1 Day to go for El Presidente


Via the Fish Gang tip-line

Key members of the Building Services Contractors are meeting Wednesday to decide the fate of El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo.

Sparks will be flying as the BSC’s governing body try to figure out whether it’s better to cut their losses and tuck into their share of the millions in the BSC’s bank account, or let Paddy continue to abuse the franchise sector which their members are now a part of and, in the process, bring down the BSC.

Either way, it’s not looking good for Paddy, especially as a major player is starting to emerge and is being tipped to sort out the BSC debacle once and for all. According to industry sources this is OCS’s MD James Fletcher. 

Fletcher will want answers as to why Paddy has attacked the $20 billion franchising industry when franchising is a key part of OCS’s growth has been achieved through franchising.

It won’t have been missed by members of the Fish Gang that that the BSC operates a franchise operation called CHEMWASH which is run out of the BSC. They ask how El Presidente on one hand attacks the franchise industry, yet on the other allows one to be run out of the BSC office.

Then there’s the Australian Directors of Spotless Services, who will be wondering if it’s better to take their share of the dosh, currently estimated at near on half a million dollars.  They’ll be especially pissed to hear that they may have been tucked multiple times by not only the unions for membership fees, but potentially their own BSC if they didn’t complete a renewal form correctly.


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  • Barney

    hi ho hi ho off to work Paddy goes! Maybe not!

    Might be time for paddy to go get another job to add to his long list of short lived jobs, throughout his failed career. He must be feeling vulnerable, maybe that’s why he loves Part 6A so much, in total contradiction of what his member companies want!

  • DLM

    James Fletcher comes from a long line of capitalists that don’t take any fools. Maybe this time Patrick Lee-Lo has bitten off more than he can chew.

  • LionKing

    Just remember that Paddy has stacked the governing body with his mate in ToTal Property Services. Any chance to roll him will be defended vigorously. However, while Paddy may think this is quite clever, the demise of the BSC will have flow on consequences for those ToTal employees who are co-opted onto the BSC. Time to pull the plug.

    • Barney

      BSC new name: ToTal Property Building Service Contractors (TPBSC)