6 in 10 think people like David Clark are ‘tards

The NZ Herald has surveyed people and they have found that 4 in 10 Kiwis are dumber than a sack of hammers…including Labour’s revenue spokesman David Clark.

Nearly 40 per cent of New Zealanders believe GST should be charged on all purchases made on foreign shopping websites, a survey has shown.

The Government is estimated to miss out on up to $300 million in sales tax each year.

But New Zealand retailers struggling to compete with overseas sellers – whose sales are exempt from GST when they are for less than $400 – will have to wait for any decision on a potential crackdown.

Revenue Minister Todd McClay says the Government wants to see what other countries do first and a discussion document on the issue, due before Christmas, has been delayed until next year.?

Kiwis flocked to the shops yesterday for the annual Boxing Day sales – but many are increasingly buying cheaper online from overseas.

A?Herald-DigiPoll survey this month found that almost 55 per cent of the 750 New Zealanders polled had bought goods from foreign websites.

Of those surveyed, 53 per cent said the $400 exemption should not be removed as the tax would be too inconvenient to collect.

Surprisingly, just under 40 per cent – 38.5% – agreed with the view of the Retailers Association that the 15 per cent GST should be applied to all overseas online purchases to level the playing field for local retailers.

We aren’t buying from overseas to save on GST, we are buying from overseas because a) We can, b) It is significantly cheaper, even if you included GST, c) We get more choice.

But the most foolish comment on the issue comes from the idiot Labour spokesman David Clark.

Labour Party revenue spokesman David Clark said the Government “needs to explain to New Zealand businesses why they should be disadvantaged by having GST collected when overseas business don’t face that challenge”.

“It seems it would be pretty simple to speak with Amazon and other suppliers to ask them to collect GST since they collect, as I understand it, sales taxes for individual states in the US. If that’s true, then it’s obviously an ideological decision from the Government not to collect it.”

Amazon is the only place we buy things from?

Oh righto…so the Trade Minister and Revenue Minister will be off on a trip overseas to meet off-shore retailers about collecting money on this countries behalf…NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN…even under a crazy Green/Labour government. Offshore retailers?will simply give a signal similar to this ,,|,, if asked to collect revenues for offshore jurisdictions.

Why do the media give these fools the time of day? I can just imagine their headline on Len Brown. “1 in 10 Aucklanders want Len Brown to stay”

The issue isn’t GST and enabling retailers to compete…it is far greater than that. There isn;t a solution nor will there ever be a solution to this alleged problem.

Meanwhile my stuff from Cabelas can’t be far off.