Map of the Day


Average calories consumed per day.


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  • James Growley

    This map suggests we eat more than the Aussies – Last time I was there, most of them were larger than us. It must be the calories in the XXXX. Best get the Muppets from Otago University over there to do some research for the cousin’s.

    • Naki Lad

      Agree, I was in the Islands last week, the Aussie Shelia’s are big units when they float up beside you in the pool. I almost felt sorry for their husbands. They must use a lot of flour per capita…

  • Toryboy

    Good to know they are eating well in Greenland haha!


      Must be all the seal blubber.

  • Mark

    Greedy Egyptian bastards

  • John1234

    Hard to believe we eat more than the Argentinians…