National Selection Update, Ctd

Readers should remember this blog does not take sides in selections and always encourages people willing to run to have a crack. The only time it will take sides is to highlight unethical or immoral campaigns by dodgy candidates who think they can rig a selection.

Waikato: – ?Lindsay Tisch has stared down the party so far and will run another term. He was told he should spend more time with his family but his family are better at kicking doors down and shaking the shit out of people so when they told him to run again he thought he had better listen to his family.

Napier: – Some poor sap is going to get badly beaten by Labour?s Stu Nash. Nash has the earliest campaign hoardings in living memory.

photoPalmerston North: -?The smart money is on Jo Hayes, who ran a great campaign in Dunedin South and the locals wanted to swap with family man and disinterested campaigner Michael Woodhouse.

Wairarapa: – ?Alastair Scott is one potential challenger to John Hayes if Hayes decides he can’t be arsed. Board member Malcolm Plimmer?s son is apparently sniffing around, but regarded as being slightly less sharp than his father so may not make the grade. There are rumours of a good woman candidate but the local electorate can’t work out who she is so she is an outside chance.

Kaikoura: – ?A contested selection between Colin King and Stuart Smith finishing up at the end of this year. This will be decided by the locals and any monkeying around by board members will be treated with a lot of suspicion.

Waimakariri: – ? A bluer seat after boundary changes but National in Christchurch have been appalling at succession planning so there is no standout candidate, and they will be running against Clayton Cosgrove, who is a formidable campaigner who has won blue areas before.

Clutha-Southland: – ?A?whole lot of Bill’s old mates are thinking of having a go, with a lawyer, accountant and a farmer all on the wrong side of fifty rumoured to be running. Hopefully Clutha-Southland delegates choose someone who has a chance of being a minister in the next National government or a good blue seat will be wasted on someone who spends nine years on the backbench or in opposition then retires having achieved very little.

Invercargill: – Eric Roy is rumoured to be on his way out, and his preferred replacement is the staunch conservative christian principal of Edendale School, David McKenzie. Members in the electorate committee are saying they aren’t that comfortable with David, and would prefer someone a little younger, a little less fundy and a little better presented.