Bans Pending for Cheeky RTDs

It’s not looking like RTD pushers Lewis Gyde and his gone-to-ground business partner Adrian Creamer are going to have a very good Christmas as they steer down the barrel of a ban on their youth focused RTD.


Lewis has now resorted to telling porkies to TV3 last night, as he tried explaining that they’re not being targeted at underage youngsters when he said; 

“I think you’d be looking at things with overt sexual branding references…or associating ourselves with pop culture… so far we haven’t done any of that…”  Oh really, what’s this image all about then?


Lewis then went on to try and throw the entire alcohol industry under the bus, even slagging off Independent Liquor’s heavily sugared and carbonated RTDS saying “the kind of impact those have on wallets and intoxication is far greater than something like this.”

Even his explaining to TV ONE news that “you’d chuck them into the esky on the way to the bach” shows that Lewis is dreaming about who actually uses his products.

With the Police and health authorities widely condemning the Cheeky sachets, Lewis Gyde and Adrian Creamer now have to face vocal anti-alcohol critics Alcohol Healthwatch.

With the Sale and Supply of Alcohol  Act giving Crusher the power to ban certain alcohol products, word from the tip-line is that the Police are seriously looking at asking the Minister to invoke the regulations and get this RTD out of the shops asap.


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  • GazzW

    Who’s the Duty Minister WO – this needs action pronto!

  • LionKing

    The Minister needs to act. These things are certainly going to lead to a PR shambles for the alcohol industry if allowed to continue. The Nats need to show some stones and regulate.

  • GregM

    These things are 100% designed to sneak into venues / bars etc as a deliberate attempt to circumvent the liquor laws. They need to be banned forthwith.

    • Circumvent the bar pricing, more like!

      • GregM

        That’s the main problem. Bar owner sells a double spirit, which is all they legally can, girly tips a couple of sachets into it, it’s now a quadruple, Bar manager now has rat arsed pissed people on his premises ( which is also illegal ) and he has only supplied them a few drinks.
        Who pays the fine / gets shut down ? The bar manager.

  • snakebit

    Its booze in little plastic bag. Whats the big deal? More regulation? No thanks, there is enough of that already. Fundamentally how is this different from a miniature?

    • GazzW

      The price, the target market, its concealability and the flavouring.

      Sorry Snakebit, I’m no wowser and I hate regulation but this stuff is going to cause major problems. It will be a major for the cops to locate this stuff on teenagers and in their cars and they have enough to do over the coming holiday period. Creamer & Gyde (sounds like a flea lawyer partnership) are exploiting loopholes at our expense. I don’t pay the cops to help those fuckers make a profit.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Hand in your man card to GazzW you certainly sound like a wowser.

        How about chateau cardboard take the bladder out of the box and hey presto you have 2-3 liters of very concealable bag.

        Prohibition does not work and I am sick of being told what I can and what I cant do.

        • GazzW

          I can reassure you on the wowser bit Mr B.

          As part of the marketing message is that these sachets can be concealed in any suitable crevice then I can only think that your arse cheeks fit your blog name if thats where you reckon you can conceal a chateau cardboard bladder.

          No one’s suggesting prohibition and no one’s telling you what to you can and what you can’t do unless you have a penchant for raspberry coloured girlie drinks.

          • Mr_Blobby

            That is exactly what you are suggesting any sort of restriction is a form of prohibition. So you are telling me what I can and cant do.

            chateau cardboard bladder was just an example.

            Prohibition of alcohol, often referred to simply as prohibition, is the legal act of prohibiting the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. The term can also apply to the periods in the histories of the countries during which the prohibition of alcohol was enforced.

            To my knowledge it has never worked.

          • GazzW

            Nobody is suggesting prohibition as the term is widely understood Mr B. You’re being pedantic now and you know it.

          • Mr_Blobby

            Yes, but so are you with your ban man attitude.

            Now hand back your man card.

          • Mr_Blobby

            And I still think you should hand in your Man Card, girlie boy.

          • ex-JAFA

            Come on Blobby – the ball, not the man (or “girlie boy”).

          • Mr_Blobby

            “these sachets can be concealed in any suitable crevice then I can only think that your arse cheeks fit your blog name if thats where you reckon you can conceal a chateau cardboard bladder

          • ex-JAFA

            Well yeah, that was unnecessary too. I missed it on my first read because I was starting to glaze over.

            I wholeheartedly agree with your main point: alcohol is legal, I’m legally allowed to purchase and consume it, so what’s the problem with it now being available in a sachet? Misusing it does and will continue to happen in any form/packaging.

          • GazzW

            Blobby I unreservedly apologise for making unseeming comments about the size of your arse cheeks and making the suggestion that they might accommodate a three litre wine bladder within their folds.

            Am I allowed back to play again?

        • dumbshit

          can’t do more than 100kph in open road area
          can’t steal from shops
          can’t —-etc

    • Tom

      No difference at all. Its all about taking people’s rights away to purchase at their discretion.

    • Peej

      I’ve waited for this sort of call. It’s alcohol, in different packaging than what we’re used to. Inherently the only thing wrong with it is the way it could be used. The thing itself is not the problem. Like guns?

  • Ban. Ban. Ban.
    For a minute I thought this was the Green Party blog comments section.

    Technology and outside the square thinkers will keep redefining the market and challenging law makers – be it drugs, alcohol or data encryption. Human ingenuity constantly out maneuvers monolithic, dull-witted bureaucratic bed wetters.
    Banning and driving it underground is not the answer.
    Regulate, tax and use the proceeds to educate and rehabilitate.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Come on Whale boy.

    More Ban this ban that hand in your man card Whale boy.

    It is simple prohibition doesn’t work, never has , never will.

    If people want to do it they will.

  • I find it hard to believe the absolute hysteria that this has created. FFS people. The theory seems to be that it will result if a major outbreak of drunkenness and loutish behaviour. What happened to the ‘personal responsibility” argument that so many of you hold dear? The idea that society should rise a one and ban this product is about as logical as banning cars that can exceed 100Km on the basis that they will be used to break speeding laws with..

    Jeez! Was it a full moon last night or something …..?

  • cows4me

    I think it’s a good idea, just maybe directed to the wrong group. Plastic bags would be much better to transport sprits rather then bulky bottles and cans. Easy to store if camping and easy to dispose of , just burn. We have been using a variation to this trick for years. Just by a plastic drench pack and plastic drenching gun, used for pour on or drenching stock. The gun will attach to the bottom of the drench pack by way plastic hose, fill drench pack with sprit of choice. Place around lower back and stick gun in back of pants, works a treat. Wear big coat or put blanket over shoulder , have never been busted. Sprit can be dispensed at your leisure and by accurate measures.Just buy additives at venue, done it heaps of times.

    • ropteron

      Go Cows, I thought it might be a bit hard to properly rinse out the Thibendazole, but then I re-read your post and saw you would start off with a new drench pack and gun.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Personally I would go for a hydration pack.

  • Grizz30

    Fantastic for date rape. Now the alcohol to spike a drink comes in handy little sachets. The hot chicks will be falling for my charms in no time.

    • Mr_Blobby

      To be that drunk they would have to be paralytic.

  • Mdj

    It would be a shame if these are allowed to be freely sold, really. It means that our youth are never going to experience the fun and adventure of finding ingenious ways to sneak alcohol into places they shouldn’t.

    One of the best things about going to a concert / expensive bar / sports event etc. was trying to sneak in booze. The best we came up with was to freeze a loaf of white toast bread, cut holes in each slice with a cookie cutter, pop a bottle of tequila inside, wrap it up again. Voila! The apes on security take a look, and flag you on through. Good times. Lets not allow this practice to be diluted by these fun killers.