A totally free way to say “thanks”

ngYou may have already noticed the ad running on-site about the eSet Netguide Awards.  They have a category for “Best Blog”.

I have no idea what the criteria are for being “best”, but if it involves being popular and well visited, I guess Whaleoil should be in the running for some recognition this time.  

Please visit the Netguide TechDay Web Awards web site and vote.

If you can vote for Whaleoil in the Blog category, that would be an awesome way to say ‘thanks’.

And while you are there, even though it has no chance of winning, entering Whaleoil for Best News Site will at least scare the incumbents…

…and best on-line forum?  At least every one of you commenters should vote for that!   Give yourself a thanks!



THANK YOU for being a subscriber. Because of you Whaleoil is going from strength to strength. It is a little known fact that Whaleoil subscribers are better in bed, good looking and highly intelligent. Sometimes all at once! Please Click Here Now to subscribe to an ad-free Whaleoil.

  • Lion_ess

    Five votes from me, including best entertainment:)

  • Chancey

    + best blog
    + best entertainment
    + best news
    + best online forum


    • kehua


      • Bunswalla

        And done

  • Dick Brown


    I also voted Whaleoil for:

    Best Entertainment Site
    Best Online Forum


    Best Government Site

    • Agent BallSack

      Yeah, where is the best political blog? Seems like Whale is being snubbed.

  • PM of NZ

    You say there’s ads that need viewing and attending to? Ad free WOBH I say. With a simply modified hosts file, no ads seen by me, lessens the drain on expensive wireless data usage.

    • Dick Brown

      Nah let WO do what they need to get what they want. If companies are going to be silly enough to base their imbeddedness in the form of ad views then someone should knock on their door and tell them that google adblocker exists, because that’s what I use and if there are ads on WO I won’t see them.

      There are other, less intrusive ways to advertise on websites and I’m sure WO know that… or I hope they do.

    • How do you propose I get paid then? Huh?…this isn’t a state funded broadcaster like radio nz…those ads help me do what I do…freeloaders like you dont help at all.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Run for Mayor ?.

      • PM of NZ

        Freeloader? I’ll rightly do what I can to minimise my online costs as round these rural parts these is not the luxury of a copper or fibre connection. Satellite is too expensive, whilst wireless has poor signal, it is currently is the cheapest option, but throttled by super expensive data caps. Where ads are served, I suspect most would never click on them anyway, so I often wonder how anyone makes any money from ads. If its a regular site I visit, I’ll do what is needed to stop most of relentless ad traffic via blocking in the hosts file. Perfectly legitimate. Same reason I don’t buy newspapers or have a yuppie smartphone – I’m not wasting my money on ads.

        • Dick Brown

          If bandwidth is a problem for you then google adblocker is just the tool you need. Worrying about bandwidth hogging ads if you have adblocker becomes a thing of the past and means your argument effectively becomes invalid.

          There are other ways to inject advertising funds into the business besides obtrusive videos and blaring, half page propaganda.

          Things like banners on top of the page. Even animated ones take up nothing digitally to load and are relatively unobtrusive.

          Then there is plain and simple good old fashioned page sponsorship. You know; Map of the Day brought to you by Air New Zealand and a wee logo of the koru.

          Something simple like that could mean a substantial annual gauranteed source of income and will put no pressure on your slow internet.

        • Mr_V4

          What is your current connection, string?

        • Ads are tiny when it comes to bandwidth hogging…very tiny…suggest you find something else to moan about based on facts.

    • Dave

      Hmmmm at the risk of sticking my neck out….. WOBH could be Add Free, just sponsor WOBH to be add free, say $1,000,000 per annum for a Platinum sponsorship PM of NZ. Its putting your money where your mouth is.

      Now, who is for the Gold Sponsorship (2 available) 12 months for $500K, Bronze, (4 available) at $250K etc etc.

  • Agent BallSack

    Voted days ago and btw …Happy Birthday Cam :)

    • Dave

      Totally agree ABS, Happy Birthday Cam, I hope the rest of the WOBH team are forcing you to have the night off, and you celebrate in style.

    • kehua

      Yeah , Many Happy Returns Cam have a great Day with the family.

  • sheppy

    Done & thanks for bringing it up as I usually ignore most web advertising

  • Col

    Done, named and ticked.

  • thor42

    Voted for you as “best blog”.
    Voted for the Stranded as “Best entertainment site”. :)
    ( Couldn’t resist having that “dig” at them….. )

  • RightOfGenghis

    Best way to put the frighteners up the MSM is ‘Best News Site’ as sponsored by NZDating.com ;)

    • Dave

      I think that was organised by Len Brown, he seems to need to show the media some loving to keep them on his side, and he is in need of a date. Two kinds….. Date to resign, and a, well, date……

  • Dave

    Voted a week ago, also voted for WOBH in best news, and another category.

    Lets see if we can knock Granny Herald off its perch.

  • Steve (North Shore)


    • jude


  • Steve R

    I voted you best news a couple of days ago hahahaha. Take that msm

  • steve and monique

    Done. Need the army to vote in droves.