Another email from Maurie Haddon asking me to kill myself

Maurie Haddon

Maurie Haddon is piece of work.

Not only does he say that if he won Lotto he would kill the Prime Minisiter but he is now ?asking me to go and kill myself.

Name: maurie Haddon

Email:[email protected]

Message: Haha Michelle Boag just on Radio Live said you are an ACC?beneficiary living with Daddy….you have it in for her cos you are a?nothing spewing out your jibes.?

you bloody psyco ?narcissistic lump of blubber…..go and top yourself?we can all party on over your corpse while the flies crawl up your?dead arse and feast on your shit


If Michelle Boag did say that on air then she and Radio live might have a problem. But given the fantasies of Maurie Haddon I doubt it.

Imploring people to kill themselves is appalling. Fortunately I abhor suicide but more so I do not cave to bullies.

This guy is ?gutless sad old git with nothing better to do. I wonder what Southern Spars thinks about their employees asking people to kill themselves.