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  • Steve (North Shore)

    4 in NZ? Well I know who one is, and so do the rest of NZ

  • rightoverlabour

    Good stuff. Catch these bastards and hang ém high.

  • john Doe

    Sick stuff. LBIAFC will be feeling queezy about this sort of post.

  • blairmulholland

    I have some questions about this whole operation. Like, first of all, these are clearly professional child slavery rings. There can only be so many of these, and why is there no mention of efforts to track THEM down, break them up and free the children? I mean, clearly if there are men who can find these sites and these kids online, the cops should be smart enough to figure it out too.

    Just how many of these sites, or these child slavery rings, actually exist? The video makes it seem like a massive problem. I find that hard to believe. You need children from somewhere, and that’s a LOT of missing children, or – God forbid – children who are being “leased” by their parents. So either it is indeed a massive problem, in which case, why are they focusing their efforts on the “clients” instead of the “pimps” when all these missing children are being harmed, or it is a small problem, in which case it should be a simple matter of a few stings to shut them down? Or am I just naive?

    Ok, so let’s assume this is a real problem, and that there is massive amounts of children being exploited, and that somehow it is a lot easier to simply track down the Johns than it is the poor kids and their pimps. You create this virtual child to entrap all these perverts. Well okay, but exposing yourself to a virtual person and inducing them to perform lewd acts isn’t actually a prosecutable crime anywhere on earth. There needs to be a real victim. At best, you give the names to local police, and what are they going to do? Some foreign agency got them to wank on camera? Hardly probable cause for a search now is it? You can get that thrown out of court pretty quickly. Really, the only way you can get the perv is if they, by chance happen to have child porn on their computer as well, and the Judge is prepared to grant the search to find it in the first place. It’s probably a fair guess that these scumbags do have child porn, but it’s not the same crime, and there are plenty of far less elaborate ways to catch pervs downloading this material.

    I’m all for sticking it to predators, and I’m not going to cry too much about entrapment or their human rights, but frankly, this whole thing seems like a stunt by Terre de Hommes to procure either donations or government funds, and I think if they really wanted to help children instead of just going after the pervy customers, they should figure out a way to find the worse criminals – the simians running these exploitation rings.

  • Bad__Cat

    It’s a shame they don’t just post the videos of the pedophiles on the net, declare them “outlaws”‘ i.e. laws do not apply to them, and let us deal to them.