Busting the poverty pimps

Our media loves to pimp the poor and tell us stories about poverty. The same happens in the UK and like here they get busted every time.

The latest poster child for the perils of poverty has just been busted for being a stupid cow.

This week, a charity called Church Action On Poverty launched a poster campaign that says ‘Britain Isn’t Eating’, mocking the Tories’ famous 1979 election campaign poster ‘Britain Isn’t Working’ that helped Margaret Thatcher to victory.

This time, the charity claims, the long queues are not for the dole office, but for food banks. ‘Thousands are going hungry because of benefits changes,’ it protests.

I thought of those posters when I read the story of Katie McGill, a 28-year-old unemployed single mum.

In an interview this week, Katie claimed her benefits payments soon won’t leave her enough to buy food and basic necessities for her two children.

Another victim of ‘cruel Tory cuts’? Hardly.

This Christmas, Katie gave her two children Mya-Renee, three, and Calvin, eight, two new bikes, TVs, DVDs and numerous computer games — all paid for after she took out eight payday loans that have left her £3,000 in debt.

The result? The repayments mean she’ll have no money left over from her welfare cheques to feed her children. Another candidate for the food banks, then.

Now, I realise that not all families in need have been as foolish as Katie — and that there are thousands who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own, and who, with the cost of living soaring, are in genuine need. But I also suspect that there are a lot of self-indulgent and irresponsible fools like Katie.  

Stupid, irresponsible, yet pimped out as a poster child of poverty in the UK.

Part of the problem is that the very definition of ‘poverty’ in the UK has become so blurred that it’s hard to know who’s genuinely in desperate need — and who’s just not as well-off as they’d like to be. According to the Child Poverty Action Group, for instance, there are 3.5 million children living in poverty in Britain — more than one in four of all children.

Common sense alone tells you such statistics simply cannot be true — until you read their small print which defines ‘poverty’ as being families who ‘lack resources to obtain the type of diet, participate in the activities and have the living conditions and amenities which are customary, or at least widely encouraged and approved, in the societies to which they belong’.

In other words, if families can’t afford takeaways, go on foreign holidays, wear designer trainers and have satellite TV like their better-off neighbours then they’re ‘living in poverty’.

Try telling that to a starving child in Africa, or an orphan fleeing war-torn Syria with just the rags on their back.

Yes, those in crisis deserve our help and support — especially at this time of year. But cynically misleading campaigns about Britain’s starving masses help no one.

My word aren’t our countries similar. Manufactured and made statistics that ensure that there will always be poor people with us. You are poor, apparently, in New Zealand if you earn 60% of the median income. Now this is total rubbish of course, as the median income is always changing and therefore the 60% threshold will change too…so if the median income in NZ was $1 million then a “poor person” would be earning $600,000 using that measure.

As you can see it is rubbish. In a country that considers itself int eh first world we have no real poverty. We have welfare systems for those in need, never mind that there are some in society that seem to believe the welfare system is there to provide them with endless bounty without endeavour, it is a welfare system nonetheless.

People in NZ who are considered poor by various measurement all still have power, hot and cold running water, a fridge, a freezer, washing machine and drier plus numerous cars…they are hardly poor.

It is time the media stopped pimping the poor, especially when they aren’t.


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  • maninblack

    Loser with no ability to budget.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Action against stupid people having stupid children making stupid choices??

  • cows4me

    It’s just part of a bigger class war programme where the deluded, so called educated elite play the politics of envy by telling those at the bottom it’s not their fault and it’s not fair they are that way. The educated elite believe they have all the answers but no one is willing to pay for their wisdom. So they seek a life of privilege and power by way of class warfare. The end result, they are the kept elite by way of socialism, no other political system would give these pricks the time of the day and they know it.

    • Don W

      It is also a way for the no hoper politicians from the left to be able to keep their jobs by bribing these people with other peoples money to keep voting them in.

  • Michael

    There is a reason why those pay-day loan offices are in poorer areas and not in higher income suburbs, just like poorer areas have higher concentrations of pokie machines, TABs, bottle stores….

    If there was no demand, there would be no supply.

  • Bart67

    Yep, and if we were to get to the bottom of 80% of the poverty bleaters in NZ, we would see the same story time and time again. This is also stopping us from assisting those people genuinely worse off. Those who are insisting on our help should be fucking genuinely in help, people like this one should be on fucking food stamps!

  • WABloke

    We only have one car and live in a humble 2brm abode, can I get a benefit? Please.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I keep on saying it.

    This will all end very badly.

    • motorizer

      i dont think it will. I hope it does though. But there will always be people who the press hold up to sensationalise their stories…. AND there will always be some dickhead who wants to be on tv or in the paper for ANY reason. and also people keep buying papers and watching the news. The only way i can see this ending is if we end up in a cashless society ad there is no need for the “inner party” to report on such stories because they control the monies and no longer need to pry on public sympathy. for debates sake how do YOU see it ending badly.?

      • phronesis

        If we’re lucky it ends like Greece, if we are unlucky it ends like 1930’s Germany. Personally I think we are seeing the decline and fall of the western empire.

  • W.Austin

    NZ does not know what poverty is. Read about people who lived through the great depression. I remember my grandfather talking of it and was absolutely enthralled by the stories he told. Nowadays if you don’t have sky tv or a smart phone you must live in poverty. It’s Bullshit.

    • Don W

      My parents lived through the great depression, Bread and dripping, under clothes made out of flour bags, These people moaning about poverty don’t know how well off they are.

      • Don W

        My great grand parents didn’t get electricity until the 1940s in the town that provided one of our prime ministers.

    • James Howlett

      The funny thing is that the wealthier people I know are completely disinterested in sky tv, their smart phone, takeaways, or how flashy their car is.

      • motorizer

        very profound.

      • phronesis

        That of course is why they are wealthy.

    • Roland

      I caught my Grandfather hiding a quarter of a slice of toast in the cupboard one morning, I asked him sup? He said to me you aint lived through the depression boy…

  • Bruce S

    …Social Climate Change? Anyway warming to this poverty drivel yet?

  • timemagazine

    These so called poor people have a better life than a highly educated person had in a former communist country, where people had to put up fight to find and buy even toilet paper.

    • caochladh

      Is that why Pravda had such a large circulation.

      • timemagazine


  • caochladh

    Servicing the “poor” has become an industry simply because so many are willing to throw money at it. Of course, it has attracted the usual plethora of mongrels – I quote from the Dominion this month “A Wellington foodbank spent donations on junk food, booze and electronics while giving only a fraction to the hungry, court documents claim. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) alleges only 4 per cent of the $770,000 donated to the Wellington Foodbank Service ever went to helping the needy.”

  • DUMstain

    Trust me when i say there will never be enough welfare for these voracious people. The meaning of poverty will forever change, until it becomes a deprivation of basic human needs to not have a smartphone. Children are a ticket for free money and indolence for many mums here, the easy way to be a lazy bum and not work. Stupid causes in this country serve to give meaning to the leftists vapid lives, it boosts their self esteem.

  • DUMstain

    Don’t reward indolence. Make beneficiaries do useful labour or charity to stay active and healthy and recontribute back into the community. I was on the benefit paying $150 rent surviving well, got my weekly ciders or went to the movies. If i didn’t have it so easy I would have been more motivated to get work faster. Though i didn’t spend my food money on takeaways, I was frugal instead. Don’t get me wrong about the scarcity of jobs — which just comes back to irrational untrammelled cause for these stupid heart-throbbing libs to let all the scarred refugees into this country to the detriment of our children. Put kiwis first before foreigners, who built this nation? Kiwis, who fought in the wars? Kiwis, who deserves preference for job? Definitely foreigners.

  • Col

    So why would you want to buy a news paper, same bloody record, is this what they call a filler, just so they can cover the pages?

  • Night Stick

    Where is the ‘blended’ father?

    • RAS