Brett Lee’s mother needs to be tried for being un-Australian

Brett Lee has a lot to be ashamed of today, his mother for a start.

Morgan said West Indian stars Viv Richards and Chris Gayle had advised him to advance down the pitch to upset Lee’s length.

“Unfortunately, despite (Lee’s) nice-guy image, he’s a very nasty piece of work,” Morgan said afterwards having been iced for growing bruises.

“But he saw me coming, he loved the crowd and he speared it straight into my guts, my hands and everything – a deliberate attempt to maim me.

“And that’s despite his own mother telling him this morning not to hurt this guy, whoever he is.” ?

Piers Morgan is a twat, and a pommy twat to boot. He gives no mercy and should be shown none, especially when dressed up like a pommy cricketer. The only thing missing was his white flag of surrender. But seriously how un-Australian is Brett Lee’s mother?

Enjoy his pummelling again.