Snapper can lose you elections

It isn’t looking good for Nathan Guy

Here’s a major scandal in the making…

A photo of small New Zealand snapper being sold in an American supermarket has fishers up in arms.

The snapper were for sale in a Costco supermarket in Los Angeles in a pack of four with a total net weight of 3.44lb (1.56kg). The price was US$24.05 ($29.08).

The minimum legal length for commercially exported snapper is 25cm.

NZ Fishing World was given the image by a reader and posted it on the magazine’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

So New Zealand is selling oversized whitebait commercially?



Fans of the NZ Fishing World Facebook page were up in arms at the size of the fish.

One comment read: “That just makes me sick. All the crap that us recreational fisho’s [sic] have just been through and this is what the commercial industry is allowed to get away with?

“Disgusting, one rule for one and another for those that can line the governments [sic] pockets.”

And that, my fellow pundits, is how elections are lost.

Recreational fishing cuts across party loyalties.

Chop chop Nathan.

Time to earn your salary.


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  • Dick Brown

    ‘Isolated incident’, ‘mislabelled produce’, ‘not from New Zealand’.

    These are all statements we will hear in the next few days.

    • Bunswalla

      Let’s wait and see what we hear and read, shall we?

      • Dick Brown

        I have full confidence the MSM will pick this up and treat it like the important public interest story it obviously…

        nah, I can’t go on; I’m dreaming.

        • Nechtan

          Unfortunately you are probably correct the MSM will run with it as its “important”. On the other hand: a dodgy public official having an affair with an employee, recommending his mistress for a job, using council resources to facilitate said affair, covering up official trips to Hong Kong with another employee, allowing yourself to be patron of an anti violence against women campaign when you something to hide (thats enough my fingers are tired) thats a nothing story.

  • sheppy

    And the sad thing is that the green Taliban will decrease the snapper limits further for everyone if they get a chance, and that’s assuming you can still afford to get to the beach / boat ramp once they tax the crap out if everything

  • Other_Andy

    New Zealand snapper?
    Can’t read the label so it might be on there.
    No mention either in the original story why the photographer thinks this sea bream (madai in Japan) comes from New Zealand.

  • dilligaf2013

    Nathan Guy is part of the problem.
    Perhaps he should look at the commercial fishers lining up around the best spawning beds and raping and pillaging.
    Recreational fishing has never been the issue.

    • opusx

      Actually I gave to agree with you here. Mr Guy is not handling the snapper issue well. He will actually need to man up considerably and lay down the law, which sadly for him is going to leave at least one faction very pissed off.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Fresher than Pak’N’Save !

  • kehua

    Bullshit story, I bet this is not NZ Snapper, probably from Aussie waters and 1/2 the retail price of NZ Snapper. I have seen Asian whitebait sold overseas and labelled NZ. Found out by accident from the supplier bragging about the Price markup.

    • Col

      Yep it happens a lot with other products being showcased as NZ, like kiwi fruit in China, saw some and I made a statement about them not being from NZ, they took them off the stand.

      • Bunswalla

        Definition of irony: complaining about chinese gooseberries, rebranded as kiwifruit, being passed off in China as NZ chinese gooseberries.

        • Col

          yea but the Chinese gooseberries are about as big as Lennys.
          look worn and tired, so I have been told.

  • Col

    I would hope it is not from NZ.

  • unitedtribes

    So what length do you recon these fish are?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Same size as Lenny’s…..just sayin….

  • GazzW

    Happens all the time in supermarkets in SE Asia. Fake topshelf goods aren’t limited to handbags & electronics. If you can buy local sea bream and print a ‘fresh from NZ’ label thus tripling your price what do you think is going to happen? And it happens in the best of stores.

    I think this maybe a case of checking it out first before you bring in the lynch mob.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Like selling NZ undersize crays as sourced from Perth .

      • Bunswalla


        • Col

          Have Made in Australia printed under the tail.

        • Ronnie Chow

          You kidding me ? Narc on my buddy in the Waiarapa ?

  • Ururoa

    The idiocy of trawling for high value species such as taamure/snapper. Restrict it to long-lining and there would be very little incidental mortality of undersized fish,