Who will replace Peter “Dopey” Goodfellow as President?

The current board is the first place to look, but the talent pool is very shallow.

The two main contenders are Alastair Bell and Roger Bridge, and the merits (or lack thereof) of both will be examined in other posts.

The remaining members of the board are:

Grant McCullum – Tricky missus and regarded as being not quite the intellect that is required to be president. Bottles fights at the drop of a hat.?

Pat Seymour – A formidable woman from the country like Judy Kirk, but perhaps a bit too formidable to be well liked in the party.

Malcolm Plimmer – A well meaning man but not connected to the donor network and unlikely to ever be connected to the donor network.

Kate Hazlett – Regarded as traitorous for shafting Roger Bridge in 2009 when he got her elected to the Board and she was supposed to give him a vote for president. She came under pressure and folded, backing Peter ?Dopey? Goodfellow. Doesn?t have the ticker to fight for her mates.

The lack of renewal on the board means that only Roger and Alastair are considered likely presidents of the people who currently serve on the board.