Scott Adams and his anguish of watching his father suffer

After watching Mum die by inches over a year I can fully understand Scott Adams position on those who prevent the introduction of more meaningful and sensible laws on euthanasia.

No one who has ever watched a parent die in a slow and protracted manner ever wants to see anyone else go through that again.

The issue for me is that the last memories of my mother are those of the minutes just before her death…they aren’t pretty…and actually still bring tears to my eyes to discuss it. I read what I wrote just hours after he death and am amazed at my restraint.

I am sure my mother would have wanted to be remembered in a far nicer fashion by those closest to her. That vision haunts me to this day.

I don’t know anyone who has witnessed his who remains opposed to euthanasia.

I hope my father dies soon. ?

My father, age 86, is on the final approach to the long dirt nap (to use his own phrase). His mind is 98% gone, and all he has left is hours or possibly months of hideous unpleasantness in a hospital bed. I?ll spare you the details, but it?s as close to a living Hell as you can get.

If my dad were a cat, we would have put him to sleep long ago. And not once would we have looked back and thought?too soon. ???

I?d like to proactively end his suffering and let him go out with some dignity. But my government says I can?t make that decision. Neither can his doctors. So, for all practical purposes, the government is torturing my father until he dies.

I?m a patriotic guy by nature. I love my country. But the government? Well, we just broke up.

And let me say this next part as clearly as I can.

If you?re a politician who has ever voted against doctor-assisted suicide, or you would vote against it in the future, I hate your fucking guts and I would like you to die a long, horrible death. I would be happy to kill you personally and watch you bleed out. I won?t do that, because I fear the consequences. But I?d enjoy it, because you motherfuckers are responsible for torturing my father. Now it?s personal.

His father died shortly after he wrote that.

This is why I call Maryan Street a coward for withdrawing her bill enabling euthanasia. She withdrew the bill because she didn’t want a political storm in election year. This was abject cowardice. The reasons for introducing the bill remain. Maryan Street is one of those politician that Scott Adams rails against and from my own personal experience I can identify with his feelings.

Far too many politicians lack courage. Mryan Street is one of those, sacrificing the pain and suffering of the dying for political expedience.