Time to Axe the Bludging Families Commission

You know a government agency is a total waste of time when even Labour want to give it the arse.

Socialist Cindy reckons that the Families Commission is pack of useless bludging mongrels and she would re-prioritise their spending.

As usual with Labour it would be reprioritised into something equally useless, but at least Cindy isn’t Nikki Kaye.

?Labour is prepared to tackle this head on. We will do away with the Families Commission and focus funding on an independent Children?s Commissioner. We will also implement a plan to measure and set targets to reduce child poverty that would be backed up by legislation, and report on progress every budget.

?The Government has the potential to improve the childhood of thousands of Kiwi kids living in poverty.

The better idea would be to scrap the whole lot and not bother with any more hopeless, overpaid, bludging bureaucracies in Wellington that can do little to prove they have achieved anything. Apparently the Families Commission actually has a purpose. ?

?? to lead, inform, influence and enable public policy development, social research and community understanding of New Zealand families and wh?nau. The Families Commission will use research-based evidence from its own work, together with other domestic and international research work.?

Next time your family is under stress or your relationship with your mother or brother isn?t what it should be, give the bureaucrats at the Families Commission a call to report your status.

The Families Commission?s outputs are divided into two equally useless parts: Families and whanau knowledge, and Social policy evaluation and research. ?The sum total of income for this outfit is around $8.5 million a year, with more than $7 million paid over by the good old New Zealand taxpayer.

Even with all that money, the Families Commission is forecast to post an operating deficit this year and next year. There solution is to write a business model forecast that requires them to bludge more from other government departments, making a profit from more research and evaluation activity from government departments.

So these useless ratbags will bludge more by getting their mates in other departments to pay them to shuffle paper.

Peter Dunne needs a good kick in the arse for setting up this hopeless bludging outfit that even Labour want to give the arse to.

A far better use for that coin would be in an Independent Commission Against Corruption.