    The only thing dumber than doing this deliberately, is doing it by accident with no thought to the consequences. Given that many of their policy announcements seem bereft of foresight, I can only assume it is the latter. Think about that when you realise that these idiots want to run the country.

    • Goldie

      A very good comment MAWG.
      I think it is deliberate. Labour have come to believe that they can win the next election, not by appealing to the centre, but by mobilising 800,000 people who didn’t vote in 2011 that Labour are convinced are closet lefties.
      What worries me is that despite the Labour Party becoming increasingly hardline leftwing, their support has not collapsed but is holding steady at roughly 30%. The Greens, who I think are completely crazy, are well over 10% in the polls. What this means is that an openly socialist coalition is able to get to at least 40% in the opinion polls. So the Labour strategy of divorcing themselves from the centre and running to the hard left may not be mistaken.
      And despite recent very good economic news and consistently pretty good governance (i.e. very few scandals), National struggles to get over 50%.

      • middleagedwhiteguy


        National will get over 50% in the polls among voters who express a preference in about 4-5 months, as the growth in the economy begins to bear larger fruits, the rebuild in canty gains momentum, and Labour begin to try to appeal to the center at one end while pissing off the left, and the left at the other end while pissing off the center.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    When Curryleaf lifts Labour’s vote to 47% in 2014, none of this will apply…..Also Duck Mallard will win Hutt South as comfortable as a Len Brown’s 2 minute noodle.

  • ratmuncher

    Labour was looking like journalism – completely dominated by leftist women. At least now labour will be limited to 50-50.

    • jaundiced

      No – the remit says ‘at least 50%’

      • ratmuncher

        Ha ha you’re right! it will become a women’s party

        • ratmuncher

          What will they do when they realise there are no men around to do the hard stuff like raise election funds. No wonder the want the tax payer to fund campaigns.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Labour chicks must be pretty fucking useless if they need affirmative action. What is it with Labour’s obsession with what one has between ones’s legs?

    • Statehousekid

      The old boys club will be wishing they were weren’t boys.

    • Agent BallSack

      Might have something to do with a confused sexual identity? After all they had a woman who wasn’t into guys but who was into woman in a shamarriage to a guy who pretended he liked girls but actually liked guys as leader for 9 fucking horrible years. And let’s not forget Darren Swiss Ball Hughes.

  • Toryboy

    As I wrote in the General Debate section – these people should look to form a Social Democratic Party appealing to men.
    This is not the Labour party they joined or have served all their lives and they should leave and do the country a favour by leaving and taking 200,000 votes with them.
    If they don’t – and get the chop – then it shows how pathetic they really are; if someone I hated was going to end everything I had worked for I wouldn’t stand there and take it, I would be seeking to destroy them!

    • Agent BallSack

      The phrase pussy whipped comes to mind. I guess we have to assume every one of the Labour ‘men’ hide behind their wives skirt hems and are completely dominated in every facet of their lives. Cunny no exception.

      • Dave

        Seriously ABS, go have a look at the Labour woman, its not pussy whipped, more like Rhinoceros whipped.

  • BigDogTalking

    It is not the Labour party women who’s opinion we should care about but the women voters. Are there many (I know there are some) voters out there who vote for only women candidates. I bet this is a big turn off to a lot of voting women, especially the pragmatic working class voter Labour is so keen on.

    Of course a blokes head can always be turned by the right bit of skirt but voting isn’t what springs into his head.

  • Agent BallSack

    Just a warning for all those fence sitters. If labour enact this and get elected, it will be coming to your work place soon. Why stop at parliament, women should have 50% representation in all fields. Prepare for country wide truck driver and mechanic shortages. All of us employers will be sacking male staff and required under legislation to hire females.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Yeah, imaging if its implemented in brothels? 50% females, 50% males.

      • Patrick

        Labour pollies would be queueing down the street

    • James Growley

      I wonder if this policy will reach the armed forces. Will they demand that at least 50% of front line troops are female?

  • Wine Man

    The next step maybe to force people to have at least one child of each sex….where does that leave my three child family?

    • Agent BallSack

      Len will fix that for you. All he requires is 2 minutes of your wifes time….

      • Wine Man

        no thanks I don’t want any midget kids

        • Agent BallSack

          Oh, so Len is the midget intellectually, morally and statutorily in Labours Quota?

    • Patrick

      Easy fixed, one female, one male & one hermaphrodite. I am sure there is a hormone treatment plan that can help with this. Your only problem will be deciding which child.

  • Toryboy

    Something Labour overlooks in its obsession with Women MPs is the lack of votes they get.

    Only 3 Labour women MPs, ever – Helen, Annette King and Ruth Dyson – have had any sort of electoral appeal, the rest have a pesky habit of turning fortress electorates National or marginal at best.

    Curran – Dunedin South marginal for the first time since 1960
    Street – Labour held Nelson for decades, no longer
    Sonja Davies – wins a ‘fortress’ seat by less than 400 votes
    Wigram – (can’t remember her name) – marginal seat
    Tizard – lost Auckland Central
    Beaumont – lost fortress seat (Onehunga was Labour for decades)
    Pilay – lost safe Labour seat (albeit numerous name and boundary changes)
    Moroney – Hamilton West ‘used’ to be marginal, no longer
    Wanganui – Labour for decades; Gisborne – used to be marginal; Northcote – now safe for National; Invercargill – used to be a marginal etc etc

    It seems if you want to turn a seat National all that is required is for Labour to select a woman as its candidate or list MP.

    (Perhaps this man ban isn’t such a bad idea afterall! HAHAHAHA!!)

    • Daniel Church

      Taupo used to be marginal, with a male Labour MP, to be fair.

  • rouppe

    If you have a better qualified person who is excluded from consideration because of their gender then I can’t see how this complies with the Human Rights Act.

  • rockape

    The more I watch this the more I am convinced there will be a split in Labour and we will see a left wing Cunliffe/ green party and a centerist Goeff lead Democratic centerist Labour party. Maybe not before the election but if they get their arse handed to them by voters, shortly after.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I never knew you could day dream like this…keep it up….

    • Toryboy

      Yes, I agree – do not be too sure about it waiting until afterwards, one thing about people like Jones and Cosgrove is they can somehow raise a lot of money.
      They would start with the best part of $250,000 in the bank under their control and with even a mere 6% of the votes they all get back.

    • Eiselmann

      Many of my socialist friends are talking this possibility up , Labours mass appeal like Nationals is that the centre could and would vote for either of them, Labour moving further to the left means they are conceding the middle and fighting the Greens for the same vote…you can’t win elections in New Zealand unless you are center right or center left and they see the split happening very shortly after the next election defeat particularly is its a big hit.

      • middleagedwhiteguy

        Imagine a centerist split, that aligns with National post election. That will wipe the smirk of Culliffes face. If you think that won’t happen, think of United Future and ACT, which were both born out of the center faction of the Labour Party.

        • Toryboy

          I would expect Peter Dunne to join any split party – similar to what happened in 1995 when Clive Mathewson and Margaret Austin quit Labour.

  • Patrick

    The policy is a win win, any policy that removes Mallard, Little and the underage sex promoter Goff has to be good. On top of that those in the centre wavering on who to vote for will now desert Labour and head to National. Labour will become the party of man hating social engineering communists. They will be a minority fringe outfit. Where is the downside?

  • rockape

    Labour is still rooted by its internal problems,these will run and run. The last Labour conference before the general election should have been a platform for Labours vision . What did we get a return to the man ban, a State run insurance company and house building in ChCh. where is the vision where is the leadership. I feel we are watching the end of Labour and its not coming from the strength of National but the weakness of Labours leadership’remember we are on leader no 3 since the election” so 3rd choice. Unless Labour ups its game they are done and dusted not just for election 2014 but what they have set in motion will ensure this Labour party is gone for good.

  • johnbronkhorst

    It is NOT a man ban……it IS a QUOTA of female MP’s.
    Didn’t Shakespeare have a quote for this??
    A rose by any other name………..!

    • Agent BallSack

      because in Shakespeares day it wasn’t polite to say ‘a pile of steaming shit by any other name….’

  • Chaz

    Sounds wonderful.

    Labour can push out all of their talent for a bunch of, at best, joannie-come-latelies, and meanwhile the women of NZ can vote for JK because they like his smile and think he is a nice bloke.

    Way to go Cunliffe – he will be the undisputed king of a very small shitpile.

    All good.

  • Agent BallSack

    Its like a divorce except they are just taking half the house and making the hubby sleep in the back room while they prostitute themselves to the union johnnies.

  • timemagazine

    Let’s sit and relax and watch how labour’s infighting will bring them even further down. Tea, coffee anyone?

  • CheesyEarWax

    Gun, ammo, loading…shoots in foot.

  • kiwiinamerica

    As Cam pointed out yesterday, the secondary issue to the man ban is that Cunliffe ruled it out on Q+A then a day later votes for it – Labour are hoping that no specific mentioning (in public at least) of rigged ‘females only’ invitations for electorate selections in winnable seats will mean less negative publicity.

    The first electorate selection where men are not invited or clearly shafted will see the media wheel back around and report a ‘man ban’. Labour’s propensity to PC social engineering is a direct consequence of it driving heterosexual white males and small c socially conservative working class voters away leaving it with Damien O’Connor’s “gaggle of gays and trade unionists”.

  • Bob Murphy

    So if Labour get 41 seats, who is the half and half? Grant Robertson?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Every last one of them!!!!

    • Eiselmann

      Some random gay trans-gender female

  • cows4me

    Where’s Hans Christian Andersen when you need him. These socialist fools are the making of a good children’s fable. How in their desire to make everyone equal they end up destroying their very reason for being.

  • Red

    I really can’t believe this move – Only shows what a La-La land Labour live in and believe that the rest of NZ is as self obsessed with sexuality & gender as they are. If there’s a “shoot yourself in the foot competition” coming up? They’re a shoe in

  • Michael

    Mallard is saying he wants to Speaker and Hutt South MP next term. Hope he has cleared that with his caucus colleagues who think only List MPs should be Speaker.