Nikki Kaye, how dumb do you think we are?

Seriously, which young upstart in Nikki Kaye?s office thought?this release was a bright idea?


Looks like Nikki?s staff have been hoodwinked by the officials into thinking this will be a winner.

Come to think of it, maybe it was her political adviser thinking that this will score her some votes in trendy Grey Lynn and steal a march on her Labour opponent and the Green Taliban.

Clearly no one bothered to pipe up and ask the question ?Do we really need the number above the stars?? or perhaps more importantly, ?Do we really need this at all?? Were those questions too hard to ask?

Obviously yes, because some numb-nuts has gone all Grey Lynn PC thinking that Kiwis need to be saved from themselves because they can?t put down the fork. ?

So thanks to Nikki, manufacturers that produce food, employ people, pay wages and taxes and contribute to the economy are now face with millions of dollars in costs to change packaging labels so that some fattie doesn?t have to burn too many extra calories to turn the pack over and read the nutrition label on the back.

What next ? Nikki Kaye advocating for plain packaging on all foods containing sugar, fat and whatever else the health busy-bodies decided unilaterally is “bad” for us. How about plain packaging for RTD drinks to stop young girls drinking themselves into the clutches of teen-age rapists?

Sound ludicrous? Actually it isn’t, just you watch. With useful idiots like Nikki Kaye as ministers they will feel emboldened to push for it.

No wonder Jacinda Ardern is chomping up ground in Auckland Central.