Monday General Debate

Today’s General Debate Post is up and running – please feel free to add your own comments on any topic whatsoever.

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It is unethical to raise animals so that humans can eat meat.


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  • Kendall

    Without farming animals we would not be where we are today as a human race. By extention it is unethical for humans to be on this earth”

  • williamabong

    More media lies, I just heard on the wireless that 41% of the current Labour MPs are women, what a crock of shit no sane person could ever consider those leathery, dyke, bush pigs as women.

    • Wireless?

      Did you draft that comment with your biro?


      • GazzW

        Wireless? William just listens to Leighton a lot (on the wireless).

        “wireless” is a great word. Conjures up visions of 1950s lounge rooms with a magnificent mahogany “radiogram” in the corner.

        Onya William!

        • He’s fine. Taking the girl in that nice frock to the flicks.

          • williamabong

            Yep and if I’m lucky I will get my hand in her bloomers.

          • Whanga_Cynic

            Second date then, William?

    • ratmuncher

      Bush pigs cook up nicely, slow roasted with the right herbs and spices. The ginga ones have great crackling. Ethically, hunting is more pure than farming and my view is people shouldn’t eat anything they aren’t prepared to kill and butcher themselves.

      • Hazards001

        Agreed. Of course I suppose by extension then people that aren’t prepared to tan the hides and weave the looms shouldn’t wear clothes?

        • ratmuncher

          I did say prepared

          • Hazards001

            Me too.

  • Bart67

    I usually tell vegetarians that I love animals too, especially with gravy!

    • middleagedwhiteguy

      There is room for all god’s creatures, right next to the potatoes.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Save a cow eat a vegetarian

    • Hazards001

      meanwhile…referring back to Williamabong’s original comment I have to say…NO

  • Allyson

    I visited one of Len Browns “free” swimming pools at weekend. I like to pass on that no one there looked like they needed freebie or handout. I got no doubt poor people live in the area who would benefit from free exercise etc, but in this case people there where just plain affluent. I do not think this is well targeted spend of other peoples money.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Usually the pools are packed after school while mum and dad are still at the pub

  • tarkwin

    It is unethical to support the Greens.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Every fucking Green party or Greenpeace sticker wearing vehicle seems to be an old Ford Laser or clapped out Daewoo which burns blue oil smoke – have you noticed this? Every single one seems to be on its last legs. But that’s ok, its the end not the means with those guys

  • I belong to PETA…..People Eating Tasty Animals

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      I think lots of Benny’s do too – ‘Pissed Every Tuesday Afternoon”.

  • Vegetables are what meat eats

  • If god didn’t want us to eat animals why did he make them out of meat?

    • I expected you to join in, and you haven’t disappointed.

    • Michaels

      Wild pork for dinner last night, wild pork on toast this morning and made my dinner to have at work tonight…. wild pork….mmmmmm meat

      • Kendall

        Venison last night, wild goose tonight (Canada aye, see how it goes) and might butcher a nice young lamb for a BBQ on the weekend.

  • Dick Brown

    Re: debate question:

    Unanswerable due to the infinite discussion over what exactly ‘ethical’ means in this instance.

    • I’m sure we can get Len Brown to sort that out for us.

      • Dick Brown

        From last night’s information it’s pretty clear where Len gets his protein from.

  • Phar Lap

    Heard a shelia called Pagani on a radio station.She said Cun*liffe showed leadership at the weekend.He made decisions not to make decisions.some leadership that.The only leadership in his party was the raging “women” of Helen Clarks old coven, who took over Cun*life,telling him Helen Clark was still in charge,by way of a manban.FFS.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    I note that Stuff has a poll about the viability of Labours Gender Quota. It is currently running at 91% against the idea.

    91% against.


    • williamabong

      A whole 9% for it, in Labour speak thats a massive majority, quick set it in concrete and lets move on.

    • Bunswalla

      Yes but to be a truly fair vote, half the votes have to be cast by men, and half by wimmin.


        • williamabong

          It’s the hair that plays with the brain, it’s everywhere, legs, flange, armpits, and most of all the upper lip, such things of true beauty, NOT.

      • dyannt

        And Labour only has control over their list.
        We, the voters, have control at the ballot box.

    • GazzW

      A bit of an own goal for Cunliffe. Just proves that he doesn’t control party policy. Kelly’s pulling the strings.

      The Nats just have to promote the message that a vote for Cunliffe is in reality a vote for Kelly & Noddy and it’s all over Rover.

    • Macca

      And probably at least half of the 9% who agree with the policy – sorry, stupid, irrelevant idea, will be the MSM who will spend the rest of the week trying to promote and justify it!

    • Allyson

      I just voted. Now at 91.4% against.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      The Liebour caucus has just all voted and the vote has plummeted (!) to 90.5% against!

  • Phar Lap

    Seems a lot of lefthanded Liebour voters and redheads also want a quota.If it is ok for a man ban quota,the same should also apply to other groups, who have some type of quirk.How about another one,a quota for left handed Lie-bour mayors who need to jerk off in the morning, before shaking hands with other Liebour supporters,or Asian girlfriends,or just dumb ratepayers.

  • captainnotsosensible

    General debate so CONFESSION TIME. Our local Civic DVD store were giving away freebie Sunday papers as it had a “rent a new release Civic DVD for free” voucher in it, so I picked one up. Glanced through it this morning while having breakfast.

    Nearly spat out my coffee laughing at two of the ads which I’ve posted below…one God video half page ad with a hilarious “pray for me” tickbox…(..tempted to fill it in for Len and mail it….ha ha) …..and a full page FREE FOR EVERY READER gardening scissors….(plus only $9.95 post and packaging…..hmm how are they making their money)

    If these don’t show the low level to which Fairfax media is having to stoop to prop themselves up financially, what does ??

  • Toryboy

    Now is the time.
    It happened in Australia in 1955 with the DLP, it happened in Britain with the SDP, and now is the time for Labour in New Zealand to split and Goff, O’Connor, Cosgrove, Jones etc to form a Social Democratic Party catering to men.
    They have the credibility to pull it off, they have the ability to raise just enough money to pay for an election campaign, and they probably have considerably greater support within the Labour movement then everyone thinks.
    Free trade, pro business, pro development, lowish taxes, regional development, no quotas, no weirdo stuff – this could be their founding principles, and I suspect lots of Labour voting white, heterosexual men (and women) will hand them around 10% of the votes.
    I know for all of them it would be like a divorce after a 40 year marriage, but I think the Country needs them to do so; this Conference proves beyond any shadow of a doubt it is no longer the Labour party they joined, or served for many years.
    This is now a mutant strain of political correctness, policies which cannot be implemented (and god help us if they are), of 1980s UK Labour people switching countries to have another go.
    Phil, Clayton, Trevor, Shane – now is the time to stand up for what you know to be right, to be a man (a novelty, but try it!) and to genuinely serve the country rather than just talking about it.
    Form your own party – now!

    • Agent BallSack

      Leave Mallard with Labour. He does more to show them as nasty than any good he’s ever done. Been remarkably quiet since he got back from SF though.

      • GazzW

        He’s aged too ABS and the clothes have become a bit shabby. Have a look at him on QT next week (that’s if you can spot him stuck as he is in the upper reaches of the back benches). He’s had the stuffing really knocked out of him and he looks to be a tired old man.

    • Bad__Cat

      Nah, they are too scared of losing their access to the trough!

  • surfisup

    Whale needs to name the auckland rapists that are members of the Roast Busters criminal group.

    The cops can’t do anything, so, how about an old fashioned whaleoil naming and shaming!!

  • I enjoyed a real Maori hangi on Saturday and its left overs on Sunday and still today so lots of pork, beef, lamb and chicken. I should eat more vegetarian though as I do love animals and they are being exploited tremendously by humans. Eating pure veges or pure meat is a choice. We are meant to be different and balanced.

  • Steven

    Judging from your posts, animal flesh definitely isn’t brain food.

  • Lion_ess

    Labour: People want KiwiAssure

    Um, I’m “people” and I don’t. Perhaps this can be Stuff’s Poll tomorrow.

  • Lion_ess

    Report: Warming to Make Bad things Worse

    The report doesn’t say whether it will make good things better though …

  • blokeintakapuna

    Cunners trying a fresh new angle to appeal to the Robertson faction…

  • Bad__Cat

    Humans are omnivorous. Most of the vegetarian hippies I came across in Northland (and their children) were undernourished.

    Also, I just really love the taste of meat.