Bed bugs bite woman 300 times


I don’t know what to make of this, other than find it very funny. ?Debbie Roome booked into the Auckland Airport Kiwi Motel in Mangere and came away with 300 bites. ?The precision of the “300 bites” amuses me.

A woman suffered a painful allergic reaction after being bitten 300 times by bed bugs at an Auckland motel.

Debbie Roome, 44, flew to the city for a friend’s graduation on December 15 and checked into the Auckland Airport Kiwi Motel in Mangere for the night.

The next morning her face and body were covered in bites, which became increasingly painful and itchy. ?

She was due to return to her Christchurch home that night, but while in the Koru Lounge she started to feel extremely unwell and approached staff for help.

“They called in medics, they weren’t prepared to fly me like that,” Mrs Roome told the?Weekend Herald. “I could feel my face swelling, my lips were tingling and I was covered in these big red welts.”

She saw a doctor who diagnosed an allergic reaction to bed bug bites and gave her a prescription to ease her symptoms.

“It was scary, I was on my own and I didn’t know if it was going to get worse …

I went to a different place to stay. I was in pain the whole night, not just itching but very sharp pain in each of the bites.”

Well, I guess we all know to avoid the?Auckland Airport Kiwi Motel in Mangere now, but you have to admire the bugs’ mathematical precision. ?300 bites, exactly.