What does Labours Gay Quota mean for Tony Milne?

Labour’s totally gay quota calls are going to hurt Labour candidates who happen to be gay.

There are already too many gays in caucus, with 4 out of 34 being gay or 11% gay, with the average in the New Zealand population less than 6%. This means Labour is way over quota for gays and needs to reserve some seats for straights, rather than increase its quota of gays further.

This is bad news for long time aspiring Labour candidates who are also gay like Tony Milne.  

Tony is known to be as good a bloke as a gay bloke can be, but he might miss out on a seat because Labour’s rainbow caucus has too many members.

Tony is a dead cert to win the nomination in Christchurch Central unless the party give it to him in the arse and say they are over quota for gays and replace him with a quota friendly straight person.

The situation will only get worse with the Man Ban, and a likely Maori quota as well.

This is the problem with quota…the best people miss out.


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  • Bart67

    Naa, get him in and kick out Charles Chauvel!

    • jcpry

      Will that not put them under the lawyer quota? They’ll have to get rid of a few union organisers as well as there are bugger all union members.

      • Time For Accountability

        And the Little union member there now is tainted forever by the $5m hidden loss in the EPMU accounts that lurks in his background like an iceberg.

        • AnonWgtn

          Why is it that the Little, by name and nature, on the Labour list – still – ex EPMU Union Leader never worked at any job of the members of the Union

    • Charlie Shovel has gone already

      • Cadwallader

        I recall he was summonsed to head office in the UN. Interesting that nobody seems to be missing him….

    • Bart67

      IN my defence, I ignored him when he was here, and continue to do so on his absence.

  • Dick Brown

    You see; this is the thing.

    Labour believe they are the natural party to enact humanitarian and equality change and have the mortgage on the moral high ground.

    When it’s patently clear they have no right to govern on the grounds of competency because of stupid things like this.

    • James Growley

      Unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid people in this country.

  • Labour – the gift that keeps on giving!

  • conwaycaptain

    “Unless the party give it to him in the arse” unfortunate turn of phrase in the context of the article. Freudian slip perchance??

  • Agent BallSack

    Waiting for someone like Damien O’Connor to sue the Labour Party on grounds of sexual discrimination.

    • Dick Brown

      I’d pay admission charges at the door to see that.

  • Alloytoo

    Whatever happened to Cun(t)liffe’s Meritocracy?

    • tspoon

      If Labor selected on merit, whom would they select?

      • Alloytoo

        The guys who put up the signage at election time seem competent.

    • conwaycaptain

      Gays Lesbians and self serving unionists.

      • Alloytoo

        Len claims that how and whom you bonk is a private matter, this would seem to be at odds with labour’s policies….what’s the Quota on adulterers?

    • To paraphrase the meritocracy himself: “he is sick of watching the truth die in the lies of his CV”

    • AnonWgtn

      Selection has nothing to do with Cunliffe – it is entirely up to the real Party of Coatsworth Luvvy Barnett, and they will be told who to chose by Helen Kelly and her cohorts.

  • BJ

    Trying to engineer proportions of various interest groups in a political party or any other organisation for that matter is on par with green initiative subsidies – its messing with things that should occur naturally.
    As has been illustrated on this blog during the ‘gay ma….ge’ debate, plenty of non- gay citizens are happy to back all sorts of ludicrous ideas for another minority group. So, why the need to manipulate elected positions, while for society to function properly all our basic needs and wants are the same. And, if more diligence is exercised in electing representatives that are there for the people, take your minority wants and grievances through them – because while the issues of a few are given so much emphasis the big picture gets lost and that won’t be good for society.

  • In Vino Veritas

    There are some who say that the main reason Labour are struggling is because their best people are so very awful. If this is so, then it would appear that it doesn’t really matter what quota’s they put in place.

  • Kimbo

    I don’t care as long as that army of faggots keeps away from brainwashing school kids.

    • James Growley

      We already have an army of faggot’s brainwashing our kids.

      • Kimbo

        Agree, Thanks Herr Helen.

  • cows4me

    I hope they push their fucking quotas and stack the whole party with these bent bastards, it’s all good. Like 94% of the voters are going to be so impressed that they are going to waste their vote on gaybour . These clowns become more irrelevant every day, long may they continue their progressive march to extinction.

  • Toryboy

    Yes Charles Chauvel has long since departed. Not a surprise that nobody noticed

  • redeye

    What does Labours Gay Quota mean for Tony Milne?

    It means if he wants to ‘pick-up’ he’ll need to go outside the labour caucus.

  • JeffDaRef

    They are severely over-quota with “never lived in the real world”, “hysterical wailers” and “economic incompetents” – I do hope that is addressed at conference.

  • Toryboy

    Cam sums it up nicely “..the problem with quota…the best people miss out..”
    Yes! exactly!
    When the Country was run by conservative white middle class men things pottered along rather nicely and it is difficult to argue that the Holland or Holyoake governments were somehow ‘misgoverning’ New Zealand.
    Things only turned to shit when various freak shows started getting in on the act.

  • Whafe

    The thing I find most amusing is that the gay people I know, think having a quota is a crock of shit….. But Labour know best….
    The gift that keeps giving

  • OT Richter

    Isn’t there a human rights and equal employment opportunity
    conflict here?

    Section 118 of The Employment Relations Act 2000: Crown
    entity to be good employer

    (1) A Crown entity must if it employs employees –

    (a) operate a personnel policy that complies with the
    principle of being a good employer; and

    (b) make that policy (including the equal employment
    opportunities programme) available to its employees; and

    (c) ensure its compliance with that policy (including its
    equal employment opportunities programme) and report in its annual report on
    the extent of its compliance.

    Whilst I appreciate that the Labour Party is not a Crown Entity, surely choosing someone based on their gender, race and sexual preference is morally in breach of the above.

    • Bunswalla

      Not much point quoting the rules of an act that doesn’t apply. There are lots of other acts that also don’t apply, and even when selected by a political party, they’re not an employee of that party. Not even if they make it to parliament, so none of those acts apply.

      • OT Richter

        Which is why I added the word “morally”.

  • Toryboy

    It is not a quota which should bother Tony Milne, it is the boundary changes which means there will be no Christchurch Central.
    Assuming Labour hangs on in Christchurch East you will have a situation where Christchurch East and Central simply get combined into 1 electorate and Labour will not be needing the services of Mr Milne.

    • Apolonia

      They will when the “lady from Auckland” misses out on Ch-ch east.

      • Toryboy

        Not sure who that is, but if you are meaning the ChCh East by election, then of course I want our chappie to win; only wish I lived there so I could vote for him.

  • Andy

    If you take this quote concept to its logical extreme, then you’d need 50% of the MPs of below (or above) average intelligence. Not to mention left-handers, gingers,dwarves, etc

  • Micky

    My arse is on the line over this, so i don’t want a cock up..

  • FredFrog

    They have another problem with another quota……..

    The mentally incapacitated are over-represented in their caucus.

  • Team ENZ

    Sorry Tony, you don’t fit Labia’s profile..
    1) you are not a maori/other ethnic race
    2) You are only half she,..man-ban
    3) and you are not a numptie..
    so you may not qualify..