Will these skills disappear in the computer age?


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  • peterwn

    Like the office manager who said to staff “The power will be off for two hours – can anyone add by hand?”

  • thor42

    They probably will disappear (or at least become less common). I almost never use cursive writing now (except when signing a cheque, which I rarely use either). I print in “all-caps” instead.

    • James Growley

      It’s got to the stage amongst all my colleagues that no one writes in longhand any more because no one can interpret their writing.

  • P1LL

    My hand writing is so bad I should be banned from ever holding a pen & I am 48 ;P

    • peterwn

      Did you think of doing MB ChB ?

  • Dick Brown

    My guess is these skills will never die even in a totally machine-driven post-scarcity economy.

    Look at Smithing.