Killer Cow attacks plane, pilot ok

Sharks get a bad rap, considred the pinnacle of killers they even have a whole week dedicated to them on Discovery Channel.

Yet cows and cattle kill far more people each year than sharks do.

Just yesterday Stuff reported an attack by a Killer Cow on an aircraft.

A top-dressing pilot has had a lucky escape after colliding with a cow during a takeoff from a rural Pahiatua airstrip this morning.

Police central communications acting shift commander Bruce Mackay said the collision resulted in undercarriage damage to the aircraft. ?

The plane headed for a landing airstrip near Feilding, where emergency services had been placed on standby.

“Despite the damaged undercarriage the plane managed to land without incident,” Mackay said.

The pilot was uninjured.

Mackay said police had not yet had an opportunity to check on the condition of the cow.

Note the spin in favour of the animal. As for the condition of the cow…put a bullet in it, obviously gone rogue.