Sunday General Debate

Morning all.  The General Debate Post is all yours.

If you can’t think of anything to argue over, try this

Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.

It is also something that grandma or mum did, and it has no relevance now.



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  • Notrotsky

    The blogger known as QoT ?

    I do agree with sentiments but a need to disinfect my eyes.

  • Chancey

    thats not a face

    • ex-JAFA

      That’s a Speights station!

  • Statehousekid

    I can’t quite work out the logic. Perhaps I was being distracted by the sign holder. So does feminism allow you to wear what you want and do women get raped because of what they wear?

  • Feminism is doing womanhood harm. If my job title or pay cheque is the only way to receive rights and recognition then I am not interested. My real strength as a woman lies in my motherhood and ‘wifehood’ and the man or woman unable to appreciate that – their loss. As a European African woman I am often misunderstood because I look European but think African. I now go to a Marae regularly – the place where I belong as they seem to do things similarly to where I am from – in general of course. From my experience in NZ, feminism sucks – a false assertiveness which is simply a polite way to be rude. I have had enough of the feminists in this country!

    • Chancey

      agree wholeheartedly – feminism as a movement served only to destabilise the family, require women to work twice as hard – job plus home to run – resulting in care of the children moving inexorably towards the state – coupled with the looney lesbian racket we endured under aunt H for 10 years and inter alia the establishment of the family court system we are now reaping the benefits.

      Sex education for 5 year olds; a generation of entitled youth; children without fathers present; seven sharp; posh prisons; len brown; policy analysts;welfarism … ad infinitum

      • Yes you express it very well – I can only speak from my own experiences and therefore believe that feminism is the single greatest cause of child poverty in NZ.

    • Reid

      You’re dead right Susanna. It’s disguised as human wights but it’s designed to destroy feminine instincts which are part of our DNA by teaching women the only way to success is to act and most importantly, think like men. At the same time it degrades any actions by men to respond to their DNA by acting out their natural protective instincts, as illustrated by this story.

      Another little brick in the wall.

      Increasingly I note that women (like you) are waking up to this socially destructive force, but I fear it’s all too little too late and society will continue to sink into depravity which is exactly what the founders of feminism from the Frankfurt School predicted would happen.

  • Rodger T

    For gods sake Bomber, grow the beard back….NOW!

  • AnonWgtn

    Assume this photo was taken at the Labour Party Conference ?

    • Molon Labe

      Yes it certainly was and I would add that ‘she’ is the the co-lead of a working party formulating another Labour/Green joint initiative simply called “KiwiPartner”.

      Still in the policy formulation stage this exciting state programme will play a critical part in creating the utopia long envisioned by the socialist elite. The road block being the freedom of individuals currently have to make selfish decisions on who they have a relationship with. This new state entity will eliminate that evil practice and make it quite rightly illegal. These decisions should be made for you for the greater collective good.

      One of the main sticking points appears to be what to call this entity has everyone collectively agrees it’s a splendid idea. Some of the more progressive elements wanted to call it “KiwiSignificantOther”. However the spin doctors have been arguing that this brand will not generate the kind of brand awareness with the average Kiwi. Of course “KiwiMarriage” was not even considered for obvious reasons.

      I’m sure a consensus will be reached.

      I also have heard that ‘she’ would be assigned Richie McCaw at the launch should Labour/Green win in 2016. Afterall it’s only fair.

  • Bad__Cat

    That picture is the first rational argument I have come across for wearing a full burqa.

  • Garbageman

    Thats breaky fucked thanks Pete

    • Rodger T

      I was just about to fry up some bacon , eggs and hash browns , now dried toast is looking good ……………yummy : (

  • Honcho

    The problem with feminists is they achieved their goal decades ago. They harp on about ‘equal rights’ but if you scratch the surface what they really mean now is better rights.
    Case in point with the resthome workers recently, not nurses but workers. They have to this point argued that it is because it is a > 90% female dominated trade for the reason they get paid little more than minimum wage. What a load of proverbial, i can tell you one thing if it was a male dominated trade the blokes would suffer quietly or more likely use it as a stepping stone and leave it as soon as they could. It is a free market and there is absolutely nothing stopping these women from getting better rates than laziness in which case you get paid what you are worth.

  • Phar Lap

    Watched the so called Lie-bour Party supporters and their puppet masters at the conference.What a waste of a sunny day in NZ.They appear to have worked out again the tactics of lets keep the voters in the dark and feed them bullshit.Seems if elected in 2014 a secret agenda will kick in.Just like Clark and her gang did with social engineering.With them NZ got what they hadn’t voted for.Looking at the twisted screwed up liars face of Cunliffe he is up for any thing, that will repay his Union masters.Just like the guy who used to say ,Trust ******* it is Trust “snake eyes” Cun*liffe sure cant.

    • Garbageman

      Surely you jest Phar Lap read this article they are all over the big problems NZ faces including voting on the Queen, the Herald wouldn’t lie to me would they ?

      • Phar Lap

        If you read the fine print,or between the lines in Lie-bours other Sunday paper.Sneaky Cun*liffes tactics ,and his CTU and EPMU and PSA and United, rich union mates game plan, is a lot more,in the hidden agenda category.

      • Phar Lap

        If you read the fine print,or between the lines in Lie-bours other Sunday paper.Sneaky Cun*liffes tactics ,and his CTU and EPMU and PSA and United, rich union mates game plan, is a lot more,in the hidden agenda category.

      • hookerphil

        The most interesting thing in that article was that cuntliffe states he has not discussed the insurance proposal with the post office – might he not consider that they may not want a bar of it given that at the moment their own future is not all that bright.

        • dyannt

          I also noticed in the article –

          “He said he could not promise cheaper premiums, but it would be a competitive player.”
          If there is not going to be cheaper premiums, what the hell is the point!!!!!!

  • Col

    Feminism, the picture describes that, the odd ones out.
    If I was a man and had a gut like that I wouldn’t be showing it, I would be doing my best to sought it out.
    I think more woman are walking away from feminism as it is not where they want to be, things have changed since the burning of the bra.

  • LabTested

    A female Dutch Greenpeace pirate has written to the Dutch King asking if the King could please have a chat with Putin. She (the pirate) is not happy about the rats, broken toilet, broken window & leaky pipes in her prison cell.

    Apparently she thought saving the planet would be a more comfortable experience.

  • Garbageman

    Finally a balanced piece in the Herald R.E Lenny boy

    • Chancey

      the worm is turning

    • rockape

      Balance from Rodney Hyde, I dont think so but I agree with what he says.

  • rockape

    Where is rodney Hyde when ACT need him. Come on Rodney—- your Country needs you!

  • island time

    So NZ Herald run a story on ditching the Queen and Labour make an announcement that they will hold a binding referendum…..go figure

  • conwaycaptain

    when you publish photos like this could you PLEASE put a health warning under the heading so can be prepared.
    All I can say is that thank goodness my brekkie had gone down before I saw this photo.

    • Cadwallader

      Hang on though…perhaps it is only my imagination, but if you stare at the stomach rolls and distortions long enough you can make out the face of Cunnliffe! No, only kidding.

  • opusx

    Of course we all realise the woman in the photo is taking the piss don’t we? I am a bit slow today…too much Pinot Noir last night.

  • GarethsPussy

    I’m sure Bombers had worse….

  • Never in the dark…..

    How on earth do I unsee that!?!?

    Showed it to my wife who is constantly concerned that she is overweight and unsightly. She feels much better.

    As for her sign, it’s a little misleading, as rape is more about violence and power (of a weak mind) than it is about what the victim looks like or what they wear.

  • James Growley

    Did you photo-shop some else’s face onto the Material girls body?

  • nani

    The sign is misleading and quite frankly my dear a bit of a slap in the face for us rape survivors but I concede that with freedom of speech I have to HTFU
    and whoever changed the sign is taking the piss.
    the original photo and sign is in this article….

    Feminism is and has always been about social political economic and intellectual equality, WHILE being a wife, a mother,sister,gran,aunty,daughter.
    Feminism was never meant to usurp mans’ main role of being the bread winner/good and fair minded husband father son uncle /mechanic/gardner/weekend child minder/family budgeter @accountant/faithful husband etc.

    but some men fell down badly in their job as the social political economic intellectual head of the family/corporate business/leaders of political parties/ and never forgetting mayors of big cities, so woman stepped into the void, and today men and some woman say feminism in such a vehement manner, that it has become a swear word,
    like orange is the new black
    feminism is the new fuck you.
    IMHO :-)

    • opusx

      Thanks for posting the actual message…I’m a bit aghast as to why any loser would change it to demean this woman, I guess some people like to ‘think’ they are better than others. As for me I ok with with feminism, but I’ also very anti the feminisation of men. We should be treated equally and with respect, but we are not the same…funny that.

      As for being a rape survivor, bravo to you for sharing. And you are right on the button…rape is about nothing more than power and control.

  • rockape

    Yes and I reserve my right to laugh at what I want too!

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I have a better one:

  • steve and monique

    I don’t believe that feminism has any relevance in this day and age. Why do women feel they have to burn their bra or for go having children or even lose their maternal side to be seen as equals? Work hard, stop bleating and just get on with it. No need to hide behind the banner of a group of bulldogs wearing lipgloss. I have achieved a lot so far in my 38 years and I did it through my own determination and would be just outraged if I held a position because of my sex and not my ability. Forget quotas and feminism and all that, get jobs based on ability and nothing else (bit like the Maori seats eh?) The only thing you have to prove is your own self worth

  • Roland

    I see the hard questions been asked on TV1 tonight

    • Lion_ess

      Interesting interview – the five bad men who threw her under the bus..

      • Roland

        ‘But who will come to my rescue?’