CCTV of my local coffee shop when I found out there was a $1 surcharge on my coffee


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  • GregM

    Holy shit I though that was my tenant up on the 6th floor…

  • Patrick

    There are times when a swift kick in the arse is still appropriate – despite Ms Bradford’s law amendments.

  • cows4me

    Think she’s OD on shark fins and this is the end result, it’s called mercury poisoning.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The children of the future await us

  • ex-JAFA

    Anyone else get the impression she’s keen on shark fins?

  • Lux

    I feel for the sharks ..

  • GarethsPussy

    So, they’re out of shark fins?

  • Col

    Yea they are all over the place, if I”s not S/F it will something else, I get idiots like this in my restaurant, but we don’t have S/F, this is not as rare as you would all think.

    • GregM

      Well I still want one of those two fish you showed off a while back.
      * stamps feet* Shouts* :-)

      • Col

        Been smoked and eaten long ago,, my mate likes trout but I m not a big fan, salmon is my fish, and blue cod if I go down to Stewart Is.
        I f you ever come down ChCh way I may point you in the right direction for some trout. Bloody rain.

        • GregM

          I’m in CHC early April for a body corp. meeting, I may have to visit your establishment. G.