NZ Herald says Len is fine but Queen has to go

Queen responsible for NZ’s economic woes, reports the increasingly irrelevant Herald

New Zealand is missing out on vital relationships and economic benefits by keeping the Queen as its head of state, says a former top diplomat.

Peter Hamilton, a former Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said his 35-year career had brought home the missed opportunities caused by having the Queen as the country’s titular head.

“We little realise in New Zealand that we have a head of state who – no fault of hers – cannot represent and advocate for us in any meaningful manner internationally.”

Mr Hamilton, who was also ambassador to Germany and high commissioner to Samoa and Singapore, told the NZ Republican Movement’s annual meeting in Christchurch yesterday that it was crucial that a small country like New Zealand was active on the international stage in pushing its economic and trade interests.

“We in turn receive regular visits from overseas dignitaries who are intent on advancing their own countries’ interests in New Zealand. But we have been missing out.”

Mr Hamilton recalled being invited during his time in Berlin by the British ambassador to an official dinner during Queen Elizabeth’s state visit to Germany.

“It was a grand occasion, but it came as a shock to me to realise that here was my head of state in Berlin and she was completely unable to fulfil a key part of the role required of her – to represent in this case New Zealand’s interests in Germany.

On Thursday, former Prime Minister Helen Clark said it would become increasingly “quaint” for New Zealand not to have its own head of state.

We all know where this is leading, don’t we readers?

Watch the Herald slowly develop a campaign to get rid of the queen, turn NZ into a republic, and create a place for President Helen Clark to come back to New Zealand to save us all from ourselves.


Source:  that nice  Nicholas Jones at the NZ Herald, with additional reporting by Cam Slater


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  • Lion_ess

    King Helen & Queen Peter …

  • tarkwin

    With this dross making the front page there is little point in reading any further. I see it’s their 150th birthday – must be a heap of former editors spinning in their graves at today’s so called journalism.

    • Similarly with stupid DomPost headline this morning on inquest into Scott Guy

  • Rodger T

    The royal response………

  • Steve R

    I doubt the herald will be around long enough for that campaign. And as for that ambassador , he can’t have been much chop . He was hardly in what most kiwis would call the good countries .

  • Stupidest argument I’ve ever heard, our government represents us.

    If we turn our back on the Royal Family we turn our back on millennia’s of thought and action about our society and civilisation.

  • James Growley

    I wonder how long Granny searched for this Muppet to give them the comment they needed to back up their piece on Aunty H.

    • GazzW

      …………..and set up some republican chitchat by the comrades at the labour party bunfight.

    • ratmuncher

      Sad to admit it but i did work for the herald and know for a fact that reporters ring round until they find some one to agree with their “quote”. I can remember one poor donkey had to ring over 40 people to find one to”quote”.

  • Gulag

    The Queen, New Zealand’s vital relationships and economic scapegoat. What stupid reasoning.

  • island time

    Next the herald will run their 28th poll on whether the Royal Family should be ditched and re-run all the national flag shit as well. They are just so bloody predictable. They have really lost their way and I can not believe they will ever become relevant again.

    • blokeintakapuna

      “Relevant again” implies they once were…

      Maybe back in the days of Wilson & Horton… When the Saturday Edition was as thick as the Yellow Pages. Today… It’s hardly capable of lining the budgies cage…

      • tarkwin

        I’m going to tell the SPCA about your budgie cruelty.

        • blokeintakapuna

          Just don’t tell Forage & Badger… Or they won’t let me do any mining either!

  • Garbageman

    Len Brown The Queen & the Herald can all fuck off, parasites the lot of them

  • thor42

    What *nonsense!*

    For all practical purposes, our *Prime Minister* is our “head of state”. The Queen is really little more than a figurehead. It is the *P.M.* that matters.

    Having said that, I’m still not really interested in NZ becoming a republic (unless someone can point out some huge gains in our becoming one).

    • GazzW

      I’m not interested until they tell me exactly how the president would be elected.

      There’s no logic at all to our current system – it’s outdated and it’s patronising but it fucken well works. What would you rather have? Our constitutional monarch who leaves us to do our own thing or the likes of Helen Clark or Jim Bolger shoehorned into the presidency by a collegiate voting system?

  • Toryboy

    New Zealand is missing out? I think he means “he” was missing out when he was poncing about Europe and Singapore eating free food.
    I wonder how many times he had smoked salmon in one hand, a glass of free champagne in the other…and told some broke, Kiwi backpacker who arrived at the Embassy asking for assistance “oh sorry, we can’t help you – can’t have broke kiwis freeloading can we?”

  • kayaker

    Funny, I’ve never heard of Mr Hamilton, despite his 35 years at MFaT.

    • GazzW

      And neither should you have done. Without even looking at his bio – Arts degree from Victoria Uni, 35 years of working his way through a largely very mundane career at MFaT chomping away at the diplomatic trough. Now retired on a very fat pension and eking out an existence on the B grade public speaking circuit. His anti-royalist feelings probably due to being spurned for a knighthood.

      • Patrick

        Bet you if he was offered a gong he would bite you hand off – just like Cullen, two faced hypocritical gimmie gimmie troughers.

    • blokeintakapuna

      No one has anything nice to say about Hamilton… Mr. Or not, so no surprises there then…

  • YoungA

    I recall reading a study done showing that countries who had a Head of State were actually less democratic than those who didn’t (i.e. NZ, Canada).

    TBH I could not care less of the Queen doesn’t represent NZs interests – we have multiple arms in which represent NZ’s interests – the PM, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Foreign Affairs, our Ambassadors, and sometimes the Gov-Gen. Whoop-de doodle do.

    Peter Hamilton just made himself look incompetent. Also we are a small country so have little impact on relatively large world problems anyway – we can always have our say but having a HoS is going to make little difference.

    Besides, I don’t see the problem of not as many foreign dignitaries visiting us – we have however lucky to had Hilary Clinton come to us and the PM is in regular contact (politically timeframe speaking) with Obama, which can’t be too much of a bad thing, right?

  • JC

    The fact of the matter is the Queen does bugger all direct lobbying for any country in the Commonwealth.. modern monarchs *represent*, not lobby, and she does a grand job of representing the Anglosphere and the Commonwealth.

    When a German ambassador talks with her he sees not just a little old lady but a 1000 years of history, the largest empire successfully transitioned into self governance, the mightiest war machine on Earth, vast, vast resources, stability, onging experience and much more, and we are a part of that.

    I’m not opposed to a republic, rather I’m indifferent to the notion because at this stage I haven’t seen good enough arguments to go there.


  • Statehousekid

    The Queen has been an impeccable HOS. Totally composed a magnificent role model. She even remained smiling when that hairy arsed tosser showed her his arse last time she was here. It was a miracle she did not disown New Zealand.

    • kehua

      Well said.

  • dilligaf2013

    More left wing spin doctoring designed to support Lame Duck Cunliffe at his first Labour party conference as leader of a sinking ship.
    At least Shearer was a decent bloke.
    Bet the Herald aren’t too happy that the poll on the royals is running with a majority supporting them.

  • So just what was our Ambassador doing then? He appears to be confusing the Queen with an Executive President. Such a President is equivalent to the PM.

  • Day Day

    The Herald has become a waste of paper. Surely the Greens will have something to say on this waste of the Earth’s precious resources.

  • Kimbo

    That rag is no longer even worthy to wipe my ass with. Aside from those damn new staples scarring me up.

    • blokeintakapuna

      It’s a new kind of Moko… A very apt, Moko too. Wear it with pride… And don’t forget to show it to the World! Especially at Council meetings when Len’s about to speak…

  • Patrick

    So is this turkey suggesting that every time Tim Grosser trots off to some trade talks he needs to take Queen Liz with him, just because she is head of state? Or is he talking a whole lot of twaddle?

    • Article was tosh and Hamilton was speaking twaddle

  • Dick Brown

    No wonder he’s a ‘former’ diplomat, what with an idiotic view of how things work like that.

  • PhantomsDoc

    Wonder if there is some insider that is able to leak the left’s playbook of the Herald’s plan-of-attack….again.

  • davewin

    For anyone hankering after a Republic, I give you the USA. Currently a disaster in three acts. And we want Mrs Clark as our Obama, give me a break.

  • OC Smith

    We may get a high level assassination yet!

    • Honcho

      If Helen returns and the dark prophesy is fulfilled, yes …. my only hope is they bury the corpse under at least a couple of meters of reinforced concrete, I for one cannot trust anything that evil to stay buried for long.

  • ratmuncher

    Yes a complete jack-up by the herald. Big U.N. cheese helen came out with the same thing earlier as recorded by her loyal handmaiden – notice how it was spun as good for business – what drivel. Can’t see it sticking as all of helen’s favoured lefties quickly upgraded her naff tiles for knighthoods when Key brought them back.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    whats with the byline at the bottom?

  • Mr_V4

    Here is the problem with people who promote a republic. What they tend to do is use a happy occasion i.e. the Royal Wedding, Royal Baby, Queens Jubilee year etc to get on a camera for an interview, what they then do is wheel out a doudy looking man (David Farrar is NZ’s rep) in a brown suit from the 1970’s to dourly ramble on about how we should be a republic providing no real explanation of any particular gain. Then they wonder why they have no support.

    They totally underestimate the point that maybe being born into such a position of power (the monarch) acts to moderate that power, compared to a presidential system whereby it is a competition between those with a lust for power (Len-like types). Also the fact that the royals are a family, and have imperfections like the rest of us, and the population sees them from child to adult along with them is underestimated.
    There is a reason why the list of republics that are banana republics is a long one.