More anti-semitism from Martyn Bradbury’s union funded blog

Readers will recall a nasty anti-semitic image that Martyn Bradbury posted on his blog, which he first abused those criticising him, and then sought to minimise when he felt the pressure of the NZ political left.

Yet it’s not the first time Bradbury’s blog has gone jew-baiting. This post is also within the last month.

Martyn Bradbury's Union funded blog Jew baiting shamelessly

Martyn Bradbury’s Union funded blog Jew baiting shamelessly

What a coincidence, all but one (David Rockefeller) of the twelve of the people in the photo are…either jewish of or Jewish descent.?

And according to Bradbury’s blog poster (under the name “The Daily Blog Reposts”), they’re all the 1% enemy.

Giovanni Tiso organised a boycott of Radiolive when the good ole boys Tamihere and Jackson promoted rape culture. I wonder if the left will encourage a boycott of The Daily Blog for its now proven and repeated anti-semitic posts. Will the Maritime Union, the Meatworkers, the Unite and other unions continue to give money and support to Bradbury and The Daily Blog with his repeated posting of anti-semitic filth?

And will the NZ Media ask any questions about the hate-mongering of Jewish people on a left wing NZ blog?