Nanny State? More like more Herald bullsh*t

The NZ Herald has a nice little hit job on the government today accusing them of being nanny statist.

In many respect they may be right , but have a look at the list they have to justify their hit job:

National’s nanny moves

• Can’t buy beer and wine from dairies and convenience stores.
• Bars no longer allowed to advertise discounts over 25%.
• Can’t buy beer from bottle stores after 11pm and in bars after 4am.
• Minors need express consent from parents to drink.

• Plain packets for cigarettes (proposed).

• Speed tolerance cut to 4km/h.
• Breath-alcohol limit lowered.
• Mobile phone use banned in cars.

• Licence to hunt specific types of game animals.
• Snapper catch reduced (proposed).
• Fines for not fencing permanent paddling pools (proposed).

Health and welfare
• Raising age for child booster seats from 5 to 7.
• Harder to get cold medicine with pseudoephedrine.
• Beneficiaries’ non-school-age kids must be enrolled in early childhood education and doctor’s clinic.
• 16- and 17-year-old beneficiaries have an adult assigned to them who pays their bills and handles their money. 

I think they miss the mark by a wide margin, but perhaps not surprising since this is the NZ Herald we are talking about.

There are some merits in their claims about alcohol reforms, and smoking regulations. I’m all for freedom of choice. Existing laws are perfectly adequate to deal with all of these issues.

However their claims about Driving are specious. 4km over the speed limit is still over the limit…it is not nanny state at all to require enforcement of the law. Is the NZ Herald suggesting that the speed limit be raised to 104km/h or perhaps 110km/h? I don’t think so. Perhaps they think that we should have no speed limits at all…surely that is nanny state?

Surely the Herald doesn’t also think that proper management of our natural and introduced resources like Snapper and deer shouldn’t be managed so that we can all enjoy them for a very long time? It is hardly nanny statist to monitor and control access to those resources. Is the Herald suggesting no limits for snapper?

The claim about the paddling pool police is valid, but the pool police are already in existence and Adam Bennett got the story dreadfully wrong in the first place.

In terms of Health and Welfare the car booster seat issue is somewhat sensible. I’m pretty sure we kept our kids in booster seats until they grew out of them. For a start being higher up being able to see stopped my son getting car sick.

As for the rest of the list they are all sensible stuff. In the first place by accepting welfare you are saying that you can’t fend for yourself and you want the Nanny State to care for you, so it is hardly outrageous that the state wants to ensure you are doing sensible things with taxpayers money.

There are many things you can charge the government with being a nanny statist, but unfortunately these re n;t them

A stitch up job manufacturing items to fit the article.

What do readers think?


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    It was in the Herald. Enough said.

  • Cowgirl

    According to the Herald, the ‘nanny state’ means being sensible and responsible. Bring it on I say.

  • Josh Metcalfe

    All governments get more Nanny State-ish the longer they’re in power. What should have been an easy hit by the Herald has become a swing and a miss.

  • Macca

    I bet for every one of the heading above, you could find a front page article, in fact, many of them, criticising the government for NOT doing enough ie.
    ANOTHER TODDLER DROWNS BECAUSE OF JOHN KEY etc etc ……. I think we get the picture.
    The Horrid, in it’s desperate attempt to slash its own wrists as it thrashes out its final death throes, makes a last ditch effort to ostracise its few remaining readers by trying to convert them to its failed socialist cause!

    • Custard

      I’d like to see more legislation on caps usage ;p

  • • Licence to hunt specific types of game animals.

    They need to be more specific about specific types of animals.

    • Patrick

      Two legged neanderthals that support Labour and or the Greens should be hunted, trapped transported & released on the Auckland Islands

      • No, the Auckland Islands are worth keeping. Besides, relocating sounds like too much hard work. I propose a govt. subsidised culling program.

        $50 a tail.

        • Custard

          That’s not a bad price for a rats tail.

      • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

        What have you got against the Auckland Islands?
        There are islands closer to the Antarctic

      • kehua

        Fuck that , they would eat all the scampi.

  • Dick Brown

    Slow news day plus since nobody is taking any notice of their *EXCLUSIVE* earth-shattering, months-in-the-making expose on Rest Homes I guess they needed some distraction to maintain their daily outrage quotient.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Do you mean the rest homes where the children leave their parents to rot , waiting for the money ?

      • Dick Brown

        I wouldn’t know; I’m not interested in that sort of thing.

  • Patrick

    But ,but but…..wasn’t it the once glorious NZ Herald leading the charge for lower (zero?) blood/alcohol drink driving limits a few years back – like maybe in the last 12 months?

    All that is needed now by the NZ Herald is a red banner across the top of each page & the Labour Party insignia top right, or more likely “top Left”

    • Custard

      Centre left they would prefer. And to the left of that, on the back pages in comic Sans the greens can have their mantra.

  • Daniel Church

    I agree. My thoughts exactly when I read it.

  • Custard

    There is not one thing in that list that Nz will not benefit from. Except that it came from the heinous. If you ask me there is one thing missing. Reporting the truth and not somebody’s opinion disguised as a fact.

  • Michael

    The measure shouldn’t be what is enacted, it should be what is enacted with out broad support of Parliament.

    From that list, I think Labour opposed all the welfare reforms, and the Snapper quota (although they were arguing that the recreational fisher size and bag limits should not be cut more that the commercial quota, rather than against any reduction).

  • Lance

    “A stitch up job manufacturing items to fit the article.”
    A stitch up job I suspect, but slightly more insidious than at first glance. It’s not a manufactured stitch up attacking National for actually being ‘Nanny Statist’ (well it is that but it’s more too), it’s an attempt to ‘frame the narrative’ and control the language.

    “Oh but you said nanny state was bad, this is nannyism too! You must be against this too!”

    I don’t need to explain for the benefit of most readers here why this is complete tosh of course, but for the benefit of any who may not see it: Beneficiaries in receipt of a main benefit, claiming dependent children are receiving that money to care for and ensure the health and development of those dependent children. It is not nanny statism to require them to actually do this.

    By the way, there is no way for WINZ to actually check up on this, no documentation of any kind is required as proof.

    WINZ: “Is your child enrolled in ECE and at a medical clinic?”
    Beneficiary: “Yes”
    WINZ: “Welp, that’s good enough for me!”

  • steve and monique

    Herald= dubious rag, and creative with the truth. Good for cat tray liners.

  • MarcWills

    So we won’t be seeing a headline in the Herald like “Two more killed in forestry – what is the National Party going to do about it?” then.

    • Patrick

      Helen Kelly is all over this & will resolve this, she has identified drug testing as one of the main contributing factors in the deaths & hence her opposition to employers drug testing employees in the forestry industry……or did I incorrectly comprehend her opposition to drug testing in the workplace?

      • ex-JAFA


  • rockape

    Well we need a bit of nanny state. Its ok to get legless, ask any emergency nurse. Its ok to cost taxpayers billions by ending up as an alcoholic on benefit for the rest of your life, the taxpayer can pick up the bill so thats OK.

    • Richard McGrath

      FFS… the Key govt was elected after quite rightly giving Helen Clark’s mob some serious stick over micromanaging people’s lives (light bulbs, shower heads, etc.). Now they show themselves to be just as bad.

      The law stopping liquor outlets advertising cheap grog is simply a draconian infringement of our freedom of speech. The paddling pool BS is the icing on the cake. Yes it may be a good idea to keep your child in a booster seat to a later age, but why make it compulsory?

      Forcing the children of beneficiaries to enrol with a GP smacks of politicians looking after their doctor mates – GPs receive a capitation payment for each kid enrolled. It doesn’t mean the parents will take the kid to a doctor when they’re sick either.

      No, unlike most commenters, I think the Herald has done a good job bringing to the public’s attention this list of individually small but collectively depressing infringements on our liberty.

      I say well done the NZ Herald.

      • Ronnie Chow

        I can see that you really believe that , which is why you’ll never be a politician .

        • Richard McGrath

          You haven’t addressed anything I raised re National’s Nannyism. Obviously you’re happy having the state run your life, but why should the rest of us have to submit to it?

      • IntrinsicValue

        No, forcing the children of beneficiaries to enrol with a GP smacks of holding parents accountable. If you seriously think this list is anything like what we experienced under Labour, well I scratch my head.

  • rockape

    Yes lets allow the driver of the school bus to enjoy a spliff. Being doped and working in the forestry thats ok too your family dont mater as much as your right to do your thing.

    • Richard McGrath

      Don’t be silly. It is quite appropriate for the owner of the bus company to ban its drivers from smoking dope, or tobacco for that matter, if they want to work for him/her. How long do you think people will patronise buses run by dopeheads?

      It’s none of the government’s damn business how a private business owner runs his company, and they (govt) should not own the road network either.

  • rockape

    Maybe we need to rename the horrid, The Red Rag” or does that have other conotations.

    • Custard

      The daily red? Comrades rag? Putins stiffle?

      • Richard McGrath

        The JAFA Jamrag.

    • Patrick

      The Red Rag, published every 28 days, at least it would give Herr Fischer time to do in depth articles on the look & feel of Mr Dot Con’s left testicle.

  • meow

    The speed limit tolerance is a Police operational issue, not a Govt driven policy.

    And since when is a licence to hunt a “nanny state” policy?

    All the (proposed) items need to be removed from the list, as they are talking points not actual law. Someone needs to take this guys journalism card from him, he doesn’t deserve it.

  • Spiker

    I’m glad Cam reads the herald, so we don’t have to.

  • ex-JAFA

    Breath-alcohol limit lowered
 – That’s only a proposal. And it’s exactly what the Horrid’s own editors have been campaigning about for months.

    Mobile phone use banned in cars – No they’re not. Hands-free kits are permitted, as is using the phone while parked or at least stationery for an extended period.

  • hookerphil

    I heard Maurice Williamson on the radio say that spa pools no longer would be required to be fenced if they have a lockable lid – ni nanny

    • Ronnie Chow

      Soon they’ll be fencing your bath . Helen nearly got in there .

  • Mad Dog

    Face facts….the Nats are HYPOCRITES.

    They accused the last government of indulging in NANNY STATE, yet the current Nats have been indulging in the exact same NANNY STATE ever since they were elected into government in 2008.

    The list of Nats’ NANNY STATE goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

    It’s just that you DUMBFUCK RIGHTIES are too stupid (nothing surprising there) to be capable of recognising NANNY STATE from the politicians whose arses you lick daily.

    • SJ00

      Setting practical limits isn’t nanny state. Telling us we can’t use certain shower heads or light bulbs is.

      You clearly want no limits on anything right? No laws either? If there is one limit I think Cam should impose here is the number of STUPID posts you can do. And you hit your limit along time ago.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Hmmmm I thought there was a fuckwit filter operating on this site. It seems as though one got through.

      • GazzW

        You have to admit though that his posts have a certain je ne sais quois about them STC. The excessive use of caps to really emphasise his message and there’s also some delightfully abusive terminology – ‘dumbfuck righties’ & ‘the politicians arses that you lick daily’. At least his choice of nom de plume is 100% accurate.

        • Patrick

          I propose limits on the usage of uppercase characters in blog posts, usually someone shouting at me results in a smack in the mouth in return. Bit difficult down an ADSL telephone wire though.

        • Ronnie Chow

          Is Maddoggie a milk truck driver?

    • pukakidon

      Good work Mad Dog, I am glad people like you come on here. It reminds me why I tell my children to study and work hard at school. Otherwise they will, like you end up with a low paying job that starts at 4am, for minimum wage. And like you if they do not work hard they will be a miserable twat who has to suck on the tit of society because they did F all for themselves.

      It also makes me feel good in comparison to your failure in life, in that you have to grasp on to the bludge party to get through your miserable life.

      • Mad Dog

        Well….I’d rather have a job like mine where even triple the minimum wage doesn’t come anywhere near what I earn per hour, and where I get to knock off at 10:30am and enjoy the rest of the day while suckers like you are still working all day; and get regular 4-5 day rostered breaks from work, than be a stupid, brainless rightie like you.

        • pukakidon

          The difference is I can choose my hours and job because I set my life up with the ability to choose what I do. You cant you have to do what you are told to.

          It is the very reason you are so gullible to the bullshit of the Watermelons and the Liarbour party.

        • pukakidon

          Explaining is losing and you are doing a shit load of explaining there Mad Mutt.

  • toryboy

    If you consider the extreme left wing socialists of the people quoted as criticising National’s nanny state-ism you have to laugh; they would set up torture chambers, and a secret police, and have everyone as a slave if they got their way.

  • LesleyNZ

    This is common sense stuff – not Nanny state stuff. Light bulbs and shower heads was Nanny.

  • David Broome

    Give the herald a break, sit back & reflect that the list reflects te mandarins are getting their hooks into the govt. Look i rate Maurice but come on, paddling pools fencing?

  • IntrinsicValue

    I continue to subscribe to the NZH for the Saturday edition only, but upon reading this article this morning I decided that was one day too many. Shoddy journalism, poorly disguised political bias. What is wrong with these people.

  • Blue Water Coastie

    A journalist grasping at straws. The only real time wasters on the list are plain packet smokes (that aint going to reduce smoking) and fencing permanent paddling pools (what about Grans fish pond?). I guess that doesn’t pack out the Weekend Edition though.

  • WABloke

    Where does it say “Be accountable/responsible for yourself and your children”? Oh, it doesn’t. I’ve wasted all that time and effort.