Never mess with the NRA

Politicians keep on trying to unreasonably control guns in breach of the Second Amendment and the NRA keep on hammering them. The NRA are strong and successful advocates for their members, they never back down.

You’d think the politicians would learn. Turns out they are slow learners…perhaps even retarded.

A populist backlash against Colorado?s new gun-control laws claimed its third political casualty on Wednesday as a Democratic state senator resigned her seat rather than face a recall vote that could have cost her party control of the chamber.

For Democrats in this swing state, the resignation of the senator, Evie Hudak, was a sign of the growing political cost of?their votes last winterto expand background checks and limit the size of ammunition magazines ? measures once hailed as breakthrough victories in the effort to respond to mass shootings.

Polls show that voters embrace aspects of the new laws. But the measures have infuriated gun advocates and Republicans, and have become political liabilities in a state where the gun debate is shaped by traditions of hunting and sport-shooting, as well as by the shadows of mass shootings at?Columbine High School?and the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora. ?

In September, two prominent gun-control supporters?were ousted in recall elections, reducing the Democrats? edge in the State Senate to one seat. Ms. Hudak, who represents the suburbs northwest of Denver, would have been the third to face a recall vote, and she and state Democrats acknowledged that neither she nor the party?s 18-17 majority was likely to survive it.

?By resigning, I am protecting these important new laws for the good of Colorado,? she wrote in her resignation letter, referring to the slate of gun restrictions, including one she sponsored that seeks to keep guns away from domestic-violence offenders.

Democrats cutting and running since forever.

Ms. Hudak?s decision averts another potentially humiliating recall vote and allows a panel of county Democrats to choose her temporary successor, ensuring that Republicans cannot immediately take control of the Senate and force vulnerable Democrats into uncomfortable votes to repeal the gun laws or new regulations on rural electricity providers.

But Floyd Ciruli, a political analyst in Denver, said Ms. Hudak?s resignation amounted to a surrender before the fight began and was another sign of trouble for state Democrats. It comes weeks after voters?overwhelmingly rejected?a $1 billion tax increase to reform Colorado?s schools, a measure championed by Gov. John W. Hickenlooper and other prominent Democrats.

?When you add all that in together and stir in the collapse of the national brand, the congressional Democrats, the president and the Affordable Care Act, it?s close to panic,? Mr. Ciruli said.

It is delaying the inevitable in Colorado.

Never mess with the NRA, they’ll rinse you every time.