October 2013 has been a wild ride for Whaleoil

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The gift that keeps on giving, albeit in 2 minute increments, that is Auckland Super City Mayor Len Brown has rocketed the blog into orbit – as you can see from the stats.  1.6M pageviews for September has grown to nearly 2 million visits and over 3 million pageviews. I expect that those numbers will drop back a bit, but we have almost certainly doubled our audience and retained a fair proportion of those readers.


To save you the effort I’ve done the calculations for you…my numbers are more than the entire rest of the blogosphere added together…in both Visits (Rest 1,713,641 v. WO 1,947,856) and Pageviews (Rest 2,638,278 v. WO 3,155,264)!    

As many antagonists tried to shoot the messenger, the blog also became the centre of attention.

No matter that all the facts still stand undisputed, the debate rages on as to whether the level of detail was needed, and if indeed the part of Len Brown’s life where he masturbates during phone sex in the Mayoral chair, or has a quickie with council staff on the premises is nothing for the public to be interested in.

But as per usual, the whole thing becomes a paradox as more and more people pile in to keep informed as to how private all this turns out to be.  People like gossip, people like salacious details, but most of us like to think we’re better than that.

Of course it has always been my stance that Len can have it away with anyone he wants to without it being in the public interest to know, and it appears he’s been pretty busy at it as well.

Where it all becomes a matter of public interest is the fact that he’s doing it within a boss-subordinate relationship, doing it on council premises, during council time, arranging council resources and using mayoral influence to obtain perks for himself and jobs for his mistress.

And that story is far from over.

But the whole Len Story, the Kim Doctcom/Eleanor Catton MEGA story, the Paul “Weiner” Findlay story, the Q-Topia story – they have all added to the way Whaleoil is being discovered, read and consumed.  If you are new to Whaleoil – Hi there – hope we can inform and entertain you enough for you to come back regularly.

In an email interview with the NZ Herald, I half tongue-in-cheek answered that I was no longer competing against other blogs, but I’m actually coming for readers and viewers of newspapers and TV.  That’s not an either/or thing of course,

Whaleoil is already attracting larger audiences than the top 100 blogs combined.  So that is really no longer a useful comparison.  More interesting to note is that Whaleoil attracts more web traffic than any NZ radio station and regional newspapers, exceeds the audience of sites such as Scoop, and is starting to reign in the likes of TV3 News and TVNZ.

Stuff and NZ Herald, you’re on notice.

In spite of calling Whaleoil a “Blog”, it is really more than that now.

And I’m excited about the potential and the idea that we can take it further.  People have expressed an interest in unvarnished centre-right perspectives.  They are tired of the drivel and lop-sided regurgitation of the mainstream media. They are sick of being treated like imbeciles. Readers are discerning and they like to contribute in as free a manner as possible.

There are some plans in place to provide an outlet for that frustration. I will be sharing those plans with you shortly.

Meanwhile if you wish to assist the blog there are a number of ways to do that. The first is to place advertising…that will help me feed my family and to start to allow me to implement my commercial plans to grow this media beast we are building. That requires resources and advertising helps.

If you want to book me for speaking engagements I am now signed up with Andy Haden and his son Chris at Sporting Contacts. Give Chris a call to book me for your next event.

I am also working on some sponsorship packages for our regular daily features…for more impact around posts than just banner ads…your company could be the sponsor of the Mental Health Break or the Face of the Day…just contact Regan for details on how you can do this.

Finally a big thanks to Pete and to Travis for assisting me int he past two weeks as the proverbial hit the fan…thanks also to my other contributors helping with posts…that depth and breadth of views has helped to extend the blog to what it has become and what it will be in the future.

Of course I can’t go past thanking the readers for coming back bay after day and sticking with the team here at Whaleoil.


THANK YOU for being a subscriber. Because of you Whaleoil is going from strength to strength. It is a little known fact that Whaleoil subscribers are better in bed, good looking and highly intelligent. Sometimes all at once! Please Click Here Now to subscribe to an ad-free Whaleoil.

  • conwaycaptain

    What was the General Debate today?? About Super Heroes??
    We have our own WHALE OIL!!!

    • Col

      Chuang on TV1 sunday 7pm

  • Toryboy


    I think the secret of your success is –

    1. You do not take vast sums of money from the National party then spend a year endorsing David Shearer, Robertson and Adern on your blog and ban people who criticise that.

    2. You do not set up childish taxpayer unions – and endorse Labour policy the next day!

    3. You take direct action

    4. You are honest.

    The future certainly looks rosey and I wish you all the best Cam (if you had a ‘donate’ facilty I would slip you some readies to help out)

    • Statehousekid

      Yes likewise. This site is way better than any newspaper or television channel. The ability to make a comment, get feedback and read intelligent debate on a topic is way above trying to get a letter published in a newspaper. Well done Cam you have basically changed the way news is presented in New Zealand. I have a feeling that you will not have to worry about money in the future. Keep up the good work and keep that sunlight shining in.

    • paddles83


  • dumbshit

    sadly the true reason for the site’s success will escape the “deluded”
    keep shining the light and all the best for the future
    and a special thanks to the good lady is in order

  • Chancey

    Outstanding – as a newbie it has been great to have some place to vent and debate with people who are generally more informed than the people I know/meet/work with (anonymity is a help). Its also great to hear your honest views – whilst i don’t agree with them all at least i know i am hearing a considered perspective

    cheers cam

    Get that donate button up

  • philbest

    YES!!!! WOBH: NZ’s Breitbart/ Drudge Report/ PJ Media……!!!

    Old media, you are on notice….. indeed.

  • Bruno 32

    Good on you mate.
    Honesty is always rewarded . Don’t worry about Len Brown,he is a piece of dogshit on your sole.You are the new media and you have bigger fish to fry. Just make sure you keep 76 % of the business.

    • Chancey

      im worried about len brow,n he needs to fuck off soon – what did the doc say today lenny boy? I note you stated the other day that Mrs Len is good with you “at this point in time” – you mean shes going to fuck off – good for her

  • Allan

    Keep up the good work Cam. Well done, excellent result. Also keep up the pressure on Lyen Brown. He needs to go before he does irreparable damage to the Auckland economy.

  • Pete

    Count me in for the ride fro now on Cam

  • Whafe

    Truly awesome work Cam, thank you and your team for keeping us informed of the real stories that need to be told, making me LMFAO multiple times per week.

    When you blow all the froth off of the flat white, Whaleoil has been a wonderful success story, pure hardwork does pay off. Truly stoked for you.

    Keep up the great work..

    The biased MSM are flabbergasted and still have not clicked as to why Whaleoil is a success. With some honesty, they may well get it, but somehow I still feel much change needs to occur within the MSM before there is more that click as to why Whaleoil is a success.

    Keep that sunshine coming, nothing like sunshine to nail people to the wall…

    • Chancey

      and thanks for picking up on the stories that the contributors to this site think are important

  • Col

    So pleased for you. and thanks to all who make this site worth reading.
    Better info here than anywhere else.
    Thanks Cam, Pete and Travis.

  • God Bless the WhaleOil team , Long may they prosper.

  • Lion_ess

    Well done Cam and the team – your statistics speak for your dedication and success (and I might add – very clever headlines).

  • unitedtribes

    News on steroids I call it. Even got the misses looking at it sometimes

  • Puni

    I think we should all pay an annual subscription !

    • Chancey

      dangerous ground it cuts out a significant amount of people who may be able to contribute, and slants the perspective

      • Col

        Could just send a donation? just saying.

  • nudgy

    Go Whale! Congrats you are a very relevant and important part now of NZ media. Onwards and upwards.

  • Reid

    Where it all becomes a matter of public interest is the fact that he’s doing it within a boss-subordinate relationship, doing it on council premises, during council time, arranging council resources and using mayoral influence to obtain perks for himself and jobs for his mistress.

    And therein lies the reason for your popularity Cam as well as the reason the apparent “professionals” despite their vast resources and networks have been left in the dust. This story has always been about that and the public know it.

    In the olden days the media said publish and be damned. And they prospered. These days they say “what will happen to our sources and our advertisers if we offend them?”

    Too bad they didn’t think about the readers, who used to be the centre of attention, the raison d’etre of the whole thing and without whom the advertisers won’t come. They lost sight of the goose didn’t they. How do whole buildings full of “professionals” get it so very wrong?

    Who cares. They did, you haven’t, well done mate. You deserve everything you’ve achieved and it hasn’t even started yet.

    • Chancey

      thank god we no longer have to have all these self important young MSM punks deciding what we are mature enough to be allowed to know

  • Steve R

    I think that you owe Len brown a beer. It’s the very least you can do

    • Lion_ess

      Ha, ha – I thought Len Brown was into other stuff, and I doubt Cam could help him out with that.

  • dyannt

    Well some of us need our daily fix of truth and debate. Congrats, Cam on the sterling job you and your team are doing.
    I’m loving all the new members who contribute their distinct views and opinions.
    It has added another level of participation and debate. Great stuff.

    Now some extra stats around finances; if you had a donate button ……..

    If your regulars dropped, say, to around 1,500,000 per month ….
    1% of them (15,000) donated $5 per month ….
    That would be $75,000 per month …
    Would that be enough to run your business?

  • TLL

    Congratulations to you all. I am one of the many that have been reading this site everyday since the Len Brown scandal became public. Since reading this site, I never realised how one-sided and/or hypercritical some of the herald columnists are, nor did I realise that issues that should be headlines, were pushed to the bottom of the barrel at the Heralds will.
    I think its amazing that you feel so strongly about issues, that you have gone to the effort of finding your own way to get those points accross, and attracted the following that you have. Running a website is no easy task. You should feel stoked.

    I never voiced my opinion on the Len Brown issue, because in the end, my view was well represented in one form or another but while I am posting now….see below. ..

    In 2010 Len Brown said if he won the Auckland mayoralty his integrity would never again be questioned (according to an old story on the net) so once he won that election, he needed to bring is A game. He didnt. He should go.

    And anyone who thinks you accidentally spend on a work credit card, or forget to provide breakdowns of expediture are deluded as he is. He got back to into office, dismissed any regard he had for his voters, took his 2nd chance for granted, and proceded to conduct affair while on duty as Mayor and now getting the ratepayers to pay for his PR.

    • Chancey

      also the ham thing demonstrated the depths of his sense of entitlement

      shame on you len brown disgraceful

  • Magor

    Positive thoughts to continuing growth and success….

  • RightOfGenghis

    Great news Cameron. But as we say in the corporate world, the difference between a good consultant and the pretender is the ability to sell the ‘second hour’. So let’s hope you can maintain the momentum…

    Your vocal skills might also need a tickle up if you want to achieve world domination on the public speaking circuit. Good message and some great lines aren’t enough. They need to be delivered with energy, emphasis, pitch and rhythm. Learn to use your vocal qualties to build an emotional connection to your listeners
    Oh, and never take advice from someone more f…..d than you ;)
    Cheers, RoG

    • Chancey

      disagree its the message the timbre is fine

  • emmess

    It would be great, if some stats could be posted periodically to compare with the MSM news site as well.

    • Chancey

      i’m sure MSM will take up the challenge ha

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    You rock Whale Oil!!! Curryleaf is jealous and is thinking of a Blog Tax…He has asked me to work out a tax plan for that…Any ideas to tax you is most welcome….

    • dumbshit

      100% of sweet nothing is —–?

  • thor42

    Good stuff!

    I will always be mystified as to how the *Stranded* can manage to hold 3rd place all the time. What a bloody negative bunch of whiners they are. It says something pretty bad about the country that there are so many people who find that site “good”. (urp….. barf)

  • Mother Of Ten

    Voted labour all my life except for the last election, two ticks for National. Seen the light big time. Love you Whale Oil. From one of your female WO army fans.

  • steve and monique

    Congrats Cam and crew. Keep up the good work, and the army keeps growing.

  • Chancey

    mein gott this looking like a revolution

  • Bad__Cat

    We’ll done guys. It just seems to grow and grow, without losing the personal touch or taking itself too seriously.

    A great mix of serious shit, interesting stuff, humour, and the occasional blood sport when we get to beat the crap out of lefty trolls and bury them under a shitload of facts, logic, truth and good old common sense.

  • Gulfing

    Rather than a ‘Donate’ button, sell us each a $1 share in the site, I’m certain nobody will expect a return on their investment other than 24/7 entertainment currently available. I suspect you could get anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand $’s, maybe more. Good luck, perhaps we can redeem our $1 share some day for $2??
    Onya, Whale!

  • Jason Brown

    . . .

    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

    True enough, Mr. Slater.

    A constituency this large cannot be ignored. Well played, Sir.

    . . .

  • Chancey

    Thanks for the Memories

  • JohnRW

    Cam, well done. You have captured a large and wide audience and are all learning how to cope with a new approach compared to MSM. I am in my late 60’s and always willing to try new approaches. I still look at TV news or rather the opening 10 minutes plus some of the current affairs stuff then leave it to my experience to figure out where to follow the story. I noticed tonight the advert for the TV one Sunday program showing Bevan Chuang is the feature item. Apart from the drawback of it being on MSM, it looks like she is going to be very critical of Brown and Wewege and that they knew what they wanted of her and on occasions some push back from her.

    • Chancey

      isnt it crazy how both channels cover the main stories in 10 minutes, usually both versions of the same 2 or three stories, then we get half an hour of bread and circuses and a bit of local weather – this is a huge and diverse planet with heaps going on, 7 billion people each with their own perspective and its been funnelled down into a sorry and cynical reality show

      • dyannt

        My constant beef is they include ‘sport’ stories in the main news slot.

  • timemagazine

    I have to thank Mr. Campbell for mentioning you. I would never have know about your existence otherwise. He helped unknowingly and for sure unwillingly to make the larger public aware that there is also something else.I got so much information from visiting your site, information which was never mentioned by the lame stream media. Good luck to you and your team. The MSM will soon feel the heat.

  • kehua

    Congratulations on the figures, go for it my friend, enjoy the ride I sure as hell am.

  • Charlie

    Congrats, it’s great to get the plain unvarnished truth instead of the bullshit that the other news media through at us, they try to take us for gullible morons. I guess that means that they just compare everyone to themselves. Keep up the good work!

  • Lux

    Love your work …

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Well done, and not a cent from NZ on Air, nor an interest free deferred spectrum payment (TV3, or more particularly that overpaid stuffed shirt Campbell, looking at you guys).

  • john Doe

    Frickin fantastic!

  • Bunswalla

    You’re welcome

  • GregM

    Good shit Cam and the team. Thanks for keeping it real. G.

  • LabTested

    Cam, time to start merchandising. Think how many Coffee Mugs you could sell with a picture of Len Brown & a slogan like ‘Len says, take a 2 minute break’

  • Agent BallSack

    Grats Cam and underpaid staff! Sorry Pete and Trav, work harder!

    An idea…how about a forum where people can post threads and topics? Could keep topics and subjects alive through the later hours. Unmoderated for maximum impact of course.

    • GregM

      That’s pretty much what the “general debate” thread does here, moderation is nil, unless the comment is illegal.
      However, If you were to start a blog based in Welly, I would be real pleased to be your Auckland central correspondent. Have a think about it mate.

  • Bryan

    this is the place where true freedom of information reigns and freedom of speech two very valuable things great work Cameron and team

  • blokeintakapuna

    Congrats team Whale. A huge and on going success. You’ve really got the tiger by the tail now. Very well deserved indeed. Thank you for being just about the lone voice/platform that prefers the truth to propaganda.

    I also think this entire post should be reported this morning so those that have missed it can read it… And those that have seen it, can celebrate it again. Cheers

  • jack

    Great site have been watching year or so now ,some comments a bit raw but to the point , no tip toeing like those mugs on the left, keep up the good work,this type of medium is the way now & in the future, I can’t see WO going backwards