Snapper can lose you elections

It isn’t looking good for Nathan Guy

Here’s a major scandal in the making…

A photo of small New Zealand snapper being sold in an American supermarket has fishers up in arms.

The snapper were for sale in a Costco supermarket in Los Angeles in a pack of four with a total net weight of 3.44lb (1.56kg). The price was US$24.05 ($29.08).

The minimum legal length for commercially exported snapper is 25cm.

NZ Fishing World?was given the image by a reader and posted it on the magazine?s Facebook page on Wednesday.

So New Zealand is selling oversized whitebait commercially?



Fans of the?NZ Fishing World?Facebook page were up in arms at the size of the fish.

One comment read: ?That just makes me sick. All the crap that us recreational fisho’s [sic] have just been through and this is what the commercial industry is allowed to get away with?

?Disgusting, one rule for one and another for those that can line the governments [sic] pockets.?

And that, my fellow pundits, is how elections are lost.

Recreational fishing cuts across party loyalties.

Chop chop Nathan.

Time to earn your salary.