Questions for Farmers?


This website and my views are staunchly right-wing. The media loves to use that term thinking it is an insult…it isn’t.

I believe in free markets, that subsidies are evil, and that costs should fall on the costs of businesses that incur them.

Yet every time a post about bludging farming ratbags who want to get huge hand outs or make a private profit by socialising the costs the commenter’s in this blog start making all sorts of attacks on me and people who promote legitimate right-wing, free market thinking.?

So over the next few weeks I will be asking questions of farmers trying to get to the bottom of why they think they are so special they can pour shit into our rivers without having to pay the costs of polluting. Please answer the questions directly rather than attacking right wingers who genuinely believe that the costs of business should be incurred by the businesses that create them.

1. ?Why should farmers be allowed to massively increase the amount of nutrients that go into our rivers?

2. ?Why should farmers be allowed to increase nutrients in our ground water?

3. ?If farming increases nutrients in our ground water to such a level that town water supplies that were untreated have to be treated, who should pay? The farmers or the ratepayers?

4. ?What other industries gets a free right to pollute?

5. ?Why is a free right to pollute anything other than a dirty great big subsidy?

More questions will follow.

Guest commentators may wish to provide 300 word posts about any of these issues. As usual they will be published in full rather than edited.