NZ Herald uses your money to do their jobs, and then sells it as a favour

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The Herald are running an article announcing that they plan to run more articles.  And not only that, they are “birthday presents” for the NZ Herald readers.


What next?  I go to a restaurant, pay money for food, then someone comes out and tells me that they are going to do me the favour of cooking some food for me, and I’m to consider myself a lucky recipient of food I’m actually paying for?

WTF is going on at that place?

The New Zealand Herald is commemorating its 150th birthday on November 13 and we have a month of great reading ahead to celebrate.

So now that it is their 150th birthday, they are going to have great reading, but until then, it wasn’t great?  And after that month, back to mediocre reading.  

Starting Monday is our series on the greatest untold Kiwi stories. Award-winning reporter and photographer David Fisher and Mark Mitchell travelled the country for a month talking to ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell.

You mean they went on a company funded road trip and did their jobs as a photographer and a reporter…

They are the must-read stories from beyond the headlines.

Are the Herald really trying to sell Gurnard’s company funded road trip as the Treat of a 150 years worth of Herald reading?

Consider my gob smacked.


Source:  NZ Herald, with eyebrow raising and eye rolling by Cam Slater


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  • blokeintakapuna

    How many sledges can you get into one article… On their 150th birthday no less!

    Pure Gold!

  • Toryboy

    So the normal state of affairs at the NZ Herald is to take customer’s money and fill the paper with shallow rubbish?

    • That’s not unreasonable to infer from their own excitement, is it?

      • Toryboy

        Ha ha – yes, and how pathetic of them!

      • James Growley

        You meant excrement, didn’t you?

    • DLNZ

      They will probably devote an entire section to Len as a guest writer on family values.

  • I thinke Cam missed a sledge.

    In the restaurant example, the food will actually be NICER during their birthday celebrations that it is normally, and probably will be back to less palatable after.

  • Dick Brown

    Call me old fashioned but a 150 year retrospective on New Zealand’s major historical events covered by the paper would maybe be in order rather than a donut up and down the country talking to nobodies.

    • Toryboy

      Not bloody likely – that would mean highlighting their own editorial positions on those events.
      The last thing they want to do is remind everyone they used to be ‘the’ bastion of conservatism, common sense and conventional wisdom as it begs the question of why they have become a Marxist tabloid today? (at the expense of poor suffering shareholders).

      • Dick Brown

        Interesting you bring that up; on my internet travels in the last five minutes I found this aboslute GEM from 2011:

        Now before you foam at the mouth check out this HILARIOUS treatment of Len Brown from the same website:

        Kinda weird huh?

        • Cowgirl

          Bomber is a joke – I don’t even think other lefty journalists respect him. Craccum in the year that he was co-editor, sucked arse and he is as big a sell-out as anyone else. I refer of course to that hard-hitting journalism he did some time back where he was going around shoving a camera in the face of men caught on the internet ‘grooming’ kids or trading in kiddie porn. Not exactly Pulitzer Prize-worthy stuff.

          • Maybe he should have done feature on dead beat dads and misogynists who play with broomsticks and like to watch.

          • Toryboy

            Anyone in mind?

    • He won’t have talked to all nobodies….expect a feature on how to suck on fat German sausage in coatesville

  • Rod

    I don’t know how much further ‘behind the headlines’ you can get, seeing that the Herald’s front page headlines are usually the previous day’s radio news.

  • Clemgeopin

    I agree with you fully. It is a corrupt practice to invite articles and not PAY for the effort. Stuff does the same in their exploiting con called, ‘Stuff nation’! The ONLY category that legitimately could be non paid should be the letters to the editor.

  • Dave

    Loosely translated. Oh F#@%&, we are in the shit, declining readership, circulation and revenue, lets get a cunning plan and tell everyone how wonderful we are…. We will run more crap stories from Fisher and Mitchell tour of the labour and union branches.

    I bet dollars to donuts there is a political / union slant in the articles, Fisher cant lie straight in his bed. But at least he got a good holiday with a mate on granny Heralds purse strings.

    Mr Fisher, a Tip. Stop printing manufactured and pinko spin. Start reporting the whole truth, nothing but the truth, and allow your audience to comment and correct you. If you cant be open, better to cull small publication now.

  • Col

    Well they never came to see me, I have some good stories, but I m right, they want the poor old person getting nothing for nothing, never know they could surprise!!!!!

  • IntrinsicValue

    I cancelled my NZH subscription during this past week after finally losing patience with their appalling journalistic standards. The lady on the phone said that they were having a run of cancellations, some, but not all, due to the recent price increase. My view is they are going to suffer big time in the next few years.