Stop stealing our money you scum!

Anna Turner at The Press delves into the murky depths of benefit fraud and finds an increasing number of NZ bennie ratbags are taking the piss

Nationwide, a total of 979 people were prosecuted for benefit fraud in the 2012-13 year.

The total value of the overpayments to people prosecuted was more than $32m, while the total value of new fraud debt established solely in the 2012-13 year was $26m.

Holsted said the ministry “did not tolerate benefit fraud”.

“The ministry works hard to protect the integrity of the system to ensure it remains fair for all New Zealanders,” she said.

“It is vital that the public has trust and confidence in the ministry to ensure people receive their correct entitlement and do not take advantage of the welfare system,” Holsted said.

The ministry has a team of 90 specialist fraud investigators throughout the country, as well as a special intelligence unit which identified emerging fraud and trends.


As an aside, I can assure you the level of attention that befalls these reprobates far exceeds anything that the GCSB might inflict on two or three NZers per year.  

[The Ministry] also used 11 data-matching programmes – in conjunction with seven government agencies, including Housing New Zealand, Inland Revenue and ACC – to identify potential fraud.

“We actively seek to prevent, detect and reduce incidences of benefit fraud and our systems are constantly improving to allow us to do this,” Holsted said.

Associate Minister for Social Development Chester Borrows said fraud represented only 0.15 per cent of the $18 billion worth of income assistance administered to more than one million New Zealanders annually.

This is exactly the reason and the way Government should be protecting the rest of the 99.85% of those that receive government assistance, and by extension, the few of us providing the money for the kitty in the first place.

I’m not sure that the punishments are up to scratch mind you.  Check this out.

Ministry of Social Development (MSD) spokeswoman Iona Holsted said the largest prosecution in Canterbury was for a beneficiary who was overpaid more than $100,000.

Why the soft language here?  “Overpaid”?  Defrauded the taxpayer!  Stole!!

“The individual convicted received an invalid’s benefit for 12 years without declaring additional income,” she said.

“As a result, the individual involved was sentenced to 12 months’ home detention and 100 hours of community work

The home detention portion will be barely any hardship to a bludgeing bennie, so the true hourly rate of community service is about $1,000 per hour.

Hardly a deterrent.


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  • Toryboy

    I bet all the ones on Home Detention will be on benefits!

    I also bet when asked why that is Paula Bennett will say “oh it would be against the law to cut them off without a penny” …although they would be bloody quick to change the law on SOME things

    • peterwn

      IMO a portion of the benefits paid to those on home detention should be funded by Corrections on the basis that they are unable to seek employment on home detention.

      As for cutting off beneficiaries without a penny a problem that would need to be addressed is they may go feral and that is expensive for society. Special residential accommodation could be provided for them in lieu of any benefit, but that would be regarded as politically incorrect. See:

  • blokeintakapuna

    So much for Adhern having a whinge about only a “handful” who abuse the system when the government should be focus on jobs and employment…

    979 individuals deliberately ripping off the rest of NZ is plenty more than just a handful…

    • Mr_Blobby

      Just the tip of the iceberg. 90 Specialist fraud investigators and all they find is 900 in a year.

      Some of the cases like the Maori Woman that could suddenly afford a million dollar house had been going on for years.

      How about an ethnic breakdown of the fraudsters.

      Just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Guest

        Its about thieving scum bags, why does it need to be broken down into race unless you wish to prove that one race is inherently less criminal than another, in other words purely for racism.

        • Mr_Blobby

          Hey if the shoe fits.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        All they have to do is go with the Police on a Friday night out West/south Auckland and ask everyone who is on the dole.

        Why oh why don’t they stop giving the dole and start sending out healthy food packages delivered from the supermarket? no cigarettes then

        • Toryboy

          Because that would be sensible and solve a large number of problems in 5 minutes flat.

          I think Paula Bennett has suggested it, and several officials advised her against it.

          Why? because by doing so it means there would no longer be a need for WINZ; no need for offices employing an army of staff on large salaries in every suburb, town and hamlet; no need for conferences in Fiji; no need for employee expenses and credit cards; no need for a call centre and other large overheads that comprise the public service gravy train to continue.

          In short – Paula asked officials troughing $250,000 a year whether their department should be abolished as no longer necessary, and their own jobs to disappear as no longer necessary.

          I wonder what answer they gave her? haha!

    • Patrick

      That is the sad thing about this – 979 is only a handful, thanks to Clarke’s & Cullen’s largess there are hundreds of thousands receiving welfare in some shape or form – WFF, free student loans?

  • Guest

    So you want bennies punished how? with hard time? what about failed financial companies and their ceos etc that get community service or house arrest? Is that enough punishment for them or do they need more.

    • Mr_Blobby

      They need more.

    • James Growley

      Absofuckinglutley – bring back hard time for all these bastards who rip anyone off, breaking rocks at the minimum wage until the mongrels have paid every last cent back.

    • Toryboy

      Typical socialist drivel – try to divert the focus from lowlife beneficiary scum by talking about Rod Petricevich.
      It is like a murderer in Court saying “oh I was not as bad as Adolf Hitler” as his defence.

      • Guest

        Not at all, crime is crime and needs to be punished so but you can’t spout out your typical bullshit that says a bene crime is worse than a capitalist crime.

        • Toryboy

          It is worse; beneficiaries should be working – they should find a ‘capitalist’ and work for him instead of seeking handouts from taxpayers.
          To have no dignity in the first place by accepting handouts (what male would do that and still call himself a ‘man’?) and then to steal to fund takeaways, booze and drugs.. that is far worse.
          I strongly suspect you think stealing from taxpayers is okay – and shame on you!

          • Guest

            Stealing in general weather it be from the state or through untrue or misleading statements to investors is wrong and needs to be punished accordingly.
            So stealing from people and ruining their retirement is ok but stealing from the state is abhorrent and wrong?

          • Toryboy

            We are not talking about Finance Companies – this topic is beneficiaries; you are trying to divert attention away from that

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Seems there is a Guest around that is scared of his own shadow, not even a pseudonym. Another leftie coward

      • Patrick

        Strange because the Disqus notifications I received suggest that Guest is Jonathan Pull, why does his name not appear on the blog? This happens frequently with this chappie.

    • Patrick

      Stealing benefit money means there is less money to be spent on schools, health, infrastructure etc. Are you happy with that situation?
      Finance companies – private individuals took risks & lost money, sure it was illegal in some cases & those responsible should be prosecuted but taxpayers should not have lost money unless the State was investing in finance companies. If they were then the people responsible for making those decisions should be held to account. So lets stick to the issue at hand – are you happy for benefit fraud to continue?

      • Guest

        Not at all,it should be stopped but suggesting that one kind of fraud is worse than another is senseless. Fraud is fraud.

        • Cadwallader

          No, you did. You invented a whole new form of crime…”Capitalist Crime.” WTF?

  • Apolonia

    Where’s the $158,000 Winston?

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Spent already on hair product, whiskey and continence products.

      • blokeintakapuna

        So you’re saying a few things for personal use… And some for his voter base… Or all just for him?

  • Dick Brown

    As long as it remains at data-collecting and not racial-profiling then I’m all good with uncovering cheats.

  • Momo

    I think there should be a real deterrent for benefit fraud.
    Like never being able to apply for one again.

    That would make people think twice.

  • Chancey

    if only google and starbucks would pay their taxes too

  • Tom

    Soon as a bene rips the place off delete the fuckers benefit.

    Then jail them till they pay it back or take it back from their family. Peer pressure works well.

  • glenn rowsell

    ive always thought they should have a 0800 number for dob a dole bludger and give a cash payment of $5000 to anyone who pots someone who is successfully proscecuted,would be cheaper in the long run

    • BJ

      Why would you feel a need to get paid for it – think of it as your community contribution