Len Brown’s statements don’t add up

Last night on Sunday Bevan Chuang said that she was in a relationship with the mayor when Len Brown gave her a reference.

The woman who had a two-year affair with Auckland Mayor Len Brown has revealed she was romantically involved with him when he acted as a referee for a council job.

Bevan Chuang, 32, told TVNZ’s Sunday programme that she was in a relationship with Brown, a married father of three, when he wrote a reference for a job at the council-run Auckland Art Gallery in July 2011.

“He was a referee…I got the job and of course the referees are important…yeah, that could be the advantage,” she said. 

This is in stark contrast with what Len Brown said when Bernard Orsman gave him a cuddle.

It was the very early stages of us knowing each other. I have provided many references in supports of lots and lots of friends and people that I know. The letter of support I wrote was a reasonable letter. I tend to be quite positive in my writing for the many people I write references for. It wasn’t a reference that was requested or provided for that was out of the norm. It was, for me, a fairly typical reference done at a time when, quite frankly, we hadn’t known each other all that long.

That is a lie. It was a year into their two year affair.

Len is caught out once again.

Resign Len, this isn’t going away.


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  • unitedtribes

    But no He still has a railway to build

    • Honki

      and an ego to deflate – it may take some time

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Oh that’s awkward. Let’s hope EY does a proper job with nice little timelines and all. Wonder who’s paying for that, though, being as it is a ‘private matter’ and all.

  • Dick Brown

    Yeah this was the potentially most damaging part. (the reference morass)


    Because what should be on the herald’s front page but this: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/politics/news/article.cfm?c_id=280&objectid=11150949

    A scathing ad hominem attack on one party whilst totally ignoring the public interest side of the story.


    Keep up the good work WO; this shit needs to be out there.

    • kaykaybee

      Yes. The NZHerald is a disgrace. Turning a blind eye to the crux of the issue at hand.
      That is – is the mayor of a multi billion dollar economy corruptible and/or does he use his power to influence to personal advantage?

      • AnonWgtn

        Watch the Herald tomorrow now that it has been revealed that Cameron Brewer is behind the whole thing.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Would like to see what sort of reference you would give to “the very early stages of us knowing each other”

      What odds on the reference going missing.

      • Dick Brown

        Biblical, I’d imagine.

  • Michaels

    The man seriously lacks brains.

  • Toryboy

    A socialist politician was lying? I am shocked!
    What you need to remember Cam is that Len is on a ‘moral’ crusade of stealing money off productive, hardworking people and giving it to no hopers and losers – socialism – and therefore the end justifies the means.
    Because Len wakes up every morning saying “because I am not greedy and selfish like the Tories, anything I do is ok because my heart is in the right place”
    Therefore he sees no reason to resign – and many reasons to stay.

    • Hayden

      bring back the sherif of nottingham

  • Pete

    Shh Cam, don’t mention these things ! I’m sure Campbell will be ringing LB today to clear up this obvious oversight Brown has made, and to demonise you a bit more !

  • Chaz

    EY’s terms of reference only relate to his misuse of council resources. I suspect this is not covered by the current review.

  • dilligaf2013

    Strange how the threatening texts were never mentioned and now she says she exposed the affair for love..?
    Funny how she is trying to blame five men all wanting something from one woman – she is a nut bar.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Maybe, but what does that say about brown stains judgement.

  • Justsayn

    It must be hard to keep track of when these relationships start. He clearly needs a PA (Penis Assistant) to schedule these things.

    How do you tell when they start anyway – a snog in the mayoral office? phone sex from the mayoral desk? a bonk in the Ngati Whatua room? Lunchtime at SkyCity Grand?

  • Hayden

    a new statement on radio nz website is interesting from luigi

    • Dick Brown

      Interesting but poor timing.

      Keeping your pride in check during long battles of character is probably the most important aspect of an individual’s approach.

      WO obviously has more revelations but they are strategically keeping their powder dry until the time is right.

      Luigi is just sore because some bint on TV told tales. Whether they are true or not isn’t the point; Luigi should have taken some advice before sending emails to journos the morning after, and that advice would have been to say nothing.


      • uh huh…

        • Dick Brown

          I could be wrong ofc

          not about your revs but my take on the situation

      • Cowgirl

        “I can appreciate Bevan Chuang trying to rehabilitate her image however I was never in a relationship with her.”
        I actually really like that he said this bit because that’s exactly why she has thrown him under the bus in this whole thing.

        • dyannt

          Mentioning her “image”. Where did the media get those “glamour” shots of her? Were they on her FB page or has she been handing them out?

          • Cowgirl

            I believe they were taken as part of an item she filmed on her burlesque dancing. I’m not sure where they came from but I think they must have been readily available somewhere – she worked on a TV station I think and seems to have had several items about herself filmed over time. She’s a massive self-promoter.

          • Steve (North Shore)

            She was a newsreader on TV9 with Julian Nixon. Asia Focus.

            The burlesque dancing is a hobby. It was shown on TV1s Neighbourhood on Sunday mornings. Seems to have disappeared

      • Mr_Blobby

        Hes gone and will stay gone or be gone.

      • pukakidon

        Luigi denies having a relationship with Lens sexual delight. There seems to be outright lies involved here. Her explanation about Palino approaching her does not ring true either. She said Palino told her before the election to give him the details so they could ask Len to step down after he wins the election.

        There needs to be some very deep digging by the MSM here. Unfortunately we have only go a bunch of incompetent twits in our media topped of by that social sycophant Campbell. We need to get someone in to investigate this whole dirty sordid mess the Two Minute Noodle Mayor has put these people in.

      • ex-JAFA

        Just when we’d all forgotten about Lewege Wuigi as the irrelevant side show that he was, he wades in and gives the bewildered MSM another excuse to avoid the real issues.

  • Toryboy

    I watched the interview last night and found myself constantly wondering ‘is Michelle Boag standing with cue cards just behind the camera?’ – especially when Chaung seemed to know lots of big words.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes would say she was coached, probably had no idea what she said.

  • williamabong

    Dear Auckland Ratepayers,
    Please accept this as my resignation, I have lied to you all, I have broken numerous codes of conduct, these same codes I would have dismissed subordinates for breaking, I have lied to my wife and family and all those who voted for me on the Christian platform I stood on, I have stolen time and city resources for sexual gain and defiled the the mayoral office, both literally and figuratively.
    I have used my position and manipulated a young woman you all know about, and numerous others that you don’t know about yet.
    I have plunged your city into debt that will take years to recover from to honour bribes I made to get your vote.
    I intend to finish today and would be grateful if someone could run me home, a rubbish truck would be a suitable vehicle.
    Yours in deception
    Len Brown
    Dud Root Specialist

    PS. I hope none of this will harm my chances of a knighthood, Rodney said I was a shoo in for it.

    • Cowgirl

      Sounds about right – all he has to do is sign it

      • williamabong

        There’s more than a million people out there that would be happy to pp it on behalf of the lame duck.

      • dyannt

        Just like Bevan signed her affidavit.
        “I didn’t really mean for it to be accepted. I just wrote it to see what it would feel like. Someone must have stolen it out of my waste paper bin.”

    • AnonWgtn

      And a seat in Parliament where my extensive talent would be used for the Labour Party..

  • asheltie

    Len Brown, our Mayor of Auckland made the advances on her to “get some”…so why do we continue to accept older men in high positions preying on younger impressionable girls? The council chambers must be the last workplace left that allows it’s members to take advantage of vulnerable girls….great news for Len, bad news for female interns.
    We should have something in place that protects A) the girl from beasts like Len, and B) the ratepayers from beasts like Len

    • Whanga_Cynic

      Don’t disagree with the sentiment, but she’s hardly a “girl”, she’s 32.

      • Ronnie Chow

        girl brain never die .

  • dilligaf2013

    This quote from Mr Brown also tends to suggest he has written many other references for people he has been in a relationship with….”It wasn’t a reference that was requested or provided for that was out of the norm. It was, for me, a fairly typical reference done at a time when,…………….”
    Wonder when Cam will stop the ongoing pain and release the other evidence and put Mr Brown out of our collective misery..?

  • Chancey

    Gosh 3news is allowing comments on the Bevan story – head over and tell them what you think


    • opusx

      Yep, a few conspiracy theorists raising their heads. Seems this whole thing is Cam’s fault. You just gotta love the humour.

      • tspoon

        I went over, it was fun. We need to schedule more group outings.

  • Pete

    Was it just me, or am I right in thinking she was said she had trouble saying no, or no means no?!! I got the slight feeling at one point in the “interview” she was trying to say she was forced into some of this rooting!

    • Chancey

      she was raped by 5 men

      • Wine Man

        4 men and a midget

        • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM


    • dyannt

      She was “trying to say” anything that would put herself in a better light.

  • nudgy

    Chuang was just not believable on Sunday. The public know she only screwed Len to advance her political career but of course she wouldn’t admit to that. There is some sympathy out there now for Len cause most red blooded men would also have run one up her and then used the time trusted defence of deny… deny…deny

    • Chancey

      there are a lot of women in auckland too you know

      • nudgy

        And a lot of those women are not adverse to turning it up to advance their careers and good luck to them

        • Chancey

          and a lot of us have Len Brown shoved so deep into our pockets that we would prefer if he would front up and stop this circus.

          • nudgy

            Brown is not man enough to front unfortunately. He has nowhere to go after this. Doubt if the Law Society would give him a licence…

        • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

          Most of the nasty comments about BC have come from wimmin actually

  • Cancer Man

    Nothing has been mentioned about Bevan Chuang Ltd t/a Lolibee Advisory and Production rumoured to be (still?) contracted to New Lynn markets. Rumour has it they were all surprised Len Brown attended their first market considering it was just a small council event. Maybe more favours?

    • Chancey

      also her work on the Howick Local Board

  • Kimbo

    He’s only dishonest when you see his lips moving.

  • Lion_ess

    A master of slithery obfuscation. Fortunately for Mr Brown, both the Herald and the incumbent of Paul Henry’s future time slot, accept obfuscation as definitive answers and think they’ve done a back-slapping investigative interview. (snigger).

  • David Soh

    Mayor sworn in

    • Dave

      Once the mayor was sworn in, now the country just swears at him.

    • Never in the dark…..

      You forgot the egg on his face.

      • David Soh

        Great addition

  • dyannt

    “It was the very early stages of us knowing each other.”

    How can an honest person write a reference for someone they hardly know.

    (Facepalm) Oh silly me, this is Len Brown we are talking about.

    If I had Len’s name for a reference on my CV, I’d be taking it off, toute suite.

    • AnonWgtn

      You can if you are bedding her regularly, and for almost 2 years afterwards

  • Mr_Blobby

    Tend to believe her version, he has admitted that he gave her a reference.

    The question is would you give a reference to somebody in “the very early stages of us knowing each other” was it that he wanted to get into her pants or was it that he was in the very early stages of getting into her pants.

    But in her pants he was.

  • Dave

    Newsflash. To honour Mayor Brown, the Ngati Whatua room is to be renamed the Nawty Whuk-her room, this way Mayor Brown can be assured to find it in the dark, and privacy.

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    It is good that he is so indefatiguable and indestructible;. he will need these qualities to learn to cook for himself when he has been dumped by his beloved.

  • Ronnie Chow

    How often do you see The Herald readers take them to task for their lack of journalism, with this many ‘likes’…

    I am shocked that this paper is not trying to hold Len Brown to account rather it is focusing on bit part players like Wewege while Brown gets off scot free.




    no comment

    10:12 AM Sunday, 27 Oct 2013

    This mayoral mess has certainly highlighted what IS the New Zealand way though. It is to accept that a white male who is mayor of Auckland can do what he wants while in office and get away with it. It has shown that he is not accountable to anyone but himself. It has shown that his failings will be justified, accounted for by the spin doctors and media, so that he can continue in his job. It allows him to blame everyone except for himself. Yes, Len Brown has certainly told us, loud and clear, that this is the way things are done here.


    You like this


    reid (New Zealand)

    10:12 AM Sunday, 27 Oct 2013

    Far from being prurient the details released allowed Auckland voters to assess Brown’s ethics and judgement, values upon which many based their decision. His demonstrable lack of such in doing what he did, with whom, where and when, was always the real story. However it appears The Herald has adopted an editorial stance designed to defend Brown against these questions by examining every question but those journalistic fundamentals. This editorial, in pretending the affair is nothing more than a smear campaign, is another brick in that wall. Shame on you. Whatever happened to reporting the facts and allowing your readers to make up their own minds?