Nice lifestyle if you can get it

This is from Work and Income’s website.



Hmm…let’s see…is that ┬álaptop (wireless too) in front of the spa pool, in front of the BBQ, in front of the SUV?

No wonder she is looking smug…probably just received notification of some new “entitlement”.


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  • tarkwin

    After this weekend she’ll probably be a Labour Party candidate. It would be discriminating not to offer her the chance. Unemployed have feelings too you know.

    • FredFrog

      She has too many limbs, and it can not be proven from that photo that she is a single-mother rug-muncher. She is also not a dwarf.

  • Pete

    Hi Lux as well I reckon, top shelf eh!

    • Saccharomyces

      Nope, it’s a Nissan Mistral, nothing special there, a 15-20 year old bucket.

      • 4077th

        …..Oh the car

  • Patrick

    Simon Collins from the glorious NZ Herald is on his way around to her place now…another insightful (inciteful) pimping the poor pap piece on its way

  • ozbob68

    Isn’t that Lole? Has anyone checked this photo against Labour / Greens / NZ First list photos?

    • 4077th

      Haha…not yet..

      • ozbob68

        LOL, great retort

  • dilligaf2013

    As a cancer survivor recouperating from the brutal effects of a major operation and radiation therapy, I am forced to rely in WINZ assistance. I have paid $100,000’s of taxes so far in my working life and circumstances mean I am reduced to what was called the “sickness benefit” and now is insultingly called “jobseeker support”. I am constantly humiliated as WINZ asset test me and provide me with a meagre amount to subsist on. I get no assistance for having my children 20% of the year from either IRD or WINZ, so I am further penalised. This humiliation and degredation is further intensified when I see adverts like this rubbish and morons at the local WINZ office seeking theri next handout dressed in the latest NIKE gear.
    I have no money for new clothes, let alone birthday and Christmas presents for my children.
    When I ask why I get no help for the children being in my care WINZ direct me to IRD and IRD direct me to WINZ. Neither organisation will take responsibility and assist a honest father trying to survive a brutal and dificult time.
    I am insulted and astounded that our lo called welfare state is so badly managed and honest people like myself anre not only penalised, but humiliated in their hour of need.

    • orangecounty

      dilligatf2013 – do you live in Auckland?

      • dilligaf2013


        • orangcounty

          I work for an organisation that helps families that are, for whatever reason, are on the bread line. Our service is focussed on helping with food, clothing and presents for children that are potentially going without. We tend to keep a low profile, so you won’t find us on the net, but if you like more information, please email me at [email protected] . yes you can.

          • dilligaf2013

            Thank you so much for the generous offer. I greatly appreciate the offer and if you don’t mind, I would like to keep this for a last resort. I will keep trying my best with what I have at the moment and continue searching for a job. As much as this might sound like i’m cutting off my nose to spite my face, it’s a matter of dignity and how I would view myself when I look into the mirror.
            I want to know that I have done everything I can for myself, before turning to charity.
            With the greatest respect and appreciation, I do thank you

    • 4077th

      They key to all you have mentioned is honesty. The majority of those on benefits are not honest about their situation that is what they extract more money. If you live in Auckland preferably close to where I am just say and I will help out.

      • dilligaf2013

        Thank you so much for your kind and generous offer. I didn’t write my comment to seek help, rather highlight how screwed up the welfare situation is.
        Thank you very much all the same.

        • 4077th

          Sure thing. I didn’t see your comment as anything other than genuine and I understand.

      • OT Richter

        “The majority of those on benefits are not honest…” That is a big call, and I suggest an unfair one.

        Ups for the offer to dilligaf.

        • 4077th

          Maybe so and perhaps an apology to those honest ones. I have experience with all manner of benefit bludgers and it is rife more that most care to know. No offence to the honest ones and all offence implied to the bludgers.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Deepest respect and sympathies… and thanks for sharing.
      I had a similar situation kind of… when approaching WINZ / IRD for some assistance due to illness. Because I was self-employed, they couldn’t offer anything at all – unless I was to close the doors to my business, ultimately making a handful of people redundant… Even then, all I would be entitled to was the “sickness benefit” despite having paid in excess of $200K p.a in some years to the government in various taxes.
      It remains a very sore point for me – totally let down in my hour of need and to this day, I still frigging hate the Labour Party with a passion because of it – how they can over-tax you to pay for their election bribes, but try and get something back when desperately need it whilst self-employed… and they just kinda laugh…

    • GazzW

      Have you seen your local CAB? They are past masters at ensuring that you are accessing all of the benefits from WINZ & IRD that you are entitled to. They often have their own ‘contacts’ within WINZ & IRD which is a big plus.

      • dilligaf2013

        Yep, been through the wringer with both organisations and they both say there is nothing they can do to help. Funny thing – the mother still gets working for families tax credits and I pay child support out of the benefit I am provided by WINZ. Both the child support and family tax credits are paid as if the children are in the care of the mother full time. The only way I could get this changed is if the mother agreed to it – Hell would freeze over before she would do that. It might change after April next year, but that doesn’t help at the moment and will only affect child support payments.

        • GazzW

          Go and see the CAB mate. I did two years counselling work there and they have some wizards on WINZ and IRD stuff. Particularly the branches that in turn have a budgeting service attached. You obviously don’t need any help with stretching your dollars but the budgeting service invariably have some sharp old retired accountants working there who know every trick in the book. It’s not going to cost you anything and who knows they might just be able to source a few extra dollars for you which will really come in handy at this time of the year.

          • dilligaf2013

            Thanks very much for all the advice – all of you.
            I do appreciate it very much.
            I have been to the budgeting advice service, as WINZ required me to go, because I got a $100 food grant to help out.
            The budget advisor stated that I actually had a deficit every week and there was nothing they could do to assist and WINZ were paying me the maximum entitlement – as they have said over and over, when I try and get help to make ends meet, especially with feeding and clothing my children.
            I have no budget available for clothing, Christmas or birthday presents for my children, contents insurance, let alone the ability to take my boys on a fishing trip or a small holiday.
            The budget service offered to add me to the food parcel list, but quite frankly, this is such a crazy situation to be in and my pride wont allow me to take this handout, as I will feel like a complete failure – at this stage I’m only 90% of the way there – or so it feels.
            I am told repeatedly by IRD and WINZ there is nothing more I am entitled to and they can’t help me any more.
            Essentially after I pay rent and power and phone, I have $80 for everything else – including food, clothing, car insurance, getting to doctors etc etc. This doesn’t make for a flash luxury lifestyle and no new flash NIKE’s anywhere to be seen.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I’ll take a stab in the dark here and suggest that you are not Maori.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Congratulations on your survival. You are lucky to have only dealt with WINZ.
      ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) are the best of the best for fucking people around – but ACC is not Welfare, it is Insurance.
      WINZ is corrupt, just another place for public servants to not serve those who pay their salary.
      How about I shout you a beer? (if you are allowed it?) I’m sure you would like a beer on Xmas day

    • Ronnie Chow

      WINZ obfuscation is the norm across the board once you have been categorized , logged in and , for want of a better expression , clamped into position.

      I can clearly remember the WINZ ads on Maori TV begging you to come in and make sure you were getting every entitlement . This was under Labor , of course .
      Try speaking to some of those gaming the system and get some tips , however distasteful it may be . The world isn’t fair , and you don’t have to be . One acquaintance chewed raw garlic before his appointments , another doesn’t wear shoes . Some food on your mouth would have gone , but wouldn’t go , astray .
      There is so little to differentiate those on either side of the counter at WINZ apart from the power to grant money , so bury your best side for a few minutes and imitate the actions of the best troughers .
      Best of luck . I would put in to a Whale Fund to assist you .

    • David

      Sorry to hear of your present difficult circumstances mate. The welfare system is there to assist people like you or at least it should be. Unfortunately, the system is abused by many therefore resulting in the need for harsh inquisitions like you have been subject too. Your problem is that you are too honest and want to work again. For many in this country being on the “bene” is a lifestyle choice with the intention of spending decades on the dole, sickness benefit or DPB at someone else’s expense. Good luck to you mate.

  • BJ

    The laptop was probably the enticement from participating in some government funded, Whanau Ora – learning to ice cakes workshop

    • Anonthemouser

      Please! at least icing cakes could be somewhat useful. Weaving flax and bone carving is where it’s at!

  • ex-JAFA

    I’ve been a regular reader for about a year, but have only just registered to participate. (I’ve been avoiding it because I tend to be a bit of a troll, and don’t want to be too unwelcome!) I really would’ve preferred my first comment to be more in agreement with one of your many excellent posts, but…

    Please don’t knock beneficiaries who appear to be well off. I’m currently (and very reluctantly!) sucking at the taxpayers’ teat since losing my job earlier in the year. Prior to that, I’ve worked very hard for 30 years, met my tax obligations, and do enjoy a few luxuries like a new car and a notebook with WIFI. But those were paid for with my own money before I got into this position. Maybe the character in WINZ’ staged photo has a similar history? Sure, she could be a career trougher, but there’s no evidence one way or t’other. I’m in no position to judge.

    • 4077th

      The point EJ is not what she depicts though it does grate, is who the hell is giving WINZ advice on what to publish and how it comes across – Just plain dumb if your revenue source is regular tax payers income.

      • ex-JAFA

        Ooh, I’ve already earned an abbreviated name! I feel like one of the family already :-)

      • Chancey

        same people advising the labour party?

        • 4077th


    • Agent BallSack

      Welcome to WhaleOil. Good post too and we welcome open debate here don’t be afraid to disagree.

      • Ronnie Chow

        You mean don’t be afraid to be hammered flat if you’re an idiot . And watch out for ********* when he’s got a bee in his bonnet !

        • Agent BallSack

          I feel compelled to fill the field with names, but alas, there are too many….

    • BJ

      You’re right of course – and I am sure there is no one being critical here that begrudges the genuine need of many that have worked and contributed substantially in their lifetime but for me this photo and caption does not kunger up a vision of the likes of situations like yours.

      • ex-JAFA

        Yes, I’m sure for the vast majority of Oilers that they’d see it that way. I would too, if it wasn’t for my own experience. Roll on a return to gainful employment soon!!

        • GazzW

          Welcome and good luck with the job search.

    • Dick Brown


    • lofty

      Welcome along ex-JAFA.

  • manuka416

    If they sprawled images of the stereotypical bludger over their media, it wouldn’t exactly inspire people to find work and make something better of themselves.

    I don’t see a bludger in this photo, nor someone who is part of the underclass. Rather, someone who is motivated to find better work opportunities.

    • lofty

      I tend to agree.
      That was my initial thought too.
      The photo itself and the context it is in, seem rather inspirational to me, it is all a matter of personal outlook on life I guess.